Balika Vadhu 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 24th October 2013 Written Update

Jagya is in jail. Someone gets released and Jagya wonders what decision will court make tomorrow. If he will also get released like this lucky person or he will have to pay for listening to his inner voice. He just wanted his family’s happiness and saw dream of giving happiness to Mannu and Ganga which they deserve. He asks himself whether his dream will come true or no?

Ganga is standing alone and remembering Dadisa’s words that Sanchi’s lawyer is very tactical. She then remembers her first meeting with Jagya, and then other memories. She is feeling cold. Bhairo comes and covers her with a shawl and asks her why she didn’t eat yet. He tells her not to worry as in end the truth wins… He tells her to have faith in the God and everything will be fine. Bhairo leaves. Ganga

says to herself, bapusa until now I used to believe in what you said as well, but in today’s world, there are not many who will hear the truth and believe it. Doctor sahab is right.. that is why he has to struggle so much. The truth needs to be out and that is when his struggle will end. How will it come out? What can I do? There must be some way.

Sanchi’s family has gathered in the living room and they are talking about the case. Alok says he has faith in their lawyer. A servant comes and tells them a lady has come to see them. Shekhars wonder who she could be. They tell servant to send her in. It’s Ganga. Everyone is surprised and shocked to see her. Ganga slowly walks in. Sanchi goes to her and looks at her angrily. Ganga looks down and says, I know that I shouldn’t come here like this. I apologise. . Ira interrupts, for how many things you will apologise? You made two respected families enemies and made them to battle in the court. What more you want? Meenu asks Ira not to get angry. Ira says, shouldn’t I get angry seeing her face? If she wasn’t here today, then we wouldn’t need to go to court today. My daughter wouldn’t have to get embarrassed in front of everyone. She is used to hear taunts from everyone, but my daughter became a joke without doing anything.. just because of this woman. Ganga says, I understand your anger, but.. Now Sanchi interrupts, but what? You took away everything from me.. even my reason to live. What you came to take now? Ganga cries and says, I just want to say that whatever you’re thinking about me and doctor sahab is not right. Sanchi raises her hand to slap her, but Shiv holds Sanchi’s hand. Sanchi is shocked! Shiv nods no to Sanchi and then asks Ganga, what do you want to say? Ganga joins her hands and says, doctor sahab is innocent. I am requesting you all to believe me. Shiv now leaves from there. Ganga continues, doctor sahab never told me that he loves me. Doctor sahab said it first time in hospital.. I swear my child, Mannu. Ira says, you and your excuses.. what do you think that we don’t know anything? From start, your eyes were on Jagdish and that Haveli. That is why despite after so much happening, you didn’t leave that house.. otherwise how you would trap Jagdish? This simplicity.. innocence.. is just a showoff. In end you trapped everyone by telling them your sad story. Ganga says, god knows that I never wanted to come between Sanchi and doctor sahab. I understand your anger.. and if you want to punish anyone, then punish me. Don’t do this to doctor sahab. He didn’t do anything. I beg you. Sanchi shouts, stop your drama. You are not going to leave like this. She grabs her hand and drags her out. Ganga keeps saying believe me, doctor sahab didn’t do anything.

