Balika Vadhu 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi getting ready to go with Mangla and Nimboli to Jhalra. Mangla tells that Anandi will come. Anandi comes and tells her that Shivam is unwell and that’s why she has to stay with him. Nimboli asks Shivam to rest and says why did you come down. Shivam says I thought mom would go and that’s why came with her. Dadisaa asks Mangla to came back after Urmila’s goad bharayi. Mangla says sure. Dadisaa asks her to give gifts to Urmila which is kept in car. Nimboli laughs and says she will give. Nimboli hugs Anandi. Mangla looks at Shivam and smirks. Shivam thinks your idea has worked. A fb is shown, Mangka comes to Shivam and says we will be back soon. She gives him idea to shout, scream and act to have stomach ache….Shivam wipes his tears. FB ends. Shivam and Mangla look

at each other. Shivam smiles looking at her. Nimboli thanks Dadisaa. Mangla asks Nimboli to come with her and they leave. Shivam smiles. Dadisaa and Anandi get tensed.

Harki asks Kundan where he is going? Kundan refuses to tell her anything. Just then Mangla and Nimboli come in the big car. Harki and Kundan are upset to see them. Kamli comes out and greets them. Nimboli rushes to her and hugs her. She asks about Pushkar and Chagani. Kamli says Chagani went to her village. Urmila comes. Nimboli hugs her. Mangla blesses her. Nimboli folds her hand and greets Harki calling her Maasaa. Harki ignores her and asks Kundan to come back soon.

Kamli asks them to come. Harki prays that Akhiraj comes soon. Nimboli greets Pushkar and says Dadisaa sent many gifts for them. Kamli asks her to take rest and have water first. Shivam is going out. Anandi asks about his stomach pain. Shivam says he is fine and goes to play with his friend. Anandi tells Dadisaa that Shivam feigned to be having stomach pain, as even Ganga couldn’t diagnosed anything. Dadisaa says we can’t blame him, and says he might be worried as you gave extra time to Nimboli. Anandi says Nimboli is equally important to her also. Dadisaa asks her to take care of both kids. Anandi says she can’t tell Shivam about Nimboli being his sister. She wonders when will I tell truth to her. Dadisaa asks her to let Nimboli come back from Jhalra and then tell them truth. Anandi hopes so.

Nimboli comes to her room and says my bed, room etc is all same. Kundan says but you have changed. He comes near her and holds her hand. Kundan asks her to take out her knife and twists her hand angrily. Mangla holds his hairs and keeps knife on his neck. She threatens to kill him. Harki comes and asks what she is doing? Mangla says I will tell everyone that he tried to kill me in the juvenile home. Kundan and Harki gets tensed. Anandi comes to Nimboli’s room and misses Nimboli. She prays to God that her daughter returns home safely. Later in night, Kundan thinks about Akhiraj and says he will do his work which he couldn’t do. He takes out a pistol.

Kundan comes to Nimboli’s room to kill her. Akhiraj and Badri act to fight in jai and get injured. Jailer takes them to hospital. Jagya informs Anandi that akhiraj and badri eloped from jail.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. first don’t disturb good name of balika vadhu. mangla act as a sleeper agent, coming days she become main villain if she not die??
    please wakeup anandi save your daughter from mangla, akhiraj and kundan.

  2. I think Anandhi is a fool for not dicsclosing the truth to Nimboli. Dadisaa’s intelligence cannot convine Anandhi that Mangala is doing something wrong. Asli maza tab aayegi jab Mangala’s true intentions are found out or Nimboli geeting to know the truth. The choice is only in Anandhi’s hands. No one else can be trusted.

  3. anandi is such a fool women she is doing nothing but looks like a statue but we want her smartness nd plz show urself as an intelligent women and fight against odd circumstances..plz change current track

  4. I the past couple of episodes, Anandi is just a spectator, doing nothing or saying nothing. How stupid can Anandi can get…sending her daughter with a women (Mangla) who once stole her daughter and ran away.

    And Nimboli…she is so talkative in the previous episodes that she unintentionally gave lot of information which has put herself into trouble. Why is she acting differently in her mom’s situation.

    Nothing but just a stupid dragging for nothing. Director’s please use some common sense.

  5. Also Anandi knows Kundan is out of jail and is living in the same house. Anandi knows he is the one who tried to rape her daughter and almost killed her. What are Anandi’s priorities…safety of her child or this stupid sentiment.

    Please stop this non-sense…be practical.



  7. today mangla saves nimboli by kundan but we don’t feel postive attitude in her

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