Balika Vadhu 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhiraj Singh opening the door. Everyone sees Kamli lying unconscious on the floor after being beaten up mercilessly by her Akhiraj Singh. Everyone gets teary eyed. Akhiraj Singh says she is still alive. Harki looks painful. Akhiraj asks Kundan to bring lock. Disa says Kamli is injured. Akhiraj Singh says she is his daughter so he will decide. He says she will be locked in this room, until she gets married. He locks the room and tells everyone that this room will not be open till the marriage day. Harki cries. Disa, Chagani and Nimboli cries.

Harki comes to Akhiraj Singh. Kundan talks to him. He calls Nimboli and asks to bring tea. Akhiraj is thinking something. Harki gives tea to Akhiraj and asks him to drink. Nimboli brings tea for Kundan. Akhiraj blames Harki for

giving liberty to Kamli. Harki says may be she is not wrong. You might have misunderstood her. She says she is telling truth. Kundan says I have seen her with that guy. Akhiraj Singh says I have full faith on my son than on your daughter. He says she doesn’t like any guy of my choice. Kundan tries to interfere. Nimboli warns him and says she will complain to Akhiraj against him. Kundan threatens to cut her hairs and says Akhiraj will never believe her. Nimboli tries to say, but Kundan stops her and asks to bring hot tea. Akhiraj asks Nimboli to bring hot tea. Nimboli says but. Kundan pushes her. Nimboli takes tea and leaves.

Akhiraj says these girls made our life hell. Harki says she will keep an eye on Kamli. Akhiraj blames Harki and says he won’t be at peace until she gets married. Disa hears that and is shocked.

Ganga gives tea to Jagya. Jagya is searching for his handkerchief. Ganga gives him hand kerchief and says thanks. Jagya drinks tea. Ganga says she is thanking him for yesterday’s gesture. Jagya says he did what he is supposed to do. Ganga says you was worried about me that’s why didn’t wake me up. Jagya gives the envelope to Mannu and says it is college application form. Mannu gets happy and thanks him. Ganga asks what is this? Jagya says Mannu wanted to study in Mumbai, so I got the prospectus. Ganga says why? We have good college here also. Jagya asks her to let Mannu decide. Ganga nods. Jagya asks for breakfast.

Mannu thinks he wanted to study in Mumbai, but he doesn’t want to go far from his love Pooja. He thinks can I stay far from her. Disa asks Nimboli about Akhiraj and Harki. She says they are busy. Disa asks her to bring water. She tries to unlock the door, but Akhiraj comes and holds her hand. Nimboli keeps water glass and gets scared. Akhiraj asks how dare you to go against my order. Disa asks him to leave her hand. Akhiraj looks on. Disa says she needs clothes from the room. Akhiraj says he won’t believe anyone. He asks her to give keys. Akhiraj unlocks the door and gets in. Disa and Nimboli see Kamli sleeping. Akhiraj brings the clothes and asks if this is yours. Disa nods no. Kundan comes and tells Akhiraj that Harki is calling him. Akhiraj goes asking Disa to take her clothes. Disa asks Nimboli to bring water. She calls Kamli and tries to wake her up. She removes the blanket and sees bruises on her body. She feels pain for her.

Disa says she will apply haldi on her wounds. Kamli says no. She says let it be seen on my body. She says her inlaws shall know. Nimboli cries. Kamli says she is in pain and refuses to marry. She says this marriage will stop if I die. Disa asks her to drink water. Kamli asks her to say something. Disa cries. They hear Akhiraj calling Harki.

Nimboli comes to Gopal’s shop and tells that Kamli is not well. She gives Kamli’s letter. Kundan, Akhiraj and Harki come to the same place. Nimboli hears their voice and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why don’t they end this show instead of showing shit

  2. I think nw it is a bit interesting because of gracy and sparsh… But it is boring whn u show again and again… Kundan is going near nimboli and nimboli is saved… Nw everyone knw Tht nimboli will save herself…

  3. Don’t sperate nimboli and kundan plzzz…

  4. This episode had started in 2008
    And its so long and dragging
    And its getting boring

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