Balika Vadhu 25th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 25th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhiraj Singh buying shoes from Gopal’s shop and pays him money. Nimboli is hiding beneath the table and is tensed. They leave from there. Nimboli comes out and tells Gopal that they are saved today. Kundan turns and sees her. Nimboli gets shocked and hides again. Kundan comes back to shop and tells Gopal that his eyes are on him. He threatens him and leaves. Gopal writes the letter for Kamli and handover to Nimboli. Mannu looks for Pooja in Shiv Niketan. He sees her finally and smiles. He thinks he will confess her feelings to Pooja. He is about to call Pooja, just then Sarita comes and asks why you are here? Mannu makes an excuse. He again searching for Pooja in the school and asks Bindiya about Pooja. Bindiya says she didn’t see her. She asks him to meet her after filling

the air in the cycle. Pooja comes and pats on his shoulder. She asks are you following me. Mannu makes the same excuse. Pooja says you came to meet mee naa. Mannu thinks he shall confess his feelings and says he brought gift for her. Pooja asks did you make it. Mannu says I brought it for you. Pooja thanks him and asks do you want to say something. Mannu thinks this is a good chance to confess feelings. Bell rings. Pooja says she have to leave. Mannu stops her. Pooja asks what? Mannu says nothing.

Kamli is waiting for Nimboli in her room. Harki comes and opens the door. She shows the things and says it is all very beautiful stuff. She shows the bridal dress and praises it. Kamli throws it and says she don’t want to see. Harki says no one can stop you from getting married to Pushkar. No one can refuse his decisions. She says why you wants to die young. This is your destiny and can’t be changed. Kamli cries miserably. Harki looks on and gets emotional.

Anandi comes to Shiv Niketan and sees Mannu leaving. She says I wants to talk to you. Mannu says tell me. Anandi says Jagya is not happy with your decision. You should have talk to him. Mannu says he was getting late for school. Anandi says Jagya got angry with Ganga and blamed her for your changed decision. Mannu says it is his own decision and he didn’t talk to Ganga about it. Anandi says Jagya didn’t know and got upset with Ganga. She asks him to talk to Jagya and tells about his decision. Mannu says I will talk to you. Anandi tells that he likes to stay with his friends and family, but also don’t want to sacrifice with his study. Anandi says Jaitsar have improved and have good colleges. I would have given you admission if boys were allowed. Mannu says it would be a dream. Anandi thinks Ganga will be relieved now and thinks to shift to Shiv Niketan.

Disa tells Harki that Kamli is not wrong. Harki says I know, but she shall also know that her Bapu will get her married once he has decided. She shall agree happily. Once she gets marry, she will adjust. Nimboli comes and gives tea. Disa asks her to keep it. Nimboli sees the jewellery and clothes. Harki tells her that she didn’t bring anything for her. You don’t deserve to be my daughter in law. Nimboli says she is praying for Kamli’s happiness. Harki says she gave birth to Kamli and loves her very much. Nimboli asks shall I give tea to Kamli. Harki says your bapusaa will give. She takes the tea and leaves. Nimboli rushes to Kamli’s room and knocks on her door. Kamli asks did you meet Gopal? Nimboli says yes and gives the letter. Kamli thanks her. She reads Gopal’s letter, asking her to have faith on him. Harki and Akhiraj Singh come to her room. Harki tells that her inlaws has sent bridal dress. Harki looks at her hand and sees the letter. Akhiraj Singh takes the letter and starts reading. Kamli and Nimboli get shocked.

Anandi gets a phone call. She says she is reaching soon. She calls Jagya and says there is one bad news. Anandi and Jagya come to the marriage venue. Anandi tells that these people are doing child marriage openly. They look shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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