Balika Vadhu 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kamli crying in her room. Disa tries to console her. Nimboli cries. Kamli asks her to say something. Akhiraj Singh calls Harki. Disa and Nimboli hear him. Disa takes the clothes from her room. Kamli gives the letter to Nimboli and asks him to give it to Gopal. Nimboli nods okay. Disa takes the clothes and asks Nimboli to come. They leave from the room. Akhiraj Singh comes and asks them to go. He asks Kamli to take bath and locks door. Dadisaa tells Anandi that she won’t be at home as she is going to attend havan. She says I will return in the evening. Anandi tells about the function at Shiv Niketan. Dadisaa asks Anandi and Ganga to take care of home. Mannu comes and asks Ganga about Jagya. He gives application form back and says he don’t want to study in Mumbai. Dadisaa

says Jagya brought the application as you wanted to study in Mumbai. Ganga asks about his decision. Mannu says he has decided with a lot of thinking. Ganga gives him food. Mannu leaves in a hurry. Anandi wonders why Mannu has changed the decision. Jagya comes and sits. Ganga tells him that Mannu refused to go to Mumbai.

Jagya asks why. He asks did you tell him anything. Dadisaa says Ganga is surprised to see Mannu’s changed decision. Anandi says we will talk to Mannu after he comes back and there is still time for admission. Ganga asks him to have breakfast. His phone rings. He tells that he is reaching soon and leaves. Ganga is irked. Dadisaa tells that Jagya couldn’t get time to have breakfast. Ganga tells that Jagya understands Anandi’s talk, and says she was also saying the same thing, but he didn’t understand her point. She goes to bring tea. Dadisaa tells Anandi that Jagya gets angry because of work pressure. Anandi says I shall shift to Shiv Niketan. Dadisaa asks why? Anandi says so that Jagya gets calm hearing Ganga’s words, and not me. Dadisaa asks what are you saying? Anandi asks her to think from her preception. Dadisaa says we will talk later. Ganga comes and brings tea.

Mannu is going to school on his bicycle. He sees some girls going from there and asks them to move. One girl says sorry. Mannu imagines Pooja and smiles. He sees her everywhere and smiles. He wonders why she is seen everywhere and decides to confess his feelings to Pooja.Mannu reaches Shiv Niketan and thinks he is sweating and not having strength. He looks for Pooja. Dadisaa comes and asks what happened. Mannu says he needs pump to fill air in the tyre. Dadisaa says why you are looking shocked and asks him to fill air in the tyre. Mannu says okay.

Nimboli comes to Gopal’s shop. Gopal asks is everything fine? Kamli is fine naa. Nimboli says no and tells everything. A flashback is shown. Gopal is pain to hear Kamli’s suffering. Nimboli says Kamli jiji didn’t take your name to protect you. Gopal says I should not have come there. She gives him letter sent by Kamli. Gopal reads it. Harki, Akhiraj and Kundan come to the same place for shopping. Nimboli hears Kundan’s voice and asks Gopal to check. He sees them coming and informs her. Nimboli hides beneath the table. Kundan comes to the shop and asks Gopal to show the sandal. He recalls seeing him before. Gopal asks him to show the sandals and asks where is your father. Gopal says he went to market. He makes him wear the sandals. Nimboli closes her eyes and is scared. Kundan stares Gopal. Nimboli prays to Kanha ji to protect her. Akhiraj Singh takes the shoes and pays him money. They leave from there. Nimboli coms out and tells we are saved this time. Kundan turns and sees Nimboli. Nimboli gets shocked.

Harki shows the bridal dress to Kamli. Kamli says she don’t want to see. She says why don’t you understand me. Harki slaps her and says no one can stop your Bapusaa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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