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Balika Vadhu 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi pushing Shivam and Nandini in the river sensing danger from Akhiraj. She then jumps too. She manages to get her children from water. She tells Nandini and Shivam that I said right that nobody can separate us. Nandini asks her not to leave them.

15 years later….

A guy is introduced and he clicks pics of the pink city Jaipur. He introduces the city and says it seems there are some stories hidden behind the people here. Nandini looks down from the bus and recalls her childhood, and her attire in Nimboli’s clothes. A fb is shown, Nimboli is made to climb on the temple stairs as a part of ritual. She looks at a girl wearing similar clothes. Suddenly accident happens of the guy with the bus. Nandini and others get down the bus. Nandini asks

everyone to move, and looks at the injured person. A woman asks her to treat the guy if she is a doctor. Nandini recalls Anandi getting shot by Akhiraj. She tensedly checks the guy. She gets Dr. Amit’s call. Dr. Amit asks where are you? Nandini informs him about the accident and says there is a lot of blood around him. Dr. Amit asks her to relax and treat the patient. He says this is not the first time you are seeing blood. Nandini recalls Akhiraj killing Gopal, Dadisaa and shooting Anandi. Dr. Amit asks her to give CPR. She obliges.

Dr. Amit asks her to give injection. She buys injection from the near by shop and gives to the patient. Just then ambulance comes. Nandini thinks I have done my work. Patient (Ruslaan Mumtaz) gains consciousness and holds Nandini’s hand. Nandini tells Dr. Amit that patient has responded. Dr. Amit says good and asks her to remember that patient’s life is important for a doctor and asks her to come there as everyone wants to see Dr. Nandini of Surya Uday hospital. Nandini smiles. The guy wakes up and says aunty…call police. Nandini asks him to say. He loses consciousness again. Nandini tears her dupatta and ties on his head. The people standing there praises Nandini for saving a life. Ambulance comes and takes Patient. Nandini picks his diary. Everyone claps for her. Nandini smiles.

Nandini comes to the hospital. She is welcomed in the hospital by the staff and Dr. Amit. Dr. Amit gives the speech and tells about the important of the word Dr. before name. He says a doctor is given more respect in the hospital. He says Dr. Nandini have join us today, and gives an ovation to her. Nandini touches Naresh Goel’s feet. Amit introduces his dad and says he has built this hospital 35 years back. They take oath that they will follow all the rules. Nandini recalls Anandi’s last wish to see her as doctor, and asks her not to take money from poor patient. She wipes her tears emotionally. She comes home and touches a man’s feet. She asks where is Maasaa. A woman is shown and blesses her. She says my Nandini, a doctor in a hospital. Nandini says I couldn’t believe either. Her new mum asks her to talk slowly, else Sudha will get upset. Sudha comes.

Maa saa tells Sudha that Nandini got a job in Surya Uday hospital. Sudha says I know she had learnt how to keep others behind and comes first. Her dad asks her to learn it from Nandini and goes. Sudha says how can I learn from you, else you will come second. Nandini says what are you talking? We are sisters. Sudha says we aren’t sisters. Nandini looks on shocked and asks why do you make me realize again and again. Sudha says I want to come in my parents’ eyes, but because of you they couldn’t see me. Nandini says Maasaa and Bapusaa loves you also. Sudha says it looks like they have adopted me and not you. Nandini says they are my parents and have given me birth. Sudha looks shocked.

Nandini goes to her room. She opens her cupboard and sees Anandi’s pic. She recalls Anandi’s words…asking them not to leave the right path and continue walking on it irrespective of the troubles. She recalls doing Anandi’s last rites. She cries with Shivam. She says Maasaa. I am Dr. Nandini in jaipur’s biggest hospital. She says I have fulfilled my promise and will open Anandi memorial hospital, till then I will not flush your asthis in water.

Maa saa asks Nandini, why is she not agreeing for marriage even after 29 years. Reporters asks Nandini, if she was a balika vadhu. Nandini looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Watching B V now and getting teary eyes, looking very promising..

  2. I didn’t expect this . Why dey have shown imcomplete story? So that viewers should see new one ? Paagal writers seriously. Why only shivam and Nandini did last rituals of anandi ? they are in same village right? did they forget route to badi haveli ? why didn’t they mention to jagya and ganga ? only these 2 can take decisions ? worst climax. what about jagya and ganga ? I expected more and again Nandini and shivam split? Nandini got adopted by someone . Anyways will see what’s gonna happen .
    what about shekar’s family ? i know did is the waste question to ask coz dey don’t even bring them. atleast they would come too see these 2 kids and take with them in Udaipur ( kesharbagh ) what’s the use of being in someone’s home and taunting by someone daily.same routine .

