Balika Vadhu 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nandini taking out bullet from Anandi’s body. She informs Anandi that the bullet is removed. Ganga tries to call Anandi, and thinks her phone is switched off. Someone brings phone and gives to Ganga saying it was fallen there. Ganga calls Jagya and asks if he find Anandi or kids. She gets worried and prays for them. Anandi looks at Shivam and Nandini and smiles. She calls Nandini and Shivam. She asks them to remember one thing, and says if this have not happened, then I would never know that my kids are so brave and can face difficult situation. She says just few hours more, tomorrow will be a new morning. She asks them not to forget this right and their strength. Nimboli says I will go and take help from the nearby village. Anandi says I can’t send you and says she is scared

to lose them. She says it is my duty to save you both from Akhiraj.

Akhiraj thinks where did Anandi and her kids hide, and asks his goons to come. Nandini asks Anandi and Shivam to have something. Anandi says I will make my kids have food with my hand today. She makes Nandini and Shivam have something. Nandini laughs. Just then they hear Akhiraj’s jeep coming. Anandi says we have to leave from here. Kundan says it is so dark here. Akhiraj asks him to look from his eyes. Anandi sets off the fire. Akhiraj says they must be hidden here. Kundan says it is a ghost house. Akhiraj says he can smell burning smell of wood and says they must be here. Anandi, Shivam and Nandini are hiding there. Kundan says nobody is here. Akhiraj looks at the pot and says they are hidden here only. Nimboli picks a stone and throws it far. Akhiraj and his men goes that way. Next morning, Anandi tries calling Jagya through PCO. Akhiraj comes there and asks them to stop. They come on the bridge. Just then they see Police jeep and gets relieved. Akhiraj is shocked. Anandi says Jagya…..

Just then Police jeep stops and Minister and his goons step down. Akhiraj and Kundan smirks happily. Akhiraj says you ran fast, and asks until when you will run away from me. He says just your life is between you and me, which is going to end. He tells his men that he will kill Anandi and her kids. He is about to shoot at her, just then Anandi snatches gun from goon and shoots Akhiraj. She asks Akhiraj to stop there itself, and says time has come to pay back. She says this is first punishment for snatching my daughter from me and shoots at his feet. Anandi says this is your second punishment and is about to shoot him, just them Shivam picks his gun and throws it. Akhiraj holds Shivam and says he will push him.

Anandi makes Shivam and Nandini fall down in the river to save them from Akhiraj. Akhiraj shoots at Anandi. She too falls down in the river and is wounded. Jagya comes and shoots at Akhiraj. Akhiraj dies. Kundan cries and says Bapusaa. Jagya shouts Anandi and falls in the river, followed by the constable. Jagya couldn’t get Anandi, Shivam and Nandini. He says everyone has ended. Ganga says Anandi can’t die. Jagya cries badly. Just then Anandi comes out from water.

There will be a leap in the show. Dr. Nandini will get a new identity to fulfill promise made to her mum. Will past comes infront of her, or life give her a fresh start.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Galath waqt pe Ramayan sunathe tho yahi anjaam hoga…

    Your enemy who is equipped with gun is in front of you and you are about to get killed. You know that you are for sure get killed by this man. At that moment, fate give you chance and you get the gun. Pura goli uske upar khali karne ke vajaye, tum Ramayan sonathe ho? Phir bhogto…

    Anyway, today’s episode was stupid too…Akhiraj could figure out where Anandi is hiding almost caught her and with Police and Power, Jagya is nothing but waste and dumb fellow. Even after this chase Akhiraj was the first to catch them….absolute non-sence.

    I am so glad that this is coming to end. I don’t think I can bear this stupidness after the leap.

