Balika Vadhu 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kundan coming to Nimboli’s room holding the pistol and aims to kill her. Harki comes and stops him saying she can’t see him in jail. Kundan says I can’t see my enemies laughing in my house. Harki asks him to have patience and says Akhiraj will come. Kundan says what he will do as he in jail.

Akhiraj and Badri pretend to fight with each other. Constable informs Jailer that they are fighting. They pretend to hit each other and falls down. Jailer asks constable to call the doctor as they get unconscious. Kamli gives snacks to Nimboli and says it is her favorite. She calls Urmila. Nimboli asks about Pushkar. Kamli says he is getting training with the guards. Urmila comes and says she is not feeling good so she will eat later. Nimboli says if you don’t want to

have food then I will eat your food too. Urmila says if she is acting like her. Everyone laugh and asks Nimboli to sit. Kamli gets Anandi’s call.

Nimboli picks the call excitedly and tells that she is having fun, but missing them. Anandi asks her to come back soon. Nimboli says okay and asks about Jagya,Ganga, mannu, abhi and Shivam. Mangla takes the call. Anandi says you heard it that Nimboli want to come back. Mangla says we will come after Urmila’s goad bharayi and asks her not to come. She asks Urmila and Nimboli to go inside. She tells Kamli that she is making Nimboli to act. Kamli asks what? Mangla says she is helpless to stay in haveli and that’s why asked Nimboli to lie infront of haveli people that she misses them. She says truth is that Nimboli doesn’t want to stay there, but I am trying to bridge the gap between Anandi and her.

Jailer calls the ambulance. Akhiraj and Badri are brought on the stretcher. Inspector asks the constable to handcuff them and says he will take them in his car as the ambulance’s tyre is punctured. Akhiraj and Badri look at each other. While they are in jeep, Akhiraj attacks the constable and beats him along with Badri. They beat the police team badly till they get unconscious, take the keys and open their hand cuffs. They keep the constables inside the jeep and hugs each other.

Akhiraj tells Badri that he will take revenge with his enemies. Jagya calls Anandi and informs her that Akhiraj fled from jail with Badri. Anandi is shocked?

Anandi comes to Akhiraj’s house. Kundan informs Akhiraj that Anandi has come. Akhiraj thinks to kill her with Mangla and Nimboli and goes to kill them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Seems to be this serial going to end within 10 episodes. climax mangla kundan other villans will die. dadisaa will play with nimbolis doughter too.

  2. Oh you’ve got to be kidding!

  3. Yeah…right. Police are so dumb that Akhiraj and Badri can directly come to their house just after escaping from jail. And Kamli…believes Mangla more than her own eyes.

  4. This time anandi gets injured seriously so total story line completely changed towards anandi.
    so that nimboli get know about her real mother and priority.
    saritha and puja intimate nimboli what happend in past? or akhiraj only reveals while attack on nimboli and mangla, mangla will die surely.

    1. How do you know…? did you read it somewhere?

    2. Irrespective of whether you have read this online or not, I believe whatever you wrote is going to happen. I think Mangla will die coz she had earlier said “jeete ji nimboli ko anandi se nai milne dungi”. Theres no chance she is going to change and help anandi in uniting her with her daughter.

  5. this serials is so boring plzzz jaldi se offair karo yeh serial is serial mai abi kuch aacha dekh ne laayak kya bacha hai

  6. saalo se chal raha hai balika vadhu abi koi acha serial k saath replace karo yaar

  7. no, expectation only

  8. I think that…mangala will kill all the villains and spent remaining life in jail..she also reveals about anandi to nimboli..thus their union…

  9. I think even with Akhiraj, Harki, Kundan, Kamli and Urmi in the same house, director will be careful not to reveal Nimboli real mom to Nimboli.

    In badi haveli, they know that they shoouldn’t reveal this secret to Nimboli. But there is no such restriction this house. Need to see how long this stupidity will last. So unnatural.

  10. today nimboli act over exited…
    we don’t like it..

  11. any body tell me what was today episode

    1. Ntg much. anandi went to jalra,akhiraj released from jail,went to home and planned to kill nimboli,mangla.

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