  3. The one thing I appreciate in today’s show is When they show flashback about anandi the BGM which comes was mindblowing. wataaa BGM. you are showing the power of anandi and made us feel to miss.

  4. Mahii is looking too old

    1. Ya Sarayu she is 34yrs old

  5. Looks like a whole new start… Most of the old characters are dead and gone and now a completely new cast. Don’t tell me this serial is going to run for another 10 years!!!

  6. Anandi chapter is completely closed, I’m unhappy with out anandi….
    One villain is sudha…. she started opposing nandini from first epusode….
    Where is shivammm.

  7. hd h,,,,nandini ko adopt hna pda,,kya dikhate h,, its so hrting,,,ye new maa bapusa kn h?????

  8. Where is shivam????sidharth shukla ko shivam banana chahiye then shw aur bhi intresting hta,!

  9. Ab to bv k 2nd season start ho chuka h so anandi k sath shiv k bhi memory mei lna chahiye tki lge ki vakai mei bv k 2nd part h!!!

  10. What is wrong with these writers? How do they get rid of Jagdish and Ganga from the story? Why would Shivam and Nandini be completely alone at the cremation ritual? There should be some sense to the story. What happened to Jagdish when he jumped into the water? Why wouldn’t he and Ganga take care of the kids, and why in the world would Shivam and Nandini be separated? Just utter nonsense! They should have just created a completely new show instead of forcing a continuation of Balika Vadhu. Not even the bit interested in this new incarnation of the serial. Just seems too forced.

  11. Utter nonsense… writers bring no change in their writings… she is shown as doctor n asks dr. Amit wat to do n he instructs her n she does accordingly… secondly injection leke aati hai aur bandage tape bhul jati hai… Bollywood heroine ki tarah apna dupata phadti hai… thirdly anandi itni dafaar thi kya jo apne bacho ko kesherbaa shiv ke parivaar ke baare me na bolke bacho ko jyagya aur ganga ke hawaale na karke akela bhatak ne chod deti hai… maarte waqt lambi lambi bhaashan deti hai aur beti ko doctor banne keheke madam chal basti hain… akhiraaj peeche paada hota hai toh jagya ko phone karti hai aur ab maut samne hai toh madam speech dene me lagi hai… all rubbish

  12. Mahi vijj looks like an old aunty… wrinkles on her face are clear… jaistar me itna bada hospital hote hue yeh kaun mr naresh goel aur mr amit goel nandini ke mentor ban gaye… badehaveli is completely forgotton n deleted chapater… instead of inlogically showing things n abruptly ending balika vadhu kachi umar ke paake rishte n taking a leap hastily n starting balika vadhu pyar ke dhage… either they could a different approach to d serial n taken a leap with same characters with different angle or ended d serial all totally with akhiraaj killing whole of jaitsar… such a scrap… how do they remove d characters just like kaam ho gaya toh dudh me se makhi ko nikaal pheka…

  13. With leap new maasha babusaa sistershaa doctorsha waise hi yahan likhne wale bhi sab nayesaa… megha baisha kishoresha guestsha… purane sab killed by writers of balika vadhu… kahan gaye woh log??? Shiv ganga mani sarayu….???? Areee mujhe maarna bhul gaye ya toh yeh meri bhatak ti Rooh hai….. lol 🙂

    1. Hahaha dolana! Tumhe isliye Nahi Mara taaki tum tadam tadam ke maro. Kaese hum bhi Mar rahe hain

  14. Agale rpisode me phir milenge sare naye shas ek bhatakti rooh aur hum log….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. Jagya k hote huye anandi k sasural wale hote huye anandi ko kyun kisi ne adopt kiya. main apni cousin ko kabhi adopt Nahi hone deti.

    1. Anandi nahi nandini is adopted… n shown her new parents n new sister dont know of nandini’s real parents…

      1. Arey typo ho gaya. Dimag kaam Nahi karta na. Nandini kyun adopt Hui jab ki uski family hai.

  16. New start is one way gud but I can’t understand what writers want to say…no prper ending.. I hate mahi vij as nandini. Hi shiv n dolana…wht happened no comments from u??? Have u stopped watching BV after seeing before leap stupidity?

    1. No I m still der Ramya like bhatakti rooh… lol

  17. Total mess…. Utter nonsense

  18. Avinash was looking smart ?
    And ruslaan entry was worth watch!
    But mahi’s acting was very dull,low confidence nd she was looking bit old!
    Anyways, smthn new!!
    After utter dragging i am interested in this new story

  19. Kkahi toh continuation Dalo….Maya characters lataho bina koi role kk….nonsense

  20. Nimboli is so cute but present nandini is??
    What is this current line story ? Dispointed story!
    Y again nandini Shiva dispatched…give priority to shivam also….nandini ,shivam they are from rich family but now they are..? Fed up fed up fed up …..