    1. Wow… kya baat kahi hai… galat waqt pe ramayan sunai… me toh keheti hun ramayan bhul bhagwat geeta sunai

  2. Finally won shaitaan mar Gaya. Main us din i.e. like Bahut intazaar kar rani thi.. Ab main khush hoon ki Saale Akhiraj mar Gaya. Patna Nani Nani no boil hand ki dr bimbo like Kali’s dilution Jain … Aur kab talk yeh serial Raheem colors par

  3. what the hell wrong with writers ? Why they are killing the main characters in the serial one by one First Sid , Dadiji and now anandi. What you are trying to say to audience? Very sad to see today’s episode . many people argue about Toral but to be frank, She has really improved her acting skills from long back . she involved into the character and make a feel to the audience to gonna miss her. she is making a brillant performance now a days. Miss you.
    What’s wrong with Jagya just shot one bullet to akhiraj ? Kyu ? again to make him alive which you did before. You could have shot on direct head with that kinda, there would be no chance to make him alive. It’s ok he’s dead but who knows in further episodes. our writer’s can make anything they can show akhiraj alive and now come with some other baba.
    what’s on monday episode? Anandi telling to kids same like dadisa I am going to meet your papa Shiv in heaven make me good looking while going to death funeral . lol

  4. Anandi will do anything to save her kids..
    Miss u a lot anandi. U did the best from childhood to present day. Though the writers made it bad u justified ur role and all who played anandi role did good..
    But writers u should have stopped when shiv died at least now u shouldn’t have killed dadisa and anandi.There was no need of extending.
    Pl frnds don’t misunderstand me its just my opinion on Mahi vij that she may not fit in Nandini’s role.I dint like her.
    Once upon a time there lived 2love birds Anandi Shiv….After Shiv’s death Anandi faced many problems and now again Anandi reached Shiv(in heaven)

  5. Just saw the promo On Instagram Balikavadhucolorstv Page. It shows Shivam and Nandini will be present while anandi dying in hospital. which means shivam is not dead na ? then why they are not promoting about shivam after leap. What about jagya and ganga ? Do they take care of these two kids? have to see on monday. Eagerly Waiting. Hope they show some realistic way . Instead of showing jagya and ganga went to meet there parents in USA. It’s just my estimation 😛 coz writers can do anything.

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Yup, writers can do anything.

  6. please observe serial ending quotes ones…

    “”eka adhyah ka anth, kisi naya adhyah kye arambh ka sankath hotha he! pidiyah aur virasath badal jathi he, kuch reha jatha he tho voh he sangarsh ! jo nirantar jivan koh gathi detha rahatha he!”””

    finally we are missing dynamic and brave anandi role…..
    anandi opposites child marriage for thisreason she lost, 11 years her daughter nandini , after mother and daughter come together where is the happy in anandi life, she worried about akkhiraj…
    finally killed by akhiraj…
    here point point i raised that is akhiraj is one and very crual nature, he never consider girl as a human… he consider womans like slaves…
    he killed own brother, cheated parents, wrong eye on bhabi sa, try to rape on brother’s wife…
    killed daughter loving person , harresed own daughter physically and tortured. kidnapped nandini , he is the reason urmi’s unexpected shocking death…jaither lot of people killed by akhiraj, and now our brave anandi killled by akhiraj…. for all these issues the main “culprit” is akhiraj….but he is died with single shot??? with out punishments in his life…. next kundan will be next akhiraj……..

  7. Even Abhi Mannu are also not seen.
    What about Kamli Pushkar.
    Everyone is gone just after leap focusing on Nandini that’s all.

  8. Sarayu(honey)

    Today’s episode is very emotional, eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  9. I dont like the episode today better end movie who hell mske rhe writters to kill anandi serie without anandi dadisa jagya especialy without anandi its nonsensr

  10. They are closing haveli people chapter completely. May be nandini will be missing from river some fisherman will find her and make her a doctor. Writers! It’s a good idea to vanish all story. It’s good because watching same faces since my school time its boring.

  11. Kehete hai jab soharaat aur kamiyaabi sar chadh ke bolti hai toh uska paatan jaldi aur jarur hota hain… BV ke team ka yehi haal hone wala hain… pratyusha was chosen by audience out of three artist… n leap shows all old faces n dropped out artists from all flop shows n serials… soon balika vadhu will vanish in thin air…. jai ho mata reshmi singh ki… creativity ka koi naamo nishaan nahi

  12. Guys shivam is alive and dishank arora is playing a role of shivam!
    There is twist, shivam will enter later in a story!!

