Balika Vadhu 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli telling everyone that Mangla made her meet this Kanta and told her that she is her real mum. Kamli says this is not true, and asks Mangla to say truth. Nimboli tells Mangla you have made me meet her in Jaitsar and introduced her as my mum. She asks her to tell who is her real mum? Mangla says everyone is lying and says we will go from here, asks her to come holding her hand. Anandi slaps Mangla shocking Nimboli. Anandi asks her to tell the truth now to everyone. Nimboli shouts at Anandi and asks her why she have raised her hand on her mum. She asks Mangla to say who is her real mum? Everyone looks on.

Dadisaa goes towards Nimboli and asks her to ask her heart. She says your mum searched for you everywhere, and when she got you, she couldn’t call you daughter.

She says your chokhi chudail is your real mum, who have given birth to you. Nimboli is teary eyed. Mangla is angry. Choti Si Umar song plays………………..Nimboli looks at Anandi with teary eyes. Nimboli says you are my Maa…..Chokhi Chudail….my maa. Anandi caresses her face and says I am your mum. Nimboli says this is not truth. Anandi says this is truth, I don’t want to tell you like this, but I don’t have any other way. Nimboli’s fake mum says Anandi is right and she is her real mum and not me.

Kamli tells Nimboli that she also knows that her real mum is Anandi. Dr. Anant says when I told me that you met your mum. I understood that Mangla have betrayed Anandi and you. Jagya tells Nimboli that Mangla was aware of the truth and lied to her. The fake mum tells her Mangla met her in the hospital and took advantage of her helplessness. She says Mangla asked me to scold Nimboli and hurt her feelings so that Nimboli hates her mum. She says I had sold one of the bangle which Mangla had given for my husband’s treatment, and when I went to sell other bangle, goldsmith asked me to come after sometime and paid me 20000 Rs. Dadisaa tells that goldsmith knew that the bangle belonged to me. She says goldsmith came to me and told everything. They wait in the goldsmith shop for the fake mum/Kanta to come. They question her and she tells all Mangla’s doings. Dr Anant says so you are the one who acted as her mum. Dadisaa asks her about the other bangle. Kanta says she had sold it in Mumbai for her husband’s treatment. She apologizes. Anant asks Kanta to bring out Mangla’s truth. Dadisaa tells Mangla that she haven’t given these bangles to her daughter in laws, but given to her. She says you have misused it and made Nimboli hate her real mum. Kanta says since the time I have lied, my soul curses me. She asks Mangla to accept her crime.

Dadisaa says you thought of Nimboli as your daughter and lied to her again and again. She shows both the necklaces, and says you had hidden it so that we scold Nimboli and she gets hurt. Anandi says you asked Shivam to act ill so that I couldn’t go with Nimboli and attend Urmila’s goad bharayi. Kamli is shocked. She says you said that Jaitsar people dislikes Nimboli, shouts at her, and also differentiates between Shivam and Nimboli. Nimboli says this is not true. Nobody have shouted or scold me. Kamli asks Mangla why did she lie and says I never thought that I will see this face of yours. Dadisaa tells Harki, you told Nimboli that you got her in the trash bin. Harki says we didn’t like her and that’s why lied to her and blames Mangla for Nimboli’s hatredness for her mum. Nimboli feels disgusted.

Anandi tells Mangla that she knows that she has yearned for her daughter since 12 years and asks why did she lie? Mangla says she has taken care of Nimboli since years and will not share her daughter with anyone else. Anandi and Nimboli are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wow…what an episode

  2. Finally after so much dragging the truth is out. I hope Akhiraj kills Mangla. Then he can die as well

    1. Don’t kill her this soon. Let her suffer a little. And what do you mean by he CAN die as are talking like old grandparents talks about their grandchildren marriage.. Lol
      Just kidding

  3. finally………………………oops

  4. Thanks 4 fast update

  5. Finally…… Truth is out. Hope nimboli accepts anandi. Akhiraj have to kill mangla and die. Anandi should not marry anant. Show must end happily on union of anandi and nandini.

  6. Today’s episode –
    Nimboli finds out that Anandi is her mother when Kanta reveals that she has been told to act like her mother. Anandi and others in the family confronts Mangla and asks her to tell the truth.

  7. Sept 28th, 2015 – This is when Anandi comes to Jhalra to take Nandini back just when Akhiraj was about to be arrested and jailed. But Mangla runs away taking Nimboli with her.

    Oct 10th, 2015 – This is when Anandi gets hold of Mangla and Nimboli (after chasing them for almost 2 weeks) in temple. This is when Mangla plays her trick on Anandi and says not to tell her the truth that she is her real Mom.

    Mar 22nd, 2016 – Truth is revealed and Anandi, Nandini re-united.

    How long did it took to reveal the truth…do the math. 🙂

  8. Shobha garrett

    Amazing. I am so happy with reading these updates. About time. Maybe now Amol will come home.

  9. Please extend with new story line..bind up current line with akhiraj dDeath… according to some articles next villain will be kundan he is very crual,rude,

  10. love dis plz dont bring out a new episode ..that all dis is anandis dream

    1. I don’t think that will happen…

  11. We waited for so many episodes to watch this. So much negative episodes. Now we want to watch some happy happy episodes:)

  12. I am glad that today’s and yesterday’s episodes are good. There wasn’t much of drama (there is little bit of it, but bearable). If the writers can maintain this type of “creating interest” (that means they should have some real story), they should continue. Otherwise they should respect viewers views and end this. In the past 6 months, whopping 99% views were negative.

