Balika Vadhu 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini asking Premal’s family to leave. Premal’s dad asks how can you ask us to leave? Nandini asks him to look at himself and says you have given birth to spineless son. Premal looks down. Nandini asks Premal, you didn’t take anyone approval before loving Sudha, but when responsibility fall on him, he is hiding face in his mum’s pallu. Premal’s mum says why we shall accept that this baby is of Premal. Dr. Amit says if Premal is not speaking then we will get DNA test done. Nandini asks Premal to speak up and say the truth. Premal says this is my baby. Everyone looks on. Premal says yes, this is my child and I love Sudha very much. Sudha looks on with teary eyes. Premal says I can’t leave her in this condition. Premal’s dad slaps him hard,

and says this man has gone mad, and this girl is making my son speak what she wants him to accept. He says we will not stay here for a min and is taking premal forcibly.

Dr. Amit stops him and says he can’t take Premal forcibly with him. Premal’s dad says Premal is my son and I can’t see him marrying here. Dr. Amit says he is already married. Premal’s dad says I will see who will stop us. Krish comes and says me…..Nandini says Krish….Krish asks Inspector to arrest them as they are asking dowry. Everyone is shocked. Premal’s dad says we didn’t ask for any dowry. Sudha says this is wrong info. Lady Inspector says we have seen car outside and dowry items also. Premal’s dad says they have given us with their wish, and says I am not aware that they are giving these things. He asks Shekhawat and Nandini to say.

Shankar says Sandolia Saheb…He asks him to leave dowry items right there and behave like educated people. He asks him to take Sudha with two dresses. Santolia says we don’t need anything and says this was not happening here. He asks Shekhawat to make arrangements for vidaai. Shekhawat tells Inspector that they were not talking about dowry. Premal’s mum thinks to torture Sudha. Nandini tells Shekhawat that she don’t want to send her sister to their house seeing them changing colors seeing Police. Premal promises Nandini that he will take care of Sudha and will never come in her parents’ talks. Sudha asks for her approval. Nandini agrees and gives Sudha’s hand in Premal’s hand asking him to take care of both of them. Krish looks on.

Nandini gets sad. Krish asks her not to worry and says if her inlaws do anything then he will bring fake Police again. Nandini is shocked. She says if anyone comes to know then…..Krish asks her to be happy as the marriage is completed. Sudha hugs her parents and cries before the bidaai. Sajan ghar song plays…………..She looks at Nandini. Nandini says I love you very much. Sudha hugs her. Krish gives her best wishes. Dr. Amit congratulates her. Sandolia thinks we are taking new list of your cunningness, which your sister have to pay. Sudha and Premal sit in car. Mr. Shekhawat and Jamuna gets teary eyes. Nandini gets emotional. Krish says problem is solved and says this is called smart short cut solution. Nandini says do you think it is funny? Krish says only results matters to me. He says they were joking on Sudha, and your parents and I have solved the matter. Nandini says by calling fake police. Dr. Amit says it is your age mistake and says you have not thought about the problems which will come in future. He says your perception will change with age.

Krish says double guru saa, and says elders overthink much and makes a big problem out of small. He says we will see what will happen tomorrow. I have just made them touch the ground as they fly high. He says I believe this family is mine. Nandini asks him to stay in his limits and not to try to become their family member. Krish says I have done this for your happiness, and I can’t think of you as a stranger. Whenever I see you in problem, I get automatically involved and asks her to slap him if she wants. Dr. Amit hears him. Nandini asks him to go. Dr. Amit says he is childish and strange, but he is right. Nandini says I should be thankful to him. She says he is younger to me, and I have slapped him. Dr. Amit asks her to call him Amit….Nandini says how can I call you by your name. Dr. Amit asks her to think him as her friend. Nandini says I will try and calls him Amit. Amit smiles. Naina bawre plays………….He leaves smilingly.

Krish gives something to Abhayram. Abhayram thinks your emotions will take me to my Nandini. Dr. Amit signs on divorce papers. His dad calls pandit and says they will be going to Nandini’s home with the marriage proposal. Dr. Amit and Nandini get engaged.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sare ke sare purane characters ko maar dale toh yeh kundan ko kahe jinda chodh di bhayaa???? Ab kya nandini ke peeche teen bhagenge aur chautha aayega bachane??? Aree writer saaa ab toh balika vadhu ka d end karo aap… logo ke dil se utre time slot se phisle ab kis ka intezaar hai saa??? Mahi vijj ko heavy makeup deke kahan aanandi ki chavhi banaye rakhne ki nahak koshish kar rahe ho saa… boriya bistaar bandho aur ghar ko jaao writer saa

    1. Haha that’s funny. Mere favorite show ka styanash kar diya ye naye writers saa ne. Mahi vij ke makeup ke baare mein mat bolo saa first epi mein usne apne Maa saa se kaha wo ye sab Nahi lagati, LOL. Teesta, ye BV2 toh abhi shuru hua hai end kyun karenge, abhi toh party shuru Hui hai.

  2. florentina moldovan

    Hasan mam, i am here with you, almost every day!
    Thank u for your great update!

  3. florentina moldovan

    so, nobody is commenting???
    i have to say that i didn t saw the last part of 1 st season, it was too dragging for me but, this season looks much more better!!!!!
    I think it is at least interesting!
    so, what do you think , guys?
    Anybody here??

    1. Yes, almost nobody had seen last part of first season because of dragging but we fan of BV were watching that show for the theme and characters. Different people like different shows. So BV 1 fans are not that interest in BV 2 theme. It will take some time to gather new viewers.season 2 could become a hit showbut with different audiences. Good luck
      I’m sorry if I hurt anybody’s feelings.

  4. You have a sad life

  5. Plz tell me the name of played in the end: naina bawre or its link…I can’t find it anywhere

  6. Shankar knows that Nandani is Nimmboli. Why does he nor reveal to Nandani that he is Shivam?

  7. Extending nandini life purpose the directors fortunately end the anandi role…
    With out anandi, dadisa the show becomes void..
    Child hood nimboli is very good while acting,expressions..
    Kundan finds nimboli origins but mla sab I.e Jagadish not aware abt anandi children…

    Ubnirmal termination of puja mannu love story…
    Why collector shiv family not come back again…for anandi and her children…
    How is Krish related to kundan…?
    Why shivam changes to like a goon…this is not expecting

    1. Good questions.

      Without anandi, Dadisa and Jagya, BV is like food without any ingredients.


    Can anyone tell me that weather Balika vadhu is fianlly ending or ishq ka rang safed??? As shakti is starting from 30 may at 8 pm???

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