Balika Vadhu 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with goons coming to Akhiraj’s house in the night to kill Pushkar. Kamli and Chagani beat them badly and make them run from the house. Pushkar’s panics. Kamli makes him sleep. Urmila comes. Kamli tells her that it is Pushkar’s Chacha goons, and says she heard a noise and was alerted. She says I have to do something to them. Mangla scolds Nimboli for hurting Anandi. Nimboli says she wanted to save Anandi and says she will learn Karate now. Mangla asks do you really want to learn Karate. Nimboli says why not? Mangla says it is not girl’s work to do karate, and asks if she is ready to eat bitter medicine early morning. She scares her and says if she gets hurt then she will have to get injection. Nimboli gets scared and says she will inform Anandi. She praises Anandi. Mangla

is shocked. She asks about her real mum. Mangla says I will search her.

Kamli gets iron net attached to the windows. Harki asks if you are so scared then why don’t you go to your inlaws. Kamli says you might have forgetton that your husband had brought us here, and folded his hand when I was trying to leave. She says how dare you asking me to leave, as this house is mortgaged with me. She says I don’t want to remind you again and again.

Dadisaa tells the story of a princess who took out her sword for her protection. Anandi says you have to become brave and learn karate. Nimboli refuses to learn karate and says she might get hurt. Anandi and Dadisaa try to convince her. Nimboli refuses and goes inside.

Urmila opens the door and sees two guards. Kamli greets them and gives them responsibility to train Pushkar for his self protection. The guard asks him to attack him. Pushkar gets scared. Kamli asks him to learn self defence. The guards teach him self defence. Harki thinks mad guy is learning fight and thinks Akhiraj would come and teach them a lesson.

Mangla tells Anandi that she will never forgive Kundan for misbehaving with Nimboli, and says she is worried for Urmila as Kundan will be freed from juvenile home. Anandi says I can’t let you go alone and will come with you.

Harki tells Kundan that Kamli is keeping the keys of the house. Kundan says I will see her once I get out from here. Mangla and Anandi comes there. Mangla asks him to mend his way and gives Akhiraj’s example. Kundan holds her neck and she faints. Anandi comes and sees her on the ground.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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