Balika Vadhu 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi and Mangla’s conversation. Mangla tells Anandi that Nimboli is not ready to listen to truth and asks her not to come until she asks her. Nimboli brings water to Mangla, and tells that she invited Anandi to stay with her in Jhalra. Mangla says Anandi is a working woman and says she doesn’t have time for you. She says they will think that I can’t take good care of you. Nimboli says I want to go back for few days. Mangla gets angry and says I will pack your bags, go and stay there. Nimboli cries and stops Mangla. She says I won’t leave you and go anywhere. I will not insists to go to Jaitsar. Mangla acts as mad and says I can’t live without you. She hugs her. Thaari Maa plays…………..Kamli looks at them.

Akhiraj continues to fool the villagers with

the magic. He signs Deenu. Deenu asks everyone to go for now. He says Mouni baba’s jai. A man brings something. Deenu says he doesn’t accept it, but will get it distributed among the poor. All the people leave from there. Akhiraj opens his eyes and looks at the food, money, jewellery etc. He couldn’t believe his eyes and is happy. Kamli comes to Pushkar and says I brought your favorite breakfast. Pushkar says I don’t feel hunger seeing my Kamli sad. He says I want to see you happy and smiling. Kamli holds his face and kisses on his forehead. She smiles. Pushkar also smiles. Kamli says your Kamli will smile always and apologizes to him. Pushkar asks did I do any mistake yesterday night. Kamli gets shy and nods. Pushkar says you are most beautiful in this world and says my princess. Kamli asks him to have breakfast. Pushkar refuses and asks her to come closer to him first. Kamli shyly hugs him and smiles.

Akhiraj and Deenu count the money. He says we have earned this much money in a single day which normal people couldn’t earn in a day. Deenu says my neck is dry and says he wants to drink. Akhiraj asks have you gone mad. If anyone recognizes us then? Deenu says we will change clothes and go. Akhiraj agrees, but is scared of people. Deenu says what is the use of money if we don’t enjoy. Akhiraj agrees.

A man asks what he shall bring. Deenu orders wine and tells Akhiraj that nobody will recognize them. Akhiraj smiles and drinks it. Akhiraj’s devotee come there and have drink. They see Akhiraj and Deenu. Other man says Baba can’t have wine. Akhiraj gets alerted and tells Deenu that they have identified us. Deenu gets drunk and asks him to not to get scared. Akhiraj hides his face and asks Deenu to come fast. They leave. The men start doubting on them. Anandi thinks about Nimboli, and gets teary eyes.

Dr. Anant comes and tries to cheer her up. He says he got hot kachoris for her. Anandi wipes her tears. Dr. Anant sees her sad and asks what is the matter? Anandi says nothing and says she is fine. She asks him to sit. Dr. Anant asks her not to hide her tears and share her problems. Anandi tells him that Nimboli called her, and tells everything which is muted. She says I called again, but mangla picked the call. She says I don’t understand why Mangla was talking rudely with me, and said that she will inform me when Nimboli gets normal and asked me not to come to Jhalra. She says I can’t meet my daughter and don’t know what to do? She says Nimboli is going far from me. I gave Nimboli’s responsibility to Mangla, so that she can brought us closer, why she couldn’t see my pain being a mum herself. Dr. Anant thinks if Mangla’s motive was to unite them then why Nimboli is far from her, and thinks to find out.

Shivam tells Anandi that this locket can be worn by him and his sister Nandini, and not Nimboli. Anandi slaps him. Dadisaa tells Shivam that Anandi is Nimboli’s mum too and tells that Nimboli is your sister Nandini. Shivam looks on shocked. Later Akhiraj and Deenu have drink sitting under the tree and throw the bottle. Later a cleaner gets bottles and shows it to Akhiraj and Deenu next morning. Akhiraj is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When anandi becomes happy? Dr.anant plays key role while uniting nandini vth anandi? Anandi faced serious attack from akhiraj side… will happen..

  2. 02/23/2016 (2122)
    Anandi is pained when Nimboli disconnects the call while speaking to her. Akheraj and Deenu are happy with the money they get from the villagers and decide to have a drink.
    02/24/2016 (2123)
    Shivam asks Anandi whether she is coming to his school for a drawing competition. Akheraj is frightened when the villagers look at him suspiciously and moves to a nearby temple.
    02/25/2016 (2124)
    Akheraj reaches the village in his disguised look and bumps into Kundan, but he fails to recognise him. Later, he meets Nimboli, but she gets suspicious when she hears his voice.
    02/26/2016 (2125)
    Kalyani and Anandi tell Shivam that Nimboli is in fact Nandini. Shivam apologises for misbehaving with her. Later, Harkhi goes to meet Akheraj. He tells her that her problems will be solved.

  3. Anandi is like Seetha in Ramayana. No happyness in her life. And who like to see her happy…we are so used to her stony face, that any other feeling would look weird.

  4. Anandi is getting slap happy and she is slapping Shivam as if he is responsible for all bad things in her life while she is so nice and understanding to Mangala. Sombody should slap anandi hard ten times. Nimboli also behaves strangely. While with Mangala she craves for anandi and while with anandi she craves for Mangala. I am sick of her tantreums. Balikavadhu is going nowhere and running in circles.

    1. haa haa ..very true

  5. Aanandi character is shown funny why couldn’t tell shivam before that Nimboli is nandani Anandani has no expression SE looks like puppet

  6. There is no logic in the story, only manipulations as per whims of producer. Anandi is shown as very intelligent persons who has solution for every thing. On the other hand she is shown as a dumb fool who doesn’t know what to do in any situation. Previously Mangla was shown as a very loving, caring and nice person. All of a sudden she has become villain and manipulative lady like the producer of this serial

  7. star plus has beted you by telecasting all the episodes on all 7 days.

  8. Anandi don’t behave like life less person. Writers if you remember her chidhood Anandi is full of life,confident n talanted. Shiv is attracted towards because of her talent to solve problems with less efforts. Anandi where is your talent come forward n get your Nandini back. Give a life time lesson to Mangla.

  9. Gosh!!! Ridiculous serial it has become.Full of nonsense.They have been showing the precap of ‘Dadisaa telling shivam about the truth of Nimboli’ since two days. And I eagerly waited to see that today, but didn’t show that today as well. I think the makers love to irritate the audiences.

    1. Siri, that will be on Friday. See my pre-caps.

  10. This is the reason why I don’t watch the serial and just read the written update!!

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