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Balika Vadhu 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badi Haveli
Ganga is giving Dadisaa medicines but Dadisaa refuses saying she is fine without them She is healthy. Ganga says but you to have to take the medicines. You have to complete the course otherwise you will get sick again .Dadisaa says she doesn’t’ have any disease. and she has to go with Anandi .Anandi must be coming here. Anandi comes and tells Dadisaa .but i won’t take you with me. Dadisaa surprised and asks but why? Anandi says because you are not listening to your doctor Anandi smiles. Dadisaa says now you two have joined hands. now you have hugged so now you are opposing me i wanted to see this day from so long and today its fulfilled .and to see this i can have not just one but many bitter pills.She takes water and medicines from Ganga then

she says now i just want our Mannu comes back so i can have heaven also.

Laxmiganj Village
Mannu is walking in the streets of village and talking on phone with Pooja telling her about his job. He says i met kamleshji and yes he told me that he”ll give me job of foreman. Four persons were sitting under a tree and see Mannu and call him. Mannu sees them . He tells Pooja that he will tell her rest what happened at home .He disconnects the call. He goes to the men . He asks them if they called him. Men say yes we called you. Mannu says but i don’t recognize you Men say we saw you when you were very small . You were Ratan’s pride. Mannu gets happy and ask them if they know his father. Men say yes he used to be with us, .nothing was hidden between all of us neither Ratan’s from us nor ours from him.if you want to know about him then come to dhabha at night .Mannu is surprised? Men ask him will you come Mannu agrees.

Akhiraj solves two brothers problem in village. His friends praise him.One friend tell Akhiraj if MLA Jagdish Singh comes to his side then he will have victory in his hands. Akhiraj asks but what will he say to Jagdish that he comes to his side. His friends ask him to meet Jagdish first

Laxmiganj Village
Mannu reaches at dhabha .Three among those men he met are sitting there . Mannu sits in empty chair with them . They give him plate of cashews and ask him to eat them. then they say today we”ll celebrate for Ratan.he was very big hearted..Then they ask the owner to bring something, which was their usual. The person brings alcohol bottle there. Mannu is surprised. They say Ratan use to celebrate like this. They ask him to join with them as Ratan used to . Mannu says but i don’t drink this. Men say ok but then pour for us. Mannu’s hands are shaking.He uncaps the bottle with shaking hands..He pours the drink in three glasses..Men ask him to pour the drink in 4th glass also. Mannu pours with some hesitance. Men get happy. Mannu sits back. Men ask him to take some .Mannu says no. They say ratan use to ,take 1st sip only after that they used to take. Mannu is hesitant.Men insist him. They say don’t drink but just have a sip. one sip won’t do any harm. Mannu is still hesitant. Men again insist him to take a sip. They say don’t be hesitant and shy ,take it. Mannu with shaking hands took glass and tries to take sip.but suddenly a hand pushes the glass out from mannu’s hands. All shocked. Mannu also shocked & sees bimla there. Mannu says dadisa. bimla slaps Mannu hard. Mannu shocked.One man tries to say kakisa. but bimla slaps him also. She drags Mannu from there

Badi Haveli
Jagya is sitting at home doing some work on laptop. His phone rings.its Akhiraj. He greets Jagya . Jagya don’t recognize him. Akhiraj introduces him saying he is his servant Akhiraj from Jhalra. Jagya says oh .did you get any information about kids. Akhiraj is shocked as he has no information . Akhiraj says no not now but they”ll find them. Akhiraj says don’t worry i’ have asked my men to find them. Both kids will be found soon.. then Akhiraj says can he come to meet him tomorrow. Jagya asks why? Akhiraj says he will tell this on meeting its important . Jagya says ok come tomorrow. Akhiraj is very happy Jagya disconnects the call Jagya is in thoughts again phone rings. its Anandi now Anandi asks Jagya if he got some information about Mannu and Pooja Jagya says no but tomorrow Akhiraj is coming to meet me i told you all about that man whom i met outside the temple.and he said he will help in searching for Mannu and Pooja .He is coming tomorrow to meet me.He might want to tell something about Mannu and Pooja . Anandi says ok then i”ll come to your office tomorrow. Jagya says ok and disconnects the call

Jagya goes to attend some meeting Anandi is sitting in Jagya’s office Akhiraj comes there

Update Credit to: kikyo

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