Balika Vadhu 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam showing the painting to Nimboli and says it is made by us. Anandi asks them to drink milk. She tells Nimboli that tomorrow is very special day as you have come here as a daughter. She says I want to do something special for you and asks what shall I do for you. Nimboli says I want you to call me Nandini. Anandi and Shivam get glad. Anandi says everyone will call you Nandini. Nimboli drinks milk and calls her maa. Anandi smiles and says she has yearned for this day. She thanks and kiss her. Shivam smiles. Nimboli asks why you haven’t told me before that you are my mum. Anandi says just because Mangla told me that you hate your mum and that’s why I had decided not to tell you anything. Nimboli asks why did Disa do this with us? Anandi says we will talk about

this later. She says I will make you both sleep, and sings lori. Shivam and Nimboli rest on her lap. Nimboli sleeps hearing lori. Shivam looks at her smilingly. Nimboli gets dream of Mangla singing lori for her. Anandi asks Shivam if he is happy? Shivam nods yes and asks what about you? Anandi says I don’t remember when did I get this much happy. She sleeps with her kids.

Mangla is still in shock and comes to her room. She smiles and says my daughter….you have come. Pushkar looks at Nimboli and Mangla’s room and misses her. He hears Mangla talking to Nimboli and saying you have returned to me. He informs Kamli and asks her to check. Kamli runs to her room and hears Mangla speaking to someone. She knocks on the door asking Mangla to open the door. Harki and Kundan come there. Harki asks Mangla to open the door. Kamli asks Pushkar to break the door. Kundan also joins him and they break the door and get inside. They see Mangla singing lori for the doll. Kamli asks what you are doing Disa? Mangla asks her to talk slowly and says Nimboli is sleeping. Kamli is shocked. Mangla asks if it is morning and asks doll to wake up. Kamli tells her that this is not Nimboli. Mangla asks her to wake up Nimboli and goes to get milk for her. Kamli comes to her and says it is just Nimboli’s doll. Mangla says my Nimboli is a doll. Kamli says Nimboli went to Jaitsar. Mangla takes the milk and asks doll to drink. Kamli asks her to come in her senses and says this is not Nimboli. Mangla asks her to leave her daughter and says you have become my enemy and jealous of our love. Harki and Kundan enjoy her mad act. Kamli cries and says Nimboli went for forever. Mangla asks her to stop talking nonsense and leave. Harki smiles and says she has gone mad being shocked. She smiles looking at Kundan and leaves. Mangla tells doll that she won’t let anything happen to her. Kamli cries. Mangla asks them to leave. Pushkar asks her to come. Mangla hugs doll.

Next morning, Anandi gives tea to Dadisaa and says I will give clothes to Nimboli. Nimboli calls her Maa and comes downstairs wearing frock. She hugs Anandi. Anandi and Dadisaa smiles. Nimboli says you wanted me to wear this so I have worn. Anandi asks her to wear the clothes in which she feels comfortable. Dadisaa says she is like you. She asks Nimboli if she got a good sleep. Nimboli says yes, but missed Mangla. Anandi asks her to talk to Mangla. Nimboli refuses to talk to her. Shivam comes and asks her to come and play with him. She leaves. Dadisaa says Nimboli will become Nandini soon. Kamli calls Anandi. Anandi picks the call and says I will ask Nimboli to talk to Mangla. Kamli says no, and says Mangla have gone mad. Anandi says it is sad to hear that and tells Dadisaa and Jagya that Mangla have gone mad? Dadisaa says she is getting punished for her sins. Anandi says I feel that we shall bring her here and keep her with Nimboli so that she gets well soon. Jagya asks what are you saying? Anandi says I can’t forget whatever she has done for Nimboli. Dadisaa asks her to stop her goodness. Jagya asks her not to go to Jhalra and says Mangla will not come here. Anandi looks on.

Anandi comes to Jhalra and sees Mangla’s state. Later she brings Mangla to Jaitsar. Nimboli is shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. nimboli n magla under the same roof again. Lol story has come to starting again

    1. Is baar story me twist…. mangla has to face d hateredness of NANDINI n in d change avatar of NIMBOLI AKA NANDINI cant get mangla into sense Infront of her is NANDINI NOT NIMBOLI… n she will come to sense when mouni baba aka akhiraj will reach jaitsar to kill anandi n others… mangla comes to sense n dies saving all of them n akhiraj is sentence to death… nahi toh baar baar jail tod ke bhagta phirega…

  2. Hahaha… Anandi wants to bring mangla back to jaitsar? Wow…they have done this to mangla so that she can’t say the truth of akhiraj.