Sanchi brings Ganga outside their house and pushes her. Ganga tells her to listen to her and believe her. Sanchi says, of course I believe you, Ganga. I know everything that you said is right. I also know that Jagdish is innocent, but how will you prove that in court? No one will believe this in court. Ganga finally stops crying and gets angry. She says, God is watching everything. I am sure no matter how tough a battle is, in end the truth always wins. Sanchi laughs and says, oh God.. I am tired of listening this dialogue. Ganga says, you’re not doing this right.. you don’t truly love doctor sahab.. because true lovers believe more in taking pain, instead giving pain. They don’t hurt whom they love. Sanchi says, yes.. but Jagdish made me take this step. What all I didn’t do for him.. wearing heavy tradition dresses.. despite hating village, talk about living there.. giving fake smile to everyone. I had to do so much drama. Ganga is shocked! Sanchi continues, it was not easy for me to show how much I respect his family.. but I still did for Jaglish because I loved him. So much love that despite seeing him filling your maang, I thought he is mine and he will come back to me. This is why I cut my wrist. I am not silly that I will take my own life by getting emotional. It was just an excuse to call Jagdish back to me. I thought he will come running to me after hearing that and everything will be fine. I didn’t know for whom I did all that.. was taking pheres with you. After that I decided to take revenge from him. I gave such statement so he gets accused for making me do a suicide attempt. Ganga is shocked!! Sanchi continues, Jagdlish is not responsible for my suicide attempt.. you know this and I know this. Even Jagdish knows it. But like you say, people only believe what they see. And the world has seen my pain.. wound on my hand.. and they believed that. No one bothers to think anything else. Ganga now says, doctor sahab has suffered a lot, please forgive him now.. take your case back. Sanchi says, okay.. I am ready to take my case back.. if you go away from his life. Ganga is shocked! Sanchi says, what happened? You were lecturing me about true love. Now can’t you do this much for your doctor sahab? If you go away from his life, then everything will be fine like that. Ganga angrily says, I bonded with him in front of fire which I will never break. Sanchi shouts and says, then pay for it.. why are you begging me for forgiveness? You just watch.. Jagdish will definitely go to jail and won’t come out for years. Sanchi leaves. Ganga recalls Sanchi’s words that Jagdish will definitely go to jail.

Anandi brings milk for Shiv. Shiv takes the glass and puts it on a side. He says, I know what’s going on in your mind. You’re thinking what you will say in court tomorrow, right? If you compare Sanchi and Ganga, then Ganga will definitely get your vote. A woman with no support and a child. And on the other side, Sanchi.. who has entire family with her. and with their support, she will come out of this situation as well. But before reaching to any conclusion, think one thing that what would happen if you didn’t reach to Sanchi on time that day. Before reaching to any conclusion, it’s important to examine the truth.. because every time it’s not like what we think is correct. I am not saying that you’re wrong, but if you’re right, then you will have to prove my faith wrong. Anandi says, I am also not saying that what you think is right is not right. I would want to examine my truth as well, but I expect you to at least try to examine your faith as well.

Next morning, the hearing resumes. Sanchi’s lawyer calls Anandi in the witness box.

As Anandi walks slowly towards the witness box, she recalls Ira’s words from yesterday. She comes to witness box and looks at Jagya. She then swears that she will say nothing but the truth.

Sanchi’s lawyer introduces her as Jagdish’s first wife. He says they couldn’t summon Jagdish’s 2nd wife because she is outside India right now. He tells her, being his wife, you have spent a lot of time with him so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you know every small thing about Jagdish. In fact, after his family members, it’s you who knows him very well. Will you tell the court about his personality? Anandi now recalls Shiv’s words. Everyone is closely watching her. Anandi begins, Jagdish is a very sensible, matured, and understanding person. He respects women a lot. Insulting is too far, he can never even hurt any woman. Shekhars are shocked with Anandi’s statement, while Ganga and Jagya’s family are happy. Screen freezes on Anandi’s face.

Voiceover: Only sensible and self-confident people have what it takes to speak the truth; they don’t afraid about the end result.

Precap: Anandi speaks the truth that Jagdish took all blame on himself because he didn’t want to put Anandi into a trouble. Shiv gets up and walks out!
Everyone is in the lobby now. Ira tells Anandi that she hurt them a lot today. Anandi says she just supported the truth. Ira says because of her so-called truth, today even Shiv – who stood with her all the time – is not with her today. Sanchi tells Anandi, what you’re calling a fight for Jagdish’s innocence is actually your feelings for your first husband from which you still haven’t come out. Anandi is shocked.
Jagya’s family is at a distance and listening everything.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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