  13. Anandishudnotdie

    No point in continuing balika vadhu without the character of original balika vadhu in it…without anandi this show is useless…not interested anymore..the show will lose its essense after the death of the lead character of d show.

  14. could have been a more exciting climax.the writers have lost an opportunity to provide a happy ending to the Akhiraj episode.n why is Jagya(MLA) shown as a man with lesser clout than his apponents especially an escaped convict such as Akhiraj.all he does is shout names of the people he wants to find n even when he sights Akhiraj who is a dangerous criminal capable of killing all of them he only shouts” AKHIRAJ SINGH!!!” Be more real director sahab we have been with you for years n deserve a better ending.

  15. I’m soooo…soooo irritated with the India’s got talent advts on Colours TV on every break….the saree seller singing Maula-Maula has buffaloe type voice and the background voice says maa Saraswathy dwells in his voice…what the crap!!!..even maa Saraswathy must have closed her ears ….in another Advt there a boy dancing like gowti chimpanzee….better stop it Colors TV…advertising is good but not over advertising.

  16. Kon kon balika vadhu season 3 dekhne mein interested hain please yaha PE peply karein.

  17. I will continue!
    After loads os draggging and monotonous episode i would love too see the fresh cast with fresh story! ❤
    Though…i will be missing anandi and dadisa a lot in new series?

  18. key role is ended, it seems missing anandi charecter ..nandini memorized all her old memories with anandi, dadisa and mangla..
    trianlge love story between nandini and other people is k but third person who is playing female anti role loves some person who are playing head and intern of nandini…. it seems threat too nandini again….
    the crual person son “kundan” enters again to nandini life what will happen??
    anandi from childhood onwords facing problems till her last moments , the same features inherited by nandini tooo…..
    where is shivam? jagadish ? anandi saved puja and her mother where is these key roles ??
    we are watching bade haveli again ??? bade havali story is vanished??
    till nandini not step in her own haveli tat is placed in jaither(haveli which is given by daddu to anandi after shiv death)

  19. The story which is set in rural Rajastan
    traces the arduous journey of child bride
    from the brink of childhood to womanhood.
    [2] First season focuses on the life journey
    of Anandi and Jagdish, who were married in
    childhood. The second season reflects the
    life of Anandi’s daughter Dr Nandani
    (Nimboli) who was also a child bride, Dr
    Amit Goel and Krish.

    1. akhiraj…..heartless,inhumane,devilish..
      he is one never realized own mistakes, always villian minded….dispatched mother and daughter, killed own brothers…
      but finally got gun shot then wr is realization…. ???
      akhiraj vs ratan singh : ratan singh is realized own mistakes, got punished too in jail and health problems but akhiraj done many mistakes where is ralization ? punishment ??? finally killed brave anandi ……it is not realistic ….who knows he will may come after leap for killing nandini?????

  20. Plz dnt end anadi character……

  21. Earlier days anandi waiting for nandini infront nandini photo, but now nandini stands infront of her mother photo, observe mother and daughter fate..
    anandi waiting for nandini from 11 years but nandini missing her mother rest of her life…
    i’m not happy because expanding nandini role will cause anandi death but it is not necessary to ending anandi role…..
    please bring back daddu, meenu and other family members atleast anandi last moments ….!
    where is anandi and shiva raj first kid “amol”, gulli, anandi’s teacher, we dont know till anandi’s father still alive or not??
    finally strong charecters we are missing DADISA, ANANDI…..
    don’t encourage revange minded people like akhiraj in after leap!!
    please windup akhiraj family story even kundan too… harki atleast realized at last…its happy…..

  22. Where anandi is shown died?? She came out Na.. Why everyone is saying anandi died? Did I miss any part?

    1. Today episode will be the last episode of anandi, anandi resuced her children from river and finally spent her time in hospital.. Anandi is no more because she got gun shot second time from akhiraj…

  23. Indonesian_fans

    its sucks…!!! why writers make anandhi dies…???
    i thought Anandhi & Jagdish will become together, coz they both are main casts….besides…they both have a Kids~~
    please dont make a sad ending…
    Anandhi,,please dont die~~~
    its suckS…!!!

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