Balika Vadhu 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadisaa telling Harki that you told Nimboli since her childhood that her mum have thrown her in dustbin. Harki says she didn’t tell this to Nimboli and says it is all done by Mangla. Everyone is shocked. Anandi says everyone told me that you are taking Nimboli away from me, but I didn’t believe them as thought your love is genuine for her. You know that I am yearning to hug her since 15 years, but you couldn’t understand my pain and feelings. Nimboli cries. Anandi says I was silent and never showed right on her as I trusted on you, and did as you asked me to do. She says you have snatched her childhood and lied to her. She asks how can you be so selfish and why did you do this? Mangla pushes her and says then what I would have done? She says I have nothing in my life except

Nimboli. She says when she was in this house since 12 years, I took care of her, washed her clothes, took care of her, and says when she touched me with her tiny hands and legs, I felt like she is kicking from inside the womb. She says this all happens with a mum and says you came after 12 years and claiming her.

Anandi says I have given you more right than me in her life. Mangla says I don’t want your pityness and says I will not share my motherly love with you. She asks Nimboli to come with her and says we will go away from here. Nimboli shouts no and says you are not my maa. Mangla is shocked. Nimboli says you are not my mum. She says you are bad, very bad as you have lied to me always, and I have believed on your every lie. You can’t be my mum. Mangla is shocked and teary eyes. Anandi says Nimboli. Harki thinks what to do to keep Mangla under her feet. She thinks Akhiraj can get expose at any moment. Anandi asks Nimboli not to cry. Nimboi asks if you are my mum? Anandi says yes. Nimboli says I always wanted that my mum shall be like you, oblivious to the truth that you are my real mum. Anandi smiles and gets glad. Nimboli calls her Maa and hugs her. Mangla looks with teary eyes.

Anandi smiles hugging her daughter. Music plays…………Maari Maa plays…………Nimboli tells Anandi that she don’t want to stay here in Jhalra anymore and don’t want to see Disa’s face. Jagya asks Inspector to arrest Mangla on the charges of betrayal and mental harrasment. Anandi asks Jagya to let Mangla go and says Nimboli’s hatredness is the biggest punishment for her. They leave. Mangla asks Kamli to stop her lado and gets shattered. Kamli asks why shall I stop her? She says Nimboli’s life is changed for better and asks why you want to keep her away from her own family. She says Nimboli said right, you are bad. Harki smirks and tells Kundan that drama is over. Mangla cries and says Nimboli….my daughter.

Anandi, jagya, Dadisaa bring Nimboli home. Ganga welcomes her with a hug and says wait was longer. Nimboli asks how are you? Ganga says I am fine. Dadisaa asks where is Shivam? Just then they see Shivam and Mannu throwing flower petals on Nimboli from upstairs. Nimboli gets happy. Shivam and Abhi say welcome home Nimboli. Shivam says we were waiting for you. She asks how are you? Shivam says I am fine. He says I am brother and asks are you happy knowing I am your brother. Nimboli nods and smiles. Shivam also smiles.

They go to inhouse temple and pray infront of Devimaa. Dadisaa thanks Devimaa and says you have returned the lost happiness of the house.

Anandi keeps chain and pendant near God’s idol and then picks it up. She makes Nimboli and Shivam wear the chains. Shivam and Nimboli smiles. Anandi asks them to come with her. She takes them to her room and shows Shiv’s pic on the wall. Nimboli asks if he is my dad? Anandi smiles. She tells Shiv that I have promised you that I will bring our kids together infront of you. She asks him to bless the kids. Shivam and Nimboli light the diya kept infront of the photo frame. Anandi smiles with teary eyes.

Mangla goes to her room, recalls Nimboli’s hatredness. She imagines Nimboli and says my daughter….you have come. Kamli and Pushkar knock on the door asking Disa to open the door. Kundan also joins them and they break the door. They get shocked seeing something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. thank u for the update hasan mam

  2. What did they see

    1. They see Mangla talking to a doll. 🙂

    2. When did I posted this? May be it’s someone If you are someone else please replyI will change my name

  3. Today’s episode –
    Mangla is shattered when she sees Nimboli leave with Anandi and the family members to Jaitsar. Later, Anandi and her kids stand in front of Shiv’s photograph and pray.

