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Balika Vadhu 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Urmila getting happy seeing her father Khetram coming home. She tells that she is very happy here. Khetram says he brought TV for her. Harki asks her to make her Bapusaa eat something and asks Nimboli to go. Urmila says she will bring something. Khetram sits down and tells that he is happy to see his daughter happy. He praises Akhiraj for fulfilling the promise and says I have decided to tell you name of person informing about Nimboli and Kundan’s marriage. He says I came to know about her name and number. Disa gets shocked. Akhiraj asks who is she? Khetram says her phone number is saved in your phone with her name. Disa is shocked. Khetram says her name is Kamli. Akhiraj and Harki are shocked. He asks who is this Kamli? Nimboli brings tea. Disa stops her from going there.

Akhiraj tells that Kamli is their far relative. Khetram says he just now talked to her. Akhiraj gets up and says he have to go now itself. Khetram says he will go now, and tells that he will take Urmi later for pagphera ritual. Akhiraj shouts and asks Kundan to take out car. He takes his sword. Disa and Harki try to stop him, but in vain.

Kamli tells her mum in law that Khetram called on Landline phone and gets tensed. Pushkar asks why my wife is worried? His mum asks him not to worry, just then Akhiraj comes there holding sword in his hand, shouting for Kamli. Pushkar’s mum asks Kamli to go inside, and asks Pushkar to take her inside. Akhiraj asks Kundan to hold Kamli and takes out his sword. Pushkar’s mum in law stops him from killing Kamli. Akhiraj says Kamli has to die today with my hand. Pushkar’s mum reminds him that Kamli is his old blood. Akhiraj says he got me insulted in society. He says this Dayan didn’t leave her brother and tries to cancel his wedding. I have promised to kill the woman who told Khetram about Nimboli. He says she will not be able to escape today. Pushkar holds Kamli’s hand and says let’s run. Akhiraj asks Kundan to catch her. Pushkar’s mum calls her husband Jatashankar. Pushkar goes to the terrace. Kundan follows them. They see Akhiraj standing infront of them, holding sword to kill Kamli. Pushkar gets scared. He asks him to leave Kamli and not kill her. He cries. Kamli recalls Gopal pleading infront of Akhiraj to leave them. Kamli gets teary eyed as she recalls Akhiraj killing Gopal by throwing sword on his back. Pushkar cries again and pleads him to leave Kamli. Akhiraj asks him to leave from his way.

Kamli asks Pushkar to move and sits down on Akhiraj’s feet asking him to kill her today. She says until I am alive, I will expose you for your crimes. Pushkar covers her up and pleads him to leave her. Akhiraj asks Pushkar to move and tries to kill Kamli with his sword. Just then he gets shocked seeing Jatashankar pointing gun on his head. He says if you try to do anything then I will kill you. This is my home. Pushkar’s mum reaches there. He says Kamli is my son’s wife and our respect. Akhiraj says she became your everything in just 4 days, and I being her father don’t have any right on her. Jatashankar says which right you are talking about? You left her after her bidaai, saying that you don’t want to see her face. He asks did you come to see her before, and now came to end her life. Akhiraj says he will kill her anyhow today. Pushkar cries.

Akhiraj tries to attack her again, but Jatashankar says if anything happens to my daughter then you will lose your son. Akhiraj gets shocked seeing Jatashankar keeping gun on Kundan’s head. Akhiraj gets shocked. Jatashankar asks Akhiraj not to provoke him to break rule and asks him to go home. Akhiraj gets tensed seeing Jatashankar keeping gun on Kundan’s head and leaves with him. Pushkar cries and hugs Kamli. Jatashankar assures Kamli that he is her dad from now on and asks her not to worry. Kamli touches his feet and cries happily. Pushkar’s mum hugs her and asks not to cry. Nimboli thinks what did Kamli jiji do, so that Akhiraj took the sword with him to kill her. Akhiraj comes home angrily and tells Harki that Kamli is saved this time too. He says Jatashankar saved her. Harki goes after her. Nimboli thanks the God.

Nimboli hears TV’s sound coming from Urmila’s room. She comes to Urmila’s room and requests to see TV by sitting in corner. Urmila refuses to let her watch TV. Nimboli requests Kundan. He looks at Urmila and asks Nimboli to watch tomorrow. Urmila says she will never let her watch TV and asks her to leave. Nimboli sadly leaves. Urmila closes the door.

Nimboli comes to Disa and is teary eyed. Disa asks what happened? Nimboli tells her that Urmila threw her out of the house and didn’t let her watch TV. She says she wanted to see TV. Disa says it is a small issue and says she will tell her stories. Nimboli says she will not have fun by hearing stories. Disa makes her rest on her shoulder and tells the story about a King and his Queen. Nimboli asks her to continue telling the story, and she will imagine with her heart. Disa tells her story.

Akhiraj talks to Jagya and insists to meet him. Jagya asks him to call tomorrow. He talks to Anandi and informs her. Anandi says she will come. Later in the morning, Jagya asks Anandi to sit in his cabin and he leaves. Akhiraj comes inside the cabin. It seems Anandi turned and saw him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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