Balika Vadhu 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi, Shivam and Nimboli coming to school. The students come back after vacation and tell Anandi that they miss School. Nimboli wonders why do they miss school. Anandi introduces Disa and Nimboli to the girls. Sarita comes. Anandi asks about Pooja. Nimboli says she will only see classes. Anandi says okay and says I will not ask you to sit till you agrees. She takes her to see all the classes. Nimboli likes music classes and sings Sa Re Ga Maa…..Mangla stops her, but Anandi asks her to go ahead. Nimboli sees the kitchen and gets happy knowing that kids have food in the school. Anandi shows her class rooms. Nimboli sees Pooja in one of the class rooms and recalls seeing her before. She rushes to her while calling her Pooja Bhabhisaa. She asks why don’t you stay

with Mannu Bhaisaa? She reminds her that she was the one who attended her marriage. Anandi asks Nimboli and Pooja to come out. Nimboli asks Pooja to come and stay with Mannu. Pooja asks her not to call her Bhabhi and instead call her jiji. Nimboli says I will call you Pooja Bhabhi saa only. Anandi asks her to call her jiji. Pooja gets emotional and goes. Nimboli asks what happened to her?

Anandi asks her to see the toys. Nimboli goes. Anandi informs Disa that Pooja is the same girl who was saved from marrying Kundan. Mangla says you have saved her, but Nimboli’s childhood is ruined. Pooja cries. Sarita consoles her. Pooja hugs her and cries. Pooja wonders how she will face her classmates now. Sarita asks her to face the girls and reply to them. Pooja says I have to move on in life and can’t run away from life. She goes back to her class. Shivam and Nimboli play together on the swinger. Mangla looks at her. Nimboli says I have won. Shivam looks sad. Mangla provokes Shivam against Nandini to stop them from bonding well. Nimboli tells Shivam that she will teach him. They swing together. Mangla asks her to come down.

Anandi teaches karate to girls. Shivam and Nimboli come there with Mangla. Nimboli recalls goons attacking Anandi. She thinks a girl is attacking Anandi and picks a stick to stop her hurting Anandi. Anandi gets hurt. Shivam scolds Nimboli for hurting his mum. Mangla also scolds Nimboli. Shivam says this has happened because of stupid Nimboli. Anandi says she is fine. Nimboli holds her ears and apologizes to her while crying. Anandi says it is okay and I am fine. Shivam ties thread on her hand. Dadisaa asks Shivam not to worry about Anandi. Shivam says he tried to stop Nimboli, but she didn’t listen. Nimboli holds her ears and apologizes to Shivam. Everyone smiles.

Anandi asks Shivam to forgive her and shake hand. Mannu asks Shivam to forgive her. They shake hands. Anandi hugs Nimboli says it is okay. She hugs Shivam as well. Shivam is still angry with her. Nimboli tells that she will learn it and it would be fun. Mangla thinks my daughter is getting trapped in Anandi’s love and I can’t let this happen.

Mangla tells Anandi that she wants to visit Juvenile home. Mangla meets Kundan there and asks him to mend his way before it is too late. Kundan gets angry and holds her by her neck. Mangla faints. Kundan and Harki gets tensed. Anandi comes and sees Mangla fallen on floor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. by seeing today episode its looking further nandini gets fight and Mangala gets advantage to divide annadi nandini shivam there family ………………..Again Annadi will cry for nandini…………alias nimboli………………………….shutsss………………..

  2. i mean to say shivam is still angry 4 dat Mangala gets advantage i think so……………………

  3. This Mangla episode is getting boring now. It should end soon.

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