    Anandi , Shiva both are dedicates life to society…wr is shekar’s family?? I don’t like current line it is not an realistic…
    Old balika vadhu charming vanished….

  21. Hi Dolana and every body here,
    I didnt get any time last week so I read the whole comments today, believe i didnt read the updates but all your comment narrate the whole story.
    Good comment, Dolana,Ganga, Ramaya and others Thanks

    1. Hi mani… how are u??? Good u didnt watch or else u could hv really gone wild… yeh serial jyada din nahi chalegi… It will go away with wind like gadhe ke saar se singh… instead of leap n casting a old lifeless actress like mahi who is just opposite of what nandini was n an absurd start n unnecessary introduction of new characters n spoiling d base of d story it was better to end it….

  22. It’s wrong track.anadi was the lead character of the show but they did not show her death properly.thats wrong.they showed the death of dadisa but they ignored anandi.and where is jagya and Ganga and Shivam ?they were just interested to show the new story but audience is not interested .first end the old story properly and then show new story.and they could have shown shiv family or jagya and Ganga took care of anandi”s children.but they ignored every old character and showing all new character and story.thats wrong.if they had no story why they want to drag this serial.after anandi death they could have end the show.but they just want to run the show by hook or by crook.

  23. There are such sweet & cute faces in tele industry.. why this mahi vij, i cant understand. She looking so old for sweet nadini character..

    1. I agree. Why Mahi vij?

  24. I haven’t seen such a worst end of main character. Balika Vadhu is all about Anandi n Anandi was killed by a criminal. What is the need of new bapusaa n Masaa , where is Jagya Ganga n Shivam . Nandini is looking so dumb I doubt she is a Dr or not, moreover she is looking like aunty Vadhu.

  25. where are shivam, ganga and jagdish? This is an incomplete story. The writers should have either started with a fresh new cast completely. Nandini saying ma to a new face. Shivam, and Jagdish’s family is lost in the new leap. They should have shown leap by showing story of shivam and nandini freshly. Very bad start.

  26. Ek dum bakwaas story banai hai. Sab purane characters show se hi gayab kar diye.

  27. Really this story is so boring after anandi and dadisa death

  28. I did not understand a thing when I watched not even quarter of the serial. I preffered watching the old one better. Too much dragging but a very interesting story that caught my eye. From now on I am going to stop watching this whole new story. I am seriously upset that Balika Vadhu is no longer part of my weekly routine.

  29. So, overall, no one got a happy ending.

    Anandi, Dadisaa and Teesa just died horribly.

    Shivam and Nandini are just left orphan with no one to care for them.

    Nandini never got motherly love which she craved for so many years (except she got some mother’s love from her Teesa thank-god).

    Nandini has been affected mentally.

    Anandi couldn’t shower her love which I wanted to see since so many months.

    Oh man..this serial is so depressing !

  30. Whether BV’s writers have no sense or they thought the viewers of this show have no sense to find the faults in the logic of this show? I just can’t understand why this serial writers and director always show bad endings to good people…. I think they have no idea to give happy ending to this show and again they going to start dragging for some more years without any reality.
    In this serial only they show people forget their own bloods and close relations even they can’t able to attend their funerals…

  31. New story, new actors then why not new title

  32. When shiv anandi married… They had LCD tv and smartphones…. Means todays generation time….

    Now nandini is near 30 yrs old… Means future from today……
    Still no improvement in technology, roads, people dresses.
    Same 2D- smartphone… Long headphone…. Stupid bus… Dusty roads… Same water problem…. Kids taking water with pots…. Same old costumes…

    Even after 20 yrs….
    I guess People thots would be that same …. Even 30 yrs from now…. No change even a bit according to balika vadhu…

  33. Why mahi vijj? Shrenu would have been much better and apt for nandini’s role. Mahi looks too old. Avinash looks cool. Avinash and shrenu chemistry was too good in iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek bar phir. Mahi vijj should be replaced with shrenu.

  34. Shobha garrett

    Oh dear. What a mess. I agree with all the reader reviews. Not sure if I want to waste my Dvr time on this show anymore. I still love to read the reader reviews. You know, this was and is the most longest running show on Aap Ka Colors. Should have had a better ending and perhaps a new start maybe it was time for this show to just end. Lmao! When I saw that Nandini had new parents and they took forever to show her new adopted mothers face I expected it to be a new and changed Harki. What happened to Harki? Did she go to prison? What about nasty Kundan? Scream Scream Scream that’s what I feel like doing.

  35. What about jagya, ganga and shiv’s family nandhini belongs to rich family and still she didn’t get wealthy life completely. I really hate this story

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