Balika Vadhu 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli thinking about Anandi and Dadisaa. Mangla asks you didn’t sleep yet and asks her to sleep. Nimboli says I will sleep and talks about Anandi’s sayings. Mangla gets irked and sleeps. Nimboli thinks about Anandi and Dadisaa, and thinks to call them. She takes Mangla’s mobile and calls Dadisaa. Dadisaa picks the call and asks who is this? Nimboli says your Nimboli and asks if she is sleeping? Dadisaa jokes that she is talking in sleep. Nimboli asks about Anandi and others. Dadisaa asks her to come back home. Mangla gets up and disconnects the call. Nimboli asks why did she cut the call. Mangla tells her that she will send her back to haveli and gets angry. Nimboli refuses and sleeps. Mangla switches off the phone. Dadisaa tries calling her, but the phone

is switched off. She gets tensed.

In the morning, Kamli wakes up and sees Pushkar sleeping beside her. She recalls the consummation and is quite tensed. She looks at herself in the mirror and cries. Pushkar wakes up and comes to her calling her name. Kamli is shocked to see him and runs outside the room. She washes her face. Pushkar finds her behavior strange and asks why she is washing face again and again. Kamli gets angry on him. Pushkar finds her behavior strange and wonders what wrong did he do? Mangla sees Kamli crying and thinks what happened? Mangla comes to Kamli and asks what happened? She asks why you was angry on Pushkar? She says she is happy seeing improvement in Pushkar. Kamli cries. Mangla asks why you are crying and asks her to share her heart talk. Kamli tells Disa that she have betrayed him. Mangla asks what you are saying? Kamli tells her that she and Pushkar have consummate their marriage, and says she has betrayed Gopal. Mangla explains to her that Gopal was her past and Pushkar is her future. She tells her that husband and wife’s relation is very sacred and asks her not to think of it as a mistake, and not blame Pushkar. Kamli nods.

Akhiraj continues to fool people and acts as priest/sadhvi baba. People gather to meet him. Deenu lets his devotees meet him and give the gifts. Villagers present him with gold ornaments, fruits etc. A woman looks at him very carefully. Akhiraj understands that she is suspecting him, and thinks she is Harki’s friend. He thinks he can’t run from here, and let’s see if her memory wins or my intelligence. Everyone say Mouni baba’s jai…..Akhiraj signs Deenu to call that woman (Harki’s friend). The woman steps forward. Akhiraj acts as priest and signs Deenu. Deenu says Mouni baba is saying that you are having pain in your leg. Woman says yes, I do have the pain. Akhiraj does magic and give her something to apply on her feet. The woman thanks Akhiraj and says I thought that you are somebody else, and thanks him. Akhiraj thinks he recalled at the last moment about her leg pain.

Anandi sees Nimboli’s photo and misses her. Just then she gets Nimboli’s call and asks how are you? Nimboli says she is missing everyone and that’s why called her. She asks her to come and stay with her in Jhalra. Anandi asks her to return. Just then the phone gets switched off. Anandi calls again. Mangla picks the call and says Nimboli have disconnected the call as Pampo came. She talks to her rudely, and says I don’t think Nimboli is ready to know the truth. She says she can’t stay without me. Anandi says when we will tell her truth. Mangla says she is trying and asks her not to come until she is ready, and disconnects the call. Anandi gets tensed.

Nimboli tells Mangla that she misses Jaitsar. Mangla says she will make her sit in the Jaitsar bus. Nimboli cries and tells something. Anandi shares with Dr. Anant that Mangla is not seeing her pain. Anant thinks to find out what is Mangla upto. Later a man gets a wine bottle while cleaning place under the tree. He shows it to Akhiraj and Deenu. They get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Same story again and again. If Mangala allows her to talk to Jaitsar people, Nimboli will be happy and will not ask too many questions. Nimboli dont have anyone to share her thoughts with and so she is talking to herself. Serves her right for being rude to BH people and clinging to Mangala.
    Now Kamli will become pregnant. And her tyroubles will increase.

  2. 02/22/2016 (2121)
    More show timings
    Nimboli speaks to Kalyani on the phone. Mangla gets angry and snatches the phone from her hands. A villager comes to Akheraj and looks at him suspiciously. But Akheraj manages to save himself.
    02/23/2016 (2122)
    Anandi is pained when Nimboli disconnects the call while speaking to her. Akheraj and Deenu are happy with the money they get from the villagers and decide to have a drink.
    02/24/2016 (2123)
    Shivam asks Anandi whether she is coming to his school for a drawing competition. Akheraj is frightened when the villagers look at him suspiciously and moves to a nearby temple.
    02/25/2016 (2124)
    Akheraj reaches the village in his disguised look and bumps into Kundan, but he fails to recognise him. Later, he meets Nimboli, but she gets suspicious when she hears his voice.
    02/26/2016 (2125)
    Kalyani and Anandi tell Shivam that Nimboli is in fact Nandini. Shivam apologises for misbehaving with her. Later, Harkhi goes to meet Akheraj. He tells her that her problems will be solved.

  3. At last, this week they reveal it to Shivam…directors are showing the sign that they might have dried up of all dragging ideas 🙂

  4. Director,please read the story you have written before picturising.
    Waste of your money and and waste of our time.

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