    I am hearing conflicting news about “BV is going end/continue”. I really don’t care, but please, continue only if you have some real story to tell.

    1. sarayu (honey)

      may be the upcoming track will be anandhi’s marriage with anant.

  13. Finally.. took more dan 1.5yrs for Anandi to get her daughter and her love

  14. Oscum episode I love dis episode….waiting for nandini to accept anandi as her maa and call her maa… the way I am from India shiv and I knw ur from us ? as I read ur comments

  15. I hate Mangala.

    1. I don’t hate her, though she did terrible things. I feel more sad for her than anything. Her husband was killed, she spent most of her adult life with his killer, and Nimboli was her one source of true joy. People do crazy things to not lose the things that give their life meaning and brightness. I just hope she finally admits that what she did was wrong.

  16. Nice to see this episode after long time, I hope there should be some happy episodes between anandi and her family.

  17. And what about daddu’s family will they come back or not?

    1. sarayu (honey)

      they won’t come back

      1. good and straight forward answer. I like it 🙂

        Even if they come back, they won’t come back as a family. They might come back individually, depending upon their individual availability, money and lack of story from BV writers to drag the serial longer.

    2. I wish so much that they would come back. It could make the story so much sweeter, or at least give it some additional dimension.

  18. Todays episode was epic !!

  19. Aree wah.. aaj akhirkaar Gracy ke awaaz me record ki hui ek saal purana ganna aaj sunne ko mila…. nice…. I had thought d director forgot the recording… ek saal purani baat ko kaun yaad rakhta hai?? Ya toh director n writer sahebs durdarshi hain is liye ganna record karayi aur beech me khargosh ki tarah thakke so gaye… neend tab khuli jab viewers ne serial bandh karne ki awaaz lagai… hahahaha

    1. It was recorded 6 months back in sept 2015.

  20. Mr Shiv u have become a celebrity over here.. when u get back to India with your family a RED CARPET WILL BE DER TO WELCOME U..

    1. Happy to see you dolana, we just missed you here. Everybody is a celebrity in their own way, you too, is big celebrity. What city are you located?

      1. I dont think anyone missed me… 😛 Basically I belong to many placed but right now I m permanently from sapno ki nagri mumbai….. no plans to go to US… lol

      2. Hi shiv… I dont think anybody missed me here… aap avai phekte ho… basically I belong to many places but permanently I m from sapno ki mayanagri…. MUMBAI… N hv no plan to visit US… LOL

  21. Rating of biggest dragging serials in Indian Television Currently……
    1. Sasural Simar ka
    2. Sathiya Sath Nibhana
    3. Satrangi Sasural
    4. Thapki Pyar ki
    5. Piya Rangarez
    6. Kalash
    7. Balika Vadhu
    8. Swaragini
    9. Ishq ka raang safed

    1. I stand corrected ….
      7. Kumkum bhagya
      8. Ballika vadhu
      9. Ishq ka Raang Safed
      10. Swaragini

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Yes yaar but I heard that this show gonna end and new show staring Vivian and Rubina is the lead and it is produced by rashmi sharma telefilms?

  22. Rating of most dragged serials which are offair…
    1. Kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi
    2. Kahani ghar ghar ki
    3. Kasauti jindagi ki
    4. Kusum
    5. Kubool hai
    6. Kasham se
    7. Pavitra Rishta
    8. Utraan
    9. Meri Ashiqui tumse hai
    10. Shastri sisters

  23. I feel that last 2 episodes are mangla’s dream. Although I expect myself to be wrong for thinking like this. Things aaare going so fast that it is hard to believe all this.

    1. Dream sequence don’t extend upto 2 episodes. They are hardly for 10 minutes.

      1. I agree with you and hope it’s not a dream. Actually it’s hard to believe that the serial will show positive things so soon.

    2. This is what is going happen when the serial are dragged beyond certain limit. VIEWERS MIND GOES INTO COMPLETE DENIAL MODE and doesn’t want to accept the reality even when its really happening. 🙂

      Why says ‘India is intolerant’? We are so so so tolerating that we don’t even know that. 🙂

  24. poor mangla, self decisions and own mistakes leads to this ubnormal situation to mangla.
    i’m not supposed with respect to anandi, and nandini…but mangla cares and protects nimboli as well as cheated tooo, finally mangla role will be partially ended with today, becomes mad

    1. Yes. Agreed ! I wish her character was positive. But, Kamli was the 1st person who provoked her to run away.
      Mangla has done a lot for Nandini. If she hadn’t been there then, Nandini wouldn’t have been alive.

  25. Shobha garrett

    I really really enjoyed the last two episodes of Balika Vadhu. Fantastic. Please don’t let this show end

  26. i agree kalika

  27. Mangala is so kind towards Nimboli just like Anandi and as viewers we’d be really disappointed if Nimboli is separated from Mangala and goes to Anandi, as both are good mums. That’s why the production team has decided to portray Mangala as a little selfish and bad and then unite Anandi and Nandini, so that as viewers we don’t feel bad for Mangala.

  28. this show end or leap karne ke liye anandi and nandini ko unite karti hi

  29. please fast update

  30. I feel the writers might extend it more .. Nimboli might decide to stay with mangla as she loves her like her mom…i wish that wouldnt happen though.. Have been waiting for a year almost to see them united..

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