Balika Vadhu 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 25th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Alok saying how could DNA report proved wrong and suspects Vivek’s hand in changing the report. Shiv says, I don’t think so as he has some values. Daddu opines that Saurabh might have changed the report. Anoop says, it is not easy to change the report. Ira says, human’s work in that lab and they can be bribed by money. She cries and says that’s why I was against the court case. We didn’t get justice and our reputation also maligned. Anandi asks her not to lose hope. Ira says, judge ordered for other boys DNA test but nothing will happen with it as Saachi said that Saurabh is the culprit. Anandi says, it will prove that Saurabh is guilty and we will request the judge to get Saurabh test done again.

Dadisaa tells Sumitra and Gehna that Jagya needed

Ganga to assist him in the operation. she says, Ganga didn’t bother about her baby. Sumitra supports Ganga. Dadisaa says I agree with you. Ganga comes and says I was careless with Abhi. Dadisaa asks her to forget it. Dadisaa says I felt bad to scold you. Dadisaa asks her to take care of baby first being a mother. Dadisaa takes the baby in her lap. She asks about Jagya. Ganga says, I came with Abhi. I don’t know about him. Dadisaa says, serve the breakfast then. Jagya comes and goes to his room without talking to them. Dadisaa senses that Jagya is angry.

Dadisaa asks Ganga to tell why Jagya is upset. Ganga tells her that he is upset as she couldn’t fulfill her responsibility. She says, I did a mistake and that’s why he is angry. Ganga says, I asked for forgiveness but he is upset. Sumitra says, he will be fine soon. Dadisaa says, I will talk to him. Ganga says, don’t tell him anything.

Dadisaa comes to Jagya and tells him that she got very angry on Ganga as Abhi cried a lot. I make him drink the milk, then Ganga came. I scolded her. Abhi smiles at his mother’s lap. Jagya recalls scolding her. Dadisaa says, both of us did a mistake. She was worried about abhi. Ganga takes care of two works, she managed home and hospital. We have to support her. I asked for forgiveness from her. She asks him not to scold his wife infront of outsiders.

Anandi comes to Shiv and brings water for him. Shiv thanks him. Anandi says, I hope I would have make Saachi understand that she will win the case. She asks Shiv to do anything. She says, she is depressed and broken. She asks Shiv to look at her blank eyes. Anandi says, I feel helpless. Shiv says, I am really proud of you as you handle everything positively. I really mean it. Anandi asks him to sleep and leaves.

Ganga recalls Jagya’s scoldings and enters her home. She is surprised to see the I am sorry card. Jagya asks for forgiveness. Ganga takes her baby. Jagya signs her to forgive him. Ganga sleeps and seems upset with him.

Saachi recalls the case proceedings in the night. She feels bad. She recalls the insult suffered by her family. She gets restless.

Saanchi is standing on the terrace and apologizes to her family for her mistakes. She says, I can’t bear anymore and is about to cut her vein with a knife.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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  1. Saachi is always upto stupid things. She gets herself into a lot of trouble.

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