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Balika Vadhu 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi talking to Shivam and says everyone must be waiting for you downstairs. We got late because of your bathing. She says we will apologize to them. Ira, Meenu, Alok and Daddu come there. Ira and Meenu apologize to her. Anandi says I know your anger is justified. She says I really miss you all. She says I thought as if I lost everyone like I lost my daughter. Ira and Meenu hug her. Alok too apologizes to her. Daddu says thank God, our family is united now. He says Amol will be very happy seeing us together.

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Jagya praises Ganga for successfully operating on a patient. Jagya says it is not an ordinary

thing. Ganga says she is very happy, but sad about Anandi. Jagya says he can understand about Anandi’s pain. He asks her to accept the truth and says he was thinking something.

Jagya says what did she say? You should be a doctor. He asks her to study medicine. Ganga agrees and says if you are with me then I can do anything. Next day, Jagya makes Mannu read a for apple. Mannu says he needs new toys. Nandu comes and says he will give him lots of toys. Ganga says it is yours. Dadisaa says you likes it. Nandu says he is going far, leaving them behind. He says no one will be there. He gets emotional and teary eyed. Jagya says he is proud of Nandu and is sure that he will be a good man.

Nandu says he is going to Banaras as he wants to be like him. He asks Mannu to come and says he has more toys. He asks him to take care of Abhimanyu. Everyone look sadlu. Makhan Singh gives letter to Dadisaa. She reads it and says Basant’s father wants to name his wealth on Gehna and Niranjan’s name, so he called them. Niranjan and Gehna refuse to take it. Niranjan thanks him. Dadisaa says it is Jaitji’s heart talk. She asks him to accept it and go there before going to Banaras. Niranjan agrees.

Alok talks on phone and calls Ira and Anandi. Ira asks what happened. Alok says we got Singapore resident visa and have to leave immediately. Anandi says she is not ready. Daddu says we already talked before. Anandi says yes, but that time Nandini was with us. Now I doesn’t know where is she. She is in the same country. If I leave from here, then I will feel as if I left my daughter alone and helpless. She says she can’t leave. Meenu asks Daddu, what did you think about Anandi. Daddu says we will take her. Meenu says she has taken a decision. I would have done the same thing if I was in her place. Daddu says he needs some time to think. He calls Dadisaa and asks how are you? Dadisaa says she can’t say she is fine after whatever happened with Nandini. She asks about her. Daddu says not yet. He says he needs to talk to her about something important. Dadisaa asks him to say. Daddu tells something which is muted. Dadisaa asks him not to worry as she will handle everything. He greets her and disconnects the call. She calls Jagya and says she needs to talk to him about some important decision.

Anandi comes downstairs and asks did you call me. She sees Dadisaa, Jagya and Khazan ji there. She gets emotional. Dadisaa hugs her. Anandi gets tears in her eyes. Daddu tells her that he called Kalyani ji here and says he called Khazan ji too. He says we don’t think that you can leave alone here. Anandi says she can leave alone. Daddu says he didn’t call them to convince you, and says we took out a second way for you. He asks her to stay in Jaitsar with Amol and Shivam. Anandi gets shocked and asks how can I leave this house. Dadisaa asks if that is not your house? She asks her to think about her kids. She asks her to think before replying. She says we can search Nandini from Jaitsar too. Daddu says Amol and Shivam will get good upbringing which you can’t give them alone here. We will be at peace thinking you are with your loved ones. You can visit NGO occassionally. Anandi says but….Daddu says we have decided. It is not a request, but an order. Anandi is teary eyed.

Dadisaa brings Anandi with her kids to her haveli. Anandi recalls her marriage and gets teary eyed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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