Balika Vadhu 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jagya telling Dadisaa about the tension in the near by village as the water is stopped there. He asks Ganga to handle the hospital. Ganga gets worried for house work. Dadisaa says she will handle it with Gehna. Jagya and Ganga leaves for their respective works. Gehna asks what is the matter? Dadisaa says she couldn’t sleep entire night. Don’t know why it is like that. She calls Anandi and is informed about Nandini. Anandi tells her everything about Nandini. She gets shocked. Dadisaa asks her not to lose strength as Nandini will be found soon. Anandi asks her to pray for her. Dadisaa asks her not to worry and says Devimaa will hear my prayers. She asks her to have patience. She calls Jagya and informs him about Nandini’s kidnapping. Jagya says he will call

commissioner. He calls Commissioner and asks him to do the needful. Ganga is troubled too and prays for Anandi and Nandini. Anandi asks Amol to have food. Everyone is teary eyed about Nandini.

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Daddu, Alok and Khazan ji come back empty handed without Nandini. Anandi is tearful and goes to the kitchen. She brings water. Everyone look at her. Amol says he is going to school and asks her not to get sad. She hugs him and nods yes. He leaves. Anandi says she will bring tea for everyone. Meenu and Ira refuse to bring tea. New Collector Vinay comes and says we will try to search Nandini. Even Jagya called commissioner. Anandi asks did they get any info about Nandini. Ira is angry with Anandi. Vinay says he will search her. Ira tells Anandi that she will never forgive her if something happens to Nandini. Anandi goes to her room cryingly. She comes to her son Shivam and says you might know where is your sister. She asks him to call his sister. She says she is repenting for her mistake. She will never be careless. She gets a call from Jagya. He tells her that he came to know about Nandini. She says she doesn’t know where to find her. He assures that she will be with her soon. Anandi says Vinay told that you helped us. She asks him to get a shelter and work for Sarita and her daughter. Jagya says ok, I will do something and inform you. Anandi thanks him.

Ganga says she is going home. A patient is brought to the hospital by their parents. They request Lal Singh to save their son. Ganga asks them to sit. Ganga asks him, can you operate today. Lal singh says he have to, as their is no other option. He starts operating, but then feels weakness and suffocating. He is about to fall down, but Ganga makes him sit on the chair. She calls the receptionist and asks her to call Jagya. She calls him, but the number comes as disconnected. Ganga asks her to call him again. She asks her to send the laptop as she will be doing the appendix operation. She prays to God before operating. She starts the operation. After a while, operation ends. Ganga comes out and tells about the operation. Jagya comes and goes to check the patient. Anandi asks Sarita to call her after reaching Jaitsar.

Sarita thanks her and leaves. Anandi gets Inspector’s call. He tells that they couldn’t find anything about Sarita’s inlaws. Anandi gets angry at him. She worries for her daughter. Inspector says they are doing their duty. Meenu asks why you are angry at him. She didn’t get missing because of him. She got lost because of you. She scolds Anandi too. Daddu is angry at Meenu. Daddu goes to drop Amol to school. Khazan ji tells Anandi that you did a mistake, but I also know that you are pained very much. Anandi says she is getting mad thinking she couldn’t protect her own daughter. She says she can’t control her tears and can understand the family’s stress. Khazan ji asks her to have faith on God and everything will be fine.

Niranjan shows the letter and says he got a letter from banaras university. He have to join soon. Nandu says he won’t leave his family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Even mbbs r nt allowed to operate. Nurse ko to operation krte mt dikhao

    1. who d hell said u mbbs people cant do a surgery.. frst knw properly and speak madam…

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