    1. Hi shiv dont you think now anandi should get back to kesherbaa???? Or may be d will show she gets back n akhiraj is killed n all live happily ever after… I too heard d serial going off air…
      By d way I m from MUMBAI…

      1. Yeah, I thought you were from Mumbai :). One of my favorite cities.

        I thing, BV producers are in cost cutting mode and I don’t think they will send Anandi to Kesherbaa. Also there is no story there, story could only continue if she is in Jaitsar. Akhiraj is already planning along with Kundan to go to Jaitsar.

      2. Typo – I think

    2. What made u think I m from mumbai???

      1. Your previous replies. 🙂

  4. Disa committed suicide. I know she is bad. But I feel sorry for her 🙁

  5. Yayyy…. Atlast they are together……Wow…. Thanx for the update…

  6. Woah finally! Was reloading and reloading and waiting for the written update for a few hours now. Thank you so much for the update.

  7. Nice episode

  8. It’s better that disa go out of the show she is not needed in this show

  9. Kamli da jawab nahi… khud hi mangla ko bhag ne ko kahi aur aaj dekho kitni badi badi lecture de dali mangla ko… bad kamli

    1. I totally forgot that Kamli helped Mangla to run away…good point.

      1. Yeah shiv . That time kamli was not sure how good mother anandi would b n nimboli would b happy. After knowing she supported nimboli n family but mangla lied to kamli everytime

      2. Ria…Right from the beginning, Kamli was good and likable person. Her character didn’t change like Mangla’s. So…in Kamli’s defense you could say that. She did, what she did. I really did forgot that Kamli helped Mangla and that’s what I said. 🙂

    2. Yeah…. U are right….kamli is the one who told disa to run…. From dat day onwards disa mind got conspirated…

      But kamli always agreed to… if nimboli is happy with her family …let her stay at jaitsar…

    3. seriously…ussi ne kaha tha ‘bhaag jao..aapka adhikaar hai nimboli pe’. She was the one who provoked her. If she hadn’t provoked teesa then, things would have been different in the serial.

  10. Finally something good…..

  11. She joins akhiraj to take revenge on anandii

  12. Very nice episode. Now they should end the serial

  13. I don’t hope ,mangla suddenly elope from bed , thinking about a bad dream of separating from nimboli.

  14. I think harki will askeep mangla to join hands with to ruin anandi.

  15. My first comment disappeared.

    I did not feel any sympathy for Mangala, the monster. CVs are unnecessarily trying to make her look like a victim. Her newfound for Nimboli never looked honest. It was fake.
    Though Kamli instigated her, she did not know to what depths she will go and how she will not care even for Nimboli.

    She should have been killed or jailed for all her soft crimes. She is no less than akheraj.

  16. One of the worst characters is Mangala. She is like dadibua.
    Good that Nimboli gave her back what she deserved. Once Nimboli used the same harsh words for anandi. Now it is Mangala’s turn.
    Why they are giving her so much space?
    That actress always portrayed negativity.

  17. There is so many topics to be done in the series. Like akhiraj’s death, anant and anandi’s ( or anant and his wife’s Union) Union and that girl saved from baal vivah. I don’t think BV is going to end.

    1. Chances of absurd ending can be seen… forgot how kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi was ended absurdly….lol…

  18. Best episode ever!

  19. anandi unties anant with puspha.

    but danger is waiting for anandi family with akhiraj if mangla joins with akhiraj i.e so horriable.
    akhiraj is very cunning silently killed mangla too….

    here one more point is there i.e mannu and puja wat about these people story line, its not end?
    nandini will grownup…
    amol returns….
    kundan plans for younger nandini…….
    if anandi role is end soon(?)then nandini will take her mother responsibilites……
    new story line may begins…….

  20. Hope Shiv returns (remember on their visit to Kashmir they came to know that there was a look alike of shiv?) If the IAS Shiv is still alive (hoping the look alike is the one who originally died), let them all reunite as one happy family and the serial end on a happy note. Notwithstanding poor Dr. Anant who can i feel can find another nice young lady. Wait, I have an idea! Why not resurrect Phooli, Anandi’s childhood friend, and introduce her to Dr.Anant? There’s no end to imagination in our desi serials!

  21. Nimboli was kidnapped before 12 years then how could anandi yearned to hug her since 15 years? Typo

  22. well they said nandini was kindapped at the age of 3 months. but the child looked like almost one year old baby. that has no sense. we know how a 3 months old baby look like.

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