    1. Dear Ganga ur twin sister has changed her name to nobody… poor one… lol… dear nobody please change ur name to yamuna… nobody sounds pity sad…. what say ganga????

  3. This Anandi has no sense at all ! bringing Mangala to Jaitsar is a huge mistake. Probably Mangala was pretending to act mad so she could get to see Nimboli.

    The director is so confused. BTW where is Akheraj? hopefully he kills Mangala, gets his revenge by killing the person who was the root of this issue and then THE END of Balika Vadhu

    1. Akhiraj rest leke puktta yojana bana raha hai… agle hafte aayega apni keher dhane… 😛

  4. so stupid serial we can guess in variation suitation …………really hmm dizzz Anandi character also really ……waste of time to see nd watch…………no fun at all in serial everytime crying 4 daughter till now………….further also crying 4 something really Anandi character …………

  5. Colors is serial end kare na kare viewers jarur is se end kar degi… why dont u try this on dat chudelo ka sasural??? That serial should go off air first… again next week they will do mahasangam of SKS N BV… OR A NONSENSE TRISHAKTI

  6. Where are u shiv???? BTW are u a stident of psychology?? Is der anything wrong in my posts????

  7. First of all, Happy Holi!! About serial..director could have done this a way much better. Its a gr8 story, hats off, but sometimes its getting to long and putting Anandi to be such an angel..that doesnt exist and becomes kind of annoying.

  8. Hello people, I watch balika vadhu only because of disa. Her acting is mind blowing. Her character is very realistic and both – positive n negative like any of us. Tell me who is not selfish in this word? Everyone is selfish behind one thing or the other. Disa loved nimboli unconditionally, so much that she was willing to do anything to stay with her. Way to go Rajeshwari Sachdev!!!…you are awesome. On the other hand, I seriously hate anandis character. She is too much sweet all the time…no human in this world is that great or that good….her character is soo plastic but I like total rasputra’s acting.
    Nimboli is such a b*t*h. Now that she got her real mother, she left disa. How could she forget that it was disa who loved her so much and took care of her for so many years. That ungrateful b*t*h!!!

    1. Selfish is ok but going to such lenghts is not ok. Rajeshwari’s acting is not convincing at all.
      Do you expect Nimboli to suffer in Jhalra just because of Mangala? Mangala started slapping her too and trying to control her, who to not meet. rajeshwari always portrays wicked witch as in Laut Aao trisha. I dont like her.

      1. I personally feel, her acting is really great !! All the actors act really well; Nandini, Anandi, Teesa. If they hadn’t acted well, we wouldn’t connect to the actors. But, we do and we feel the pain of the characters.
        Its just that, Teesa was willing to send Nandini but, then Kamli came and provoked her to run away and, Teesa’s character turned selfish.
        Nandini is just a child. The fact that, the person she trusted the person most kept her away from her real mom and lied to her, has filled her with hatred for Teesa.

    2. I think it’s very harsh to call Nimboli a b*t*h. She’s a child and is very confused and experiencing mixed emotions at the moment. She felt betrayed so she made the split second decision to leave but she’s going to start missing her soon

  9. If kids are analysed in such way how to analyse adults???? Kids are like clay… the way u mould they turn up in same way… either as a beautiful groomed or criminal like kundan… nandini hasnt forgotten disa… kindly pay attention.. when dadisa asks nandini regards to having a good sleep she says yes but early morning she misses disa… then how dat girl is critically criticized???

    1. aaj tak ye samajh nahi aaya ki jab akhiraj marr gaya tha .. usse giddhon ne noch khaya tha to woh wapis clean shave hokar kaise aa gaya.. aisi buri maut ke baad koi kaise wapis aa sakta hai

      1. Today’s writters are die hard fans of EKTA KAPOOR..if look alike of shiv is possible then why not akhiraj coming alive after vultures eating him up… if chudels patali matari are possible than anything is possible.. shiv u are being missed badly… kahan ho???

  10. paagal mangla nhi anandi ho gyi hai jo us chudel ko waapas le aayi koi use pagal khane bhejo varna vo sab ko pagal krr degi ….

  11. Today shiv has vanished in thin air….

  12. Hey shiv where are u n wheres kalyani????

  13. Não con mụ Anandi đúng là không bình thường mà

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