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Balika Vadhu 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli opening the door and finds Kamli, Pushkar and Urmila coming there. Everyone smile. Nimboli gets happy seeing them and hugs Kamli and Urmila. Mangla gets shocked and thinks why did Kamli come here suddenly. Jagya and Ganga smiles. Mangla thinks if Kamli comes to know about my lie then she will not let me do what I thought to do. Kamli tells Mangla that she came to Jaitsar for Urmila’s check up. She says Ganga checked her and said that we shall surprise you. Mangla asks Ganga about Urmila. Ganga says she is weak, but I will try to do her normal delivery. Kamli thanks Jagya for checking Pushkar and assuring that he will be alright. Jagya says he will be fine and asks her to have faith. Pushkar says you are very nice, and everyone here is nice. Kamli says we are lucky

to meet you all. Nimboli says yes and says my chokhi chudail is best among all. Dadisaa says what about me?Nimboli says everyone is good here. Dadisaa says no and says good is only you. Nimboli laughs and says really. Kamli looks at Mangla. She thinks of Mangla’s words that the family is ill treating Nimboli.

Mangla asks them to leave early and reach home. Kamli says yes, and says we came to meet you. Nimboli asks them to stay there for some more time. Pushkar asks when you will come to Jhalra. Nimboli asks Mangla, when they are going? Kamli invites them for Urmila’s goad bharayi ritual. Ganga says she will try to come. Dadisaa says they will come. Kamli thanks them and says they will leave. Anandi gets tensed. Nimboli comes back and tells Mangla that she wants to go to Jhalra. She says she has many people around her who loves her very much. Mangla asks her to do her school home work, and asks Anandi to tell. Anandi says the same thing. Nimboli goes. Mangla says I have apologize to Dadisaa and also want to apologize to you for talking bitterly. She says Nimboli wants to return to her house after meeting them and says she will handle her. Anandi nods in a yes.

Mangla brings milk for Shivam. Shivam says why did you bring milk for me. Shivam asks where is mumma? Mangla says she is busy with Nimboli, so I brought milk for you. Shivam goes angrily. Nimboli and Anandi are playing game. Shivam comes and asks her to come. Nimboli insists asking Anandi to wait. Shivam gets angry and ruin the game. He asks Anandi what is more important to her, his studies or this game. Mangla then comes down and says she will play with Nimboli. Anandi nods and goes. Mangla then instigates Nimboli against Anandi and says she will play with her. She smirks.

Anandi is chopping vegetable in the kitchen. Mangla comes. Anandi says I want to talk to you. Did Nimboli say anything about going to Jhalra. Mangla says no…and says may be she is missing Jhalra. Anandi suggests that they shall do Urmila’s goad bharayi at haveli, and fears that Kundan is here. Mangla says Urmila is weak and can’t be able to travel much. Anandi says don’t know what will happen? She says Nimboli and Shivam’s misunderstandings are widening. Mangla says let Nimboli go to Jhalra so that the differences gets vanish. Anandi asks her to stop Nimboli from going. Mangla says she will try. Nimboli packs her bags to go to Jhalra. Mangla says we are not going as your chokhi chudail doesn’t want you to go. She asks do you want to go?Nimboli smiles. Mangla smiles evilly and says we will go. Nimboli asks what we will tell Anandi. Mangla says I will handle everything. Nimboli hugs her.

Next morning, Mangla comes to Anandi and says Nimboli wants to go to Jhalra. Anandi says shall I try explaining to her. Mangla says no and says she might feel that you are forcing her to stay. Anandi asks what we shall do now? She says how can I send Nimboli there as Kundan is there. Anandi asks Mangla to send Nimboli on her trust. Anandi agrees. Mangla looks at her. Anandi says I will also come with you. Mangla gets shocked. She says I will give milk to Shivam and get ready. Mangla turns and sees Shivam hearing everything.

Kundan asks Harki where he is going?Kundan says I don’t want to tell you. Just then they see Nimboli coming with Mangla. Later in night, Kundan comes to room holding the pistol and targets Nimboli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nimboli wil die… Then mangla will get sense in her wicked brain….

  2. how mangla sprays poison on shivam mind, she is bad mannered, is it correct??
    anandi use some intelligence to solve your problems.

  3. Rotudu anandi….

  4. There is no sympathy for Mangla how can dadisa and not understand Mangla is shameless

  5. Dont encurage mangala type charecter in you serial. Her mentality is dangerous than akhiraj. Please stop . As on today your serial is best serial. Thete are no cunning mentalities in your serial.

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