Balika Vadhu 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya calling Anandi and informs her that Akhiraj has eloped from jail, injuring three policemen. He says I have called you because….Anandi says as Nimboli is in Jhalra. Jagya says Jhalra’s police will be informed, and asks her to inform Mangla. Anandi informs Anant that Akhiraj fled from jail. Anandi calls Mangla, but she disconnects the call. Anant tells Anandi that he will come with her. Jodhpur head quarters calls at Jhalra police and asks Constable to inform the Inspector and send the police force in search of Akhiraj. Akhiraj and Badri have tea at the dhaba and smirk looking at each other. They hear two people talking about going to Mumbai. Akhiraj requests them to give them lift till Jhalra. The man agrees. Kamli asks Harki to attend Urmila’s goad bharayi. Harki

asks why do you need me, and says Mangla and Nimboli is here with you. Urmila gets sad. Kamli asks Nimboli to help her. Anandi and Anant come to the same dhaba. Anant gets down the car to get water. Anandi worries for her daughter.

Kamli brings Urmila and makes her sit for the function. The ladies sing the song. Akhiraj and Badri come there. Akhiraj says what is happening in my house as the dhol is playing. Badri says they must be welcoming us. Akhiraj says there is something for sure. Police is on the way to Akhiraj’s house. Urmila’s mum looks at Urmila and smiles. Kamli asks Mangla to start the Urmila’s goad bharayi’s ritual. Mangla says she is a widow and can’t do the ritual. Harki says she is saying right and asks Kamli to do ritual. Kamli asks her not to spit venom with her mouth. Mangla refuses and says I will not be able to forgive myself if anything happens to Urmi or her baby. Harki asks Urmila’s mum to do the rituals. Urmila’s mum gets up and comes near Urmi to do the rasam. Akhiraj and Badri hides seeing guards. Akhiraj tells Badri how to enter the house. Urmila stops her mum from doing the rasam. Harki asks what happened? She is your Maasa.

Urmila says she was my mum, and not anymore. She says they are not my parents anymore. She says I want Mangla to do the ritual as she loves me more than a mum, and then Kamli who have taken care of me like a sister. Mangla refuses, but Urmila insists and says she will get up from the seat. Harki asks Urmi to have shame for insulting her mum. Urmila says this rasam will be done by Mangla only and asks her to come. Kamli insists and asks her to come for Urmi. Mangla comes forward and do the rituals. She makes Urmi wear the chunari, garland and does all the rituals. The ladies sing the song. Urmila smiles. Mangla blesses her. Urmila’s mum cries. Akhiraj and Badri climbs up the house through the pole. Urmila’s mum leaves from the house. Kamli also does the rituals and asks the guests to do the rituals ignoring Harki.

Akhiraj and Badri hear the guards coming and stop climbing up the pole. Badri is about to fall, but Akhiraj holds his hand. He says we have to enter like thief in my own house. Harki feels insulted and goes inside cryingly. Just then Akhiraj comes inside the room and holds her mouth. Akhiraj says I am here. Harki gets happy seeing him and Badri. She asks how did you come out of jail? Did police free you both? Akhiraj asks her to have patience and says he will tell everything. He asks what is this drama? Harki tells about Urmila’s goad bharayi and says we are not attending it. Nobody cares for us. Akhiraj gets angry.

All the ladies sing and dance after the ritual. Nimboli dances as well. Kundan comes and looks surprised seeing the ladies dancing along with Nimboli. He asks about Harki. Someone says that Harki went to her room. Akhiraj says I understood now that why I wasn’t successful before, and says destiny wanted me to reach today so that I can take revenge from Nimboli and Mangla. He says I will kill them also after Goad bharayi.

Anandi and Anant reach Akhiraj’s house. Nimboli hugs Anandi. Kundan informs Akhiraj that Anandi came there. Akhiraj decides to kill Anandi also. Anandi informs Mangla that they have to come with her to Jaitsar as Akhiraj fled from jail. Mangla is shocked. Akhiraj comes there to kill them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What a pity! Anandi came from jaitsar but local police didn’t reach.. Oh for goodness sake make something reasonable! Thank god they didn’t bring chakor to the function.

    1. LOL u r 200% correct hahaha

      1. Thanks!

  2. can anyone tell me the name of the song played in Urmi god bharai in dis episode

  3. Mangla has become a villain. When will they unite mother n daughter?

  4. we don’t like today mangla do some rituals…she is not a good person…urmila don’t no mangla’s original charector…mangla don’t feel urmi as her daughter… when we look mangla smile face then we caught vomiting…

  5. mangla face is worst

  6. when mangla smiles we have not stop vompting…

  7. Stop the bullshit serial yaar balikavadhu ab balika nei rahi budha ho gayi hai!!!

    1. I wouldn’t say stop.. But get it on track! Let sensible ppl remain so and mangala thing should be written smartly.. Like creation of misunderstanding between Nandini and shivam is good plan but planting something so silly stuff in Kamli and urmi’s mind is sick. Fake mom thing was also worst concept.. How can it go under the nose of dadisa?! All shit story…

  8. It will be a better idea to let ppl suspect mangala but let her escape cleaverly or by chance of luck! But let ppl suspect her at least… Anandi shd get doubts atleast.. Having dealt with so many negatives so far like gauri, buaji, Jagya .. She shd be smart

  9. Serial are going at ridiculous way. Anandi ,Jagdeesh,Ganga all are educated people. Why they Can’t see mangla’s plan. Dadisha is a very old and has a lot of experience. She also can’t see mangla nonsense act.

  10. 28th episode please…why this people update so late

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