Balika Vadhu 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya asking Anandi to stop the car, and says Akhiraj asked us to come this place. He asks them to come. They see goons coming and pointing gun at them. Akhiraj comes. Anandi covers Nimboli and Mangla. Akhiraj looks at him. He says you are a coward MLA, and that’s why brought everyone. Jagya asks where is Ganga. Akhiraj calls Badri. Badri brings Ganga. Jagya, Anandi, Mangla and Nimboli see Ganga. Akhiraj asks Badri to take her here. Ganga asks Jagya to leave from there. Akhiraj says shut up and beats her up. Jagya and Anandi are in pain. Jagya gets angry and shouts Akhiraj Singh.

Harki is still in the temple with Kundan and prays for Akhiraj safety and success. Nimboli cries. Akhiraj asks everyone to walk towards him. Jagya asks him to send Ganga. He asks Anandi to walk slowly and keep Mangla and Nimboli behind him. Anandi nods. They start walking slowly. Akhiraj pushes Ganga to go. Just as Ganga and Jagya are about to meet, Akhiraj looks at badri and takes out the gun. Badri also points gun at them.

Just then Nimboli falls down in the sand. Anandi and Mangla run after her. Jagya hugs Ganga and lie down. He says attack. The secret military who was hidden in the sand attack Akhiraj and his goons. Akhiraj says betrayal and asks his men to kill everyone. Jagya takes Ganga to safety place. Anandi and Mangla ask Nimboli if she is fine? Akhiraj targets pistol on them but the bullet hit the sand. Jagya shoots at him and the pistol falls form his hands. Akhiraj tries to escape and runs. Badri is caught by the military.

Akhiraj sees a camel and sits on it. He rides on the camel. Jagya takes another camel and says I will not leave you Akhiraj. Akhiraj gets tensed. The military team come to Ganga, Anandi and Mangla and say that their team went following Jagya. Jagya gets hold of Akhiraj and says you have to repent today for your sins. Akhiraj throws sand in his eyes and run in the desert. Jagya runs and holds him again. He beats him up. Akhiraj attacks him repeatedly with knife. Jagya holds his hand when he was about to stab him. He falls down in the sand. Akhiraj looks on.

Jagya shoots at Akhiraj. Akhiraj falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks a million times you finally ended this evil man,Akhiraj! ❤️

  2. Oh oh oh at last. Evil does not win after roll. Writer well done. I love this track now. Can’t wait for nex epi.

  3. Am in SHOCK…. Whether it really happened
    or just was precap ???????
    Or some one’s Dream?????
    Or just fake trailer…????

  4. great rescue…
    great work…
    hope well we will see nandini instead of nimboli..
    if mangla changing attitude turns storyline happy otherwise we will see stupid sentiment

  5. Wow very good episode after a long time precap is good Jagya shooting akhiraj eagerly waiting for next episode.plz plz unite Anandi n Nandini soon.

  6. Jagya shoots akhiraj falldown this is a dream of dadisaa.actual thing happened is jagya shoots akhiraj bullet touches akhiraj it took reverse gear and shoots all badi haveli people except nimboli,anandi,mangla.anandi tells atleast should i tell who is real mom.but mangla told we will inform feb 30th anamdi said ok.

    1. 😀 😀 😀

    2. 😀 :D: 😀

  7. Directors made fool out of Dadisa, Jagya , Anandhi , Who were earlier wise and brave ..seeing Mangla outsmarting Anandhi and Dadisa is absurd..huge fan of BV for years..but now a days written update once in a enough to keep up with serial..I wish to see Anandhi &Nandhini Union..then Alvidha BV with good note:)

  8. Without realizing akhiraj singh will die??
    if he dies, his son becomes villain to the badehaveli people harki encourages too.. is it realistic??
    how many years badehavli people, anandi fight against this evil family..
    from childhood onwords anandi struggled much, she lost shiva, akhiraj kidnapped nandini..
    mangla don’t know anandi goodness if knows, mangla blindly plays stupid games about nimboli..”””viewers has no patience if mangla role exist in balika vadhu for long time”” please put mangla role aside/end it…

  9. Without realizing akhiraj will die??
    if akhiraj dies, the next villain becomes kundan, harki encourages it realistic??
    how many years badheveli people, anandi fight against this evil family..
    childhood onwords anandi struggled much, she lost shiva, akhiraj kidnapped nandini.
    mangla never think about anandi kindness, she silently play games with nimboli and outside, please put mangla role aside/end it. make unite nandini with anandi…
    shiva family leave anandi solo and went singapore, they are never talk & search about nandini still this many episodes is practical in real time???
    introduce again amol, shiva family they are exists!! and NEW ROLES

  10. Akhiraj is shot, but not dead. Don’t get your hopes guys. Directors can drag this as long as they want. Even if he dies, as gk said, Kundan will be next villain for badihavali people. And the same story continues.

    If you think about this, they are dragging this since October without any meaningful story line. So I think, this episode might be entertaining, don’t get too excited about it. They are still capable of dragging…


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