Balika Vadhu 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 24th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shiv removing the posters. Some people looks on. Shiv calls the commissioner and tells him everything. He says I want those people to get punished. The commissioner says we will find it out, don’t worry. Dadisa buys clothes for Kanchan’s marriage. Ganga comes and gives a saree for Kanchan as a gift from her side. Everyone looks at her. Ganga says I feel connected with Gehna, can’t I gift anything to her sister.

Sumitra says yes we all are happy for Kanchan’s marriage. Ganga gets emotional and thinks about Mannu. She says she respects everyone and does not wish to go away from them. Jagya comes home. Dadisa asks Jagya did the work ended. Jagya says yes, we will get the permission soon. Ganga smiles. Anuj calls Saachi and talks to her. He apologizes to

her and says my parents are not listening to me. Saachi confronts him for not supporting him. He says I m getting late for office. She scolds him as he is taking all this casually.

She says thank God, I m not marrying such a spineless and weak man, I m saved. Anandi comes and hears this. Saachi says my family had to bear insult again because of me, can’t I do anything to make them proud of me. Everyome come to support Saachi. Ira says let the people say what they watnt, we know you how good you are. Shuv promises her that he will find who did this and get him punished. Saachi cries. Ira says don’t cry and hugs her. Kanchan’s marriage function starts at Dadisa’s house. Everyone are happy and music plays…..

Dadisa sees Ganga with Mannu and smiles. Vivek comes to his house to meet his mum. He shows them the poster and asks them why did they do it. He says the poster is in the city now and everyone are talking about Saachi thanks to Maa. Vivek’s dad asks his wife did she do all this. She says yes, I did all this. Everyone are shocked. She says I did this to bring out Saachi’s truth. She says its because of her I lost my two sons. Vivek says it was Saurabh’s mistake. He supports Saachi and argues with his mum.

He says how can you do this being a woman. She says I did not do anything wrong, I don’t regret this. Saurabh is in jail because of her, I can’t leave her. Her husband gets angry and scolds Vivek for supporting Saachi. Vivek says you too dad? Vivek takes Saachi’s side and says she is right. His dad asks him to leave the house. Vivek says thanks Papa, I m leaving now. Vivek leaves. His sister confronts her parents. Her mum says its Saachi;s fault, she is trapping Vivek now. Kanchan’s parents thanks Dadisa for bringing this day in their life. The rituals are done. Jagya leaves with Mannu.

Vivek tells everyone that he wants to marry Saachi. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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