Balika Vadhu 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 24th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Meenu is alramed to know that ira has started preparations for sankranti and says that she wouldnt be able to come to udaipur with anandi and shiv. As expected, ira is upset, to know that their program with anandi and shiv hs been cancelled due to dadisa’s invitation and says that it is their first sankranti too, after the marriage, and that they would feel lonely too if shiv and anandi are absent. She asks meenu if she didnt tell dadisa that they had earlier made a plan with anandi and shiv. Meenu doesnt know what to say. Meenu says that she couldnt say no on dadisa’s insistence. Anandi is a little tensed seeing meenu’s expression, while talking on the phone to ira. Meenu tries to cheer her up saying that this time, they would celebrate it jaitsar style and next time udaipur style. But ira is still insistent to know why didnt meenu try to talk herself out of dadisa’s invitation. Sanchi is also disgusted with the recent happenings. Anandi is upset to see meenu tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa is on makhan to get the whole haveli clean and made spic and span. She then goes to the kitchen to supervise gehna and sumitra’s preps. She takes sumitra with her to show the gifts that she has planned for shiv, anandi and their family. Basant says that bhairo called up for the arrangements of the priest and other ritual related arrangements. Just then, nandu comes in with jagiya, very excited about the kites that he bought with jagiya. He goes up with jagiya to keep kites in the room and dadisa looks at them, overwhelmed with emotions.

Scene 3:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Ananadi is upset in the kitchen, thinking about meenu’s dilemma to talk to to ira. Ananadi finds meenu talking to ira on the phone and requests to talk to her. She apologizes on dadisa’s behalf saying that she didnt know of ira’s preps and therefore went on to invite shiov and meenu to celebrate sankranti in the haveli. Anandi talks to ira saying that she would talk to dadisa, and get her to give them permission so that they can come to udaipur to celebrate wih them. But ira stops her saying that she shouldnt talk to dadisa since she also must have made preparations by now and decides that she would manage alok and dadaji, there somehow. Meenu takes the phone from anandi and praises anandi in front of ira about her sense of maturity and responsibility. She says that anandi’s love and truthfulness is enough for them to celebrate it nicely this time. anaandi takes the phoen and ira tells her that she has waited quite some time for a daughter in law and to be able to celebrate festivals with her, and this would be her first sankranti with them and first is always first. Eveen the other family members were evry excited to meet her. She says that she cant refuse dadisa for hurting her and therefore says its ok and she would manage there with the other members. After ira hangs up, anandi is still upset. Meenu tries to cheer up anandi that she was worrying for nothing, since ira didnt feel bad at all. She says to sanchi, that she knows she stays in hostel and longs for celebrating festivals with her family, and would miss out on that oppurtunity this time just for her. She apologizes to sanchi for this and leaves with a heavy heart. after she’s gone, meenu says to sanchi that these are the things which floored them about anandi.

Scene 4:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Nandu and jagiya are preparing kites for flying. Jagiya looks at them, and remembers how he used to fly kites with anandi, in childhood and adolescence and gets emotional. He tries to put nandu off to sleep, and realises that he’s already asleep. He takes him from there.

In their room, gehna and basant are discussing what lal singh told them to come to the hospital for tests. Basant says that they could go after the next day of sankranti. She asks if he’s okay wih it. Basant says that he wants to discuss it with jagiya, but doesnt know how to. Gehna says that he would feel hesitant since they consider him like a son. Just then, jagiya comes in saying that if they cant discuss it with him as a son, they should try discussing it considering him to be a doctor. gehna is still a little hesitant to open up to jagiya like that. Jagiya, after telling them that he’s with them, and supports their descision. He tells her that they would have to get soem tests done and after that they would start the treatment. when she starts the treatment, she would have to rest much but basant has a doubt that they would then have to talk about this with dadisa and tell her everything. jagiay says that the IVF process doesnt have a 100% success rate and hence should wait for something concrete before they tell dadisa anything and give her hope. He says that dadisa however has changed a lot, and maybe she adapts to this real well. Basant says that he would talk to dadisa at the right time, when jagiya says that she shouldnt hear about it from someone else. He says that now they would have blind faith on him now that he’s involved. Jagiya says that they should also prepare themselves for failure too in this process, as thats also a possibility. Basant says that if that is god’s will, then they would accept it with open hearts. The screen freezes on his face.

Underlying message: In a house, talking to a an adult and mature child, in the family relieves the elders of their problems and its complications and gives them such a pleasurable and relieving experience, that it develops a bond of friendship between the children and adult in the family.

Precap: Anandi later talks to shiv saying that ira might not show it but she too must have felt bad. when shiv says that his mother is very mature and doesnt keep this things in her heart, anandi says that she has an idea through which they would be able to keep both the families happy. shiv has a questioning look on his face while anandi smiles in excitement of her plan. Ira is surprised to get a call from meenu, saying that she is surprised to hear that they have left so early for anandi’s family. Meenu quips saying that anandi couldnt wait, hence dragged them out for the haveli so soon. Ira says with a sad face, that they should try and enjoy as much as possible whereas they would have a very dry one. Sanchi snatches the phone, saying that ira shouldnt feel bad and should go out in the garden, for a walk for some time. Shiv and his family arrive at their destination and get down from the jeep, with mischief in their eyes.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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