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Balika Vadhu 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harki scolding Nimboli. Disa tells Harki not to scold Nimboli. Harki reminds her that Nimboli is her bahu. Nimboli is happy and fetching water from well. The neighbor asks why she is happy? Nimboli tells about Kundan’s marriage. The women tell that it will have wrong impact in our village. Nimboli tells she is lying. Kundan tells his friend about his second marriage and is happy. Ganga comes to Sarita’s house and tells her that Pooja was hugging Mannu and sitting. She threatens to throw them from Shiv Niketan, and fumes. Sarita pleads to her that she will make Pooja understand. Ganga says it will be good for you and Pooja, else I won’t be responsible for the consequences. Sarita reminds Pooja about Anandi’s favors. She slaps her. Anandi comes and stops Sarita. She says

we will make them understand. Pooja asks their love is not wrong. Sarita slaps her again. Anandi says Pooja is not a kid. She tells her that love is not wrong, but there is still time for it and have a long way to go. She asks her to concentrate on studies as of now. She says Ganga might have spoken rudely, but she said for your betterment.

Kamli recalls Gopal teaching her cycle riding. Pushkar rides his cycle. Kamli says I will teach you. Pushkar falls down his cycle. Kamli calls him Gopal. Pushkar says he is Pushkar and not Gopal. Dadisaa tells Jagya to do something. Ganga comes and says she has an idea. She says we will send Mannu to Mumbai for further studies. She says she will be happy if he leads a normal life. Anandi comes and asks her, how he will stay away from home, without his family. Anandi tells this is not the right solution. Our problem might get increased with this. She says we can send them later, once he gets stable. Jagya and Dadisaa agree with her. Dadisaa asks Ganga to keep Mannu with her. Ganga says he don’t want to talk to us. What we shall do? Pushkar cries and says he is pained. Kamli says she will apply balm. Pushkare refuses. Kamli’s dad comes and scolds Kamli. His mum supports Kamli and asks him not to worry. Pushkar says he was scared of ointment and asks him not to scold his wife. Mum asks Kamli not to feel bad, about her husband’s behavior, as he is worried about Pushkar. Pushkar sits down as Kamli applies an ointment. Mum looks on smilingly.

Akhiraj tells Harki that they will not call Kamli for Kundan’s marriage. Harki says what Kamli’s family will think if they know that we didn’t invite them. Akhiraj says if Kamli brings mad guy Pushkar here, then it will have bad impression on them. Harki asks if Kamli’s inlaws take their anger on Kamli then? Akhiraj says let her bear their brunt and says Kamli was a burden on him. He asks her to forget that they had any daughter. Nimboli tells Disa that she lied to the neighbors about Kundan’s marriage. Disa says now you have to hide so many truth for this one lie. She says everyone will think Nimboli is a liar. She asks her not to lie else Devi will get angry. Nimboli sees her face and checks her nose, to see if it is swelling.

Kamli talks to Harki and informs her that Nimboli told her about Kundan’s marriage. Harki gets angry. Mannu decides to leave the house, and thinks he has no relation with anyone except Pooja.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. How about Disa using card that Anandi gave her, make phone call to Anandi and let her know about Kundan’s second marriage. When Anandi comes she will see Akhiraj and realize, Niboli is Nandi I.

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