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Balika Vadhu 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the Basant jumping from his jeep to save Dadisaa. He pushes Dadisaa from the lorry’s way and gets crushed under the wheels. Dadisaa gets shocked and asks the villagers to call Jagdish. Basant tells her that his time has come and says he just wants to lie on her lap. Dadisaa asks him not to speak. Basant asks her to listen to him carefully and says everything should be same as before. Nothing should be changed. Everyone should be happy. Kids should be happily playing else my soul will be…….He asks her to remember that he loves her……..He closes his eyes shocking Dadisaa. Dadisaa cries. She rushes him to the hospital. Jagya takes him to the OT. Ganga assures Dadisaa that everything will be fine. Dadisaa awaits outside the operation table and prays to


Jagya comes out from the OT with tears in his eyes as he proceeds towards Dadisaa. Dadisaa cries. Jagya keeps his hand on her shoulder. Dadisaa asks, what happened? Why you are crying? She says, my son is fine. Jagya tells her that tausa left them. He died on the accident spot. Dadisaa cries with Jagya. She couldn’t believe her ears and says have you gone mad. Basant is my elder son. He can’t go leaving me. She rushes inside the operation theatre and sees him dead. Ganga is standing sadly. Dadisaa asks him to wake up and come home. She tells him that Gehna cooked food for his fast and tries to wake him. She cries while caressing his face. Ganga hugs Jagya and cries. Jagya consoles her. Dadisaa cries.

Gehna checks the khichdi and adds chilli. She then tastes it and smiles saying she can’t praise herself. She waits for her husband to come and have the food. She looks at the watch and thinks where is he? She calls on his number and it comes as unreachable. She gets tensed. Then thinks to serve the dinner until he comes. She hears the jeep’s voice and sees the ward boys’ bringing the dead body inside the house, followed by Dadisaa, Jagya and Ganga. She gets shell shocked to see Basant’s face. She asks Jagya, what is this? Jagya tells her that Tausa left them. Gehna asks, have you gone mad? She asks Dadisaa to speak up. Dadisaa sits like a stone. Gehna asks Ganga to say and asks why you are joking with them. Ganga cries. She tries to wake up Basant and says she got scared. She says, if Nandu see you like this then…..She says, I made food for you.

She goes to bring Khichdi and shows it to the dead body of Basant. Jagya looks on while crying. She says, if you doesn’t eat it then I will eat it. She understands that he is dead and starts crying. She asks him to wake up and not to do this with her. She says, I have lost it. You can’t leave me and go. She cries miserably. Jagya and Ganga try to console her.

Nandu comes after playing cricket and gets shocked. Gehna cries aloud. Jagya tries to pacify Nandu. Nandu asks his father to wake up. Dadisaa still in shock.

Precap: Jagya calls Anandi and asks her to come fast. Anandi says, it means Tausa brought special sweets for me. Jagya informs her about Tausa’s death. Anandi gets shocked and drops the plate from her hand. Everyone rush to her. Shiv takes the call. Jagya informs him that Tausa left them. Shiv gets shocked too. He says, we are reaching there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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