Balika Vadhu 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Deenu telling Akhiraj that it is his guarantee that nobody identified them. Akhiraj shouts at him and says if we had not left from there, then they would have identified us. Deenu says how we will stay without wine. Akhiraj laughs and says who told you that we will not drink wine, and says we will drink heavily, but here itself under the tree. He says this is the best place to have drink as nobody comes here at night. Deenu laughs and says it is enjoyable if someone serves it with pakodas. Akhiraj misses Harki and Kundan and thinks to go and see them once. He falls asleep and throws the empty wine bottles there. Even Deenu sleeps.

Anandi tells Shivam that she is happy seeing him returned to his room. Shivam says he came back to his room as Nimboli is not here. He

invites her to see drawing competition in his school. Anandi says some people are coming to Shiv Niketan for inspection, and says she can’t come. Shivam says he wants to keep his locket with him, to feel their presence. Anandi brings the locket and makes him wear it. She asks him to keep it safely. Shivam promises. Anandi kisses him. Shivam wipes his face. Anandi says oho, and makes him sleep. She looks at Shiv’s photo and thinks don’t know when Nandini will be in my lap with Shivam.

Next morning, a sweeper comes to sweep the place and thinks to clean the place before Mouni baba comes back after having bath. He sweeps the place and gets empty wine bottles. He gets shocked and picks it up. Akhiraj and Deenu comes to the place and see a large number of villagers standing. Deenu asks them to wait as Guruji have to do puja. A sweeper says he got this bottle while cleaning the place. Akhiraj and Deenu get shocked. They ask him to say how this bottle came near your place. Akhiraj gets up and acts as angry. He goes near the man, takes bottle from his hand and throws it far. The villagers say that Mouni baba got angry and might curse us. Akhiraj angrily walks away from there, while Deenu follows him. The crowd runs after him. Deenu acts and asks him to forgive the people. Akhiraj goes to the temple and rings the temple bell. He acts and reads the Gayatri mantra. Villager is shocked to see him speaking.

Akhiraj says we will leave from this village. The villager asks him not to leave them. Akhiraj says I had embrace maun/silence since years, but someone guilty have thrown that bottle at my place. He says you people have doubted me and have interrupted my tapasya. Akhiraj signs Deenu. He says he wants to do people’s betterment and never get this much insulted in his whole life. He says it is impossible to stay in this village. Villager falls on his feet and asks him not to go. Deenu says that place was good, but a sinner made it impure. Villagers say that they will give security to the place and apologizes. Akhiraj thinks he can’t enjoy now and signs at Deenu. Deenu says we will do puja havan and will do Shuddikaran of the place. He asks Akhiraj to forgive the villagers, as forgiveness is the biggest charity. He asks him to calm down and stay in this village. Akhiraj agrees. He blesses everyone. He looks at Deenu and smiles.

Shivam tells Anandi that this locket can be worn by Nandini and him only and not Nimboli. Anandi slaps him. Dadisaa informs him that Nimboli is Anandi’s daughter too and your sister. Shivam is shocked. Akhiraj comes to his house indisguise of a beggar and asks for food. Mangla asks Nimboli to give him something to eat. Nimboli gives him fruits and asks shall I bring water. Akhiraj in his voice says no. Nimboli looks at his face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This serial has turned into nonsense. Either the producers should finish it or make their protagonist as they were before. No wonder why this serial’s trp has dropped down!

  2. 02/24/2016 (2123)
    Shivam asks Anandi whether she is coming to his school for a drawing competition. Akheraj is frightened when the villagers look at him suspiciously and moves to a nearby temple.
    02/25/2016 (2124)
    Akheraj reaches the village in his disguised look and bumps into Kundan, but he fails to recognise him. Later, he meets Nimboli, but she gets suspicious when she hears his voice.
    02/26/2016 (2125)
    Kalyani and Anandi tell Shivam that Nimboli is in fact Nandini. Shivam apologises for misbehaving with her. Later, Harkhi goes to meet Akheraj. He tells her that her problems will be solved.

  3. Is there any way to contact with writers of this nonsense serial , please end this bakwaas soon

    1. You only wish…

  4. Yesterday episode was sheer torture. Watching Akheraj for more than 15 minutes and his nonsense. Akheraj is no more what he was. I felt nauseated seeing the dumb villagers falling at his feet. Nimboli is at her element at Jhalar happy because there is no school and ho homework. All play and no school. Anandi looks as if she had a full meal thrice and needs to go to sleep urgently. Except Shivam, none is worth watching. Jhalra people must be filthy rich to give apples to beggars.

  5. Mangala Trouble for Anandi.

    Harki Trouble for Kamli

    Akheraj Trouble for humanity

    Kundan Trouble for Nimboli

    Anant Trouble for Mangala

  6. Balika Vadhu lost his glamour . Lost the subject . Dont where it is moving . Everyone should stop watching this serial .

  7. total story is running in between jharla and jaistar family people.. yes previous charm lost balika vadhu…
    BV team forgets subject line…..

    akhiraj still in hidden once he came to picture actual story line will be changes, what we are expecting from long time, that will happen sure…….

    mangla is one, creates problems to all people..she change colors according to the situation with haveli family…

    problems are waiting for anandi one by one…wr is daddu family

  8. Before this was very good.but now it lost his track&very bore.better to end this serial

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