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Balika Vadhu 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli telling Disa that everything is so good. She likes the seating arrangement on the floor. Ganga says Nimboli likes to eat food sitting on floor so I made this arrangement. Everyone sit to have food. Abhi is uncomfortable to sit on floor. Dadisaa signs him. Nimboli looks at the bread and says she wants to eat it. Disa tells don’t you know how it is made? Nimboli says it used to be made by people who used to jump on it to make dough and adds sweat indirectly. Anandi says it is made in machines now. Disa says I will make paratha for you. Ganga brings paratha for her. Anandi and Disa give her bread and paratha at the same time. Nimboli takes first bite from Anandi’s hand. Disa is taken aback. Nimboli takes other bite from Disa’s paratha, and says it has

different taste. Jagya comes and says he will eat like Nimboli.

Dadisaa asks him to sit on chair as it would be difficult for him to sit with tight clothes. Jagya tries. Dadisaa asks him to sit on chair. Jagya says ok. Shivam and Abhi insist to have food by sitting on chair. Jagya says you shall sit on ground and have food. It is scientifically proved right. Nimboli says you can’t sit and asking others to follow. Jagya says I will wear loose clothes next time and will eat with you. Disa thinks Nimboli is mingling with them well and it is not good.

Harki gathers people and tells her daughter is making her hungry. She asks neighbor to ask Kamli to give food. Neighbor says Kamli is doing good and asks her to fast. Harki curses her. Harki shouts and tries to garner neighbors attention. Urmila asks Kamli to call her inside and give food. Chagani says I will give her two rotis. Kamli says no and says everyone knows about her nature. She says she is my mum, and I am hurt too. This is the way to teach her a lesson. Pushkar looks at Harki from the window. Harki feels pain in her stomach because of hunger and opens the box, but finds it empty. Someone offers her food plate. harki looks on.

Dadisaa tells Anandi that she want leave today and says she wants to spend time with Nimboli. Anandi says you can take leave. Dadisaa thanks her. anandi says I need your permission. I was thinking to return to Shiv Niketan with Mangla and Nimboli. Dadisaa asks why? Anandi says Ganga is burdened with house and hospital work. Ganga says you are with me to help me. Dadisaa says Nimboli will feel good if she stays with us. Ganga says she will accept you if she stays with all of us. Dadisaa says I will not stop you when you gets your Nandini.

Pushkar gives her plate and asks her to eat. Kamli comes and sees her eating food. She says I brought plate for you and asks if she is seeing Pushkar’s goodness. She says Pushkar doesn’t know about world, but he knows humanity. She asks her to think about Nimboli and says you used to keep her hungry all day and night. She says Nimboli is a kid and you…….Harki says you are not letting me eat food and refuses to have food. Pushkar asks her to have food. Harki asks him to leave. Kamli takes him. Harki says I will not eat food brought by you. Pushkar tells Kamli that Harki will be hungry. Kamli says she is my mum and will eat food. He asks him to peep in the room. They see Harki eating food. Kamli prays to God that her mum becomes a good woman and rectifies her mistake.

Nidhi comes to Anandi and asks if you are going somewhere. Anandi says I will stay in Badi haveli for sometime. Nidhi hugs her and says I am happy as you got your daughter. Anandi asks who told you. Did you tell Shivam? Nidhi says no. She says she asked her papa and confirmed it. She says she has promised her papa and promises to Anandi that she will not tell anyone. Nimboli brings her photo and says you forgot it in Abhi’s room. Shivam says she is my Nandini. Nimboli asks if she is your sister. Shivam says she might have grown up like you and asks about her age. Disa says 10-11 years. Shivam says I am of same age. Anandi gets teary eyes. Nimboli asks didn’t you get your daughter. She asks her to search for her.

Anandi says I have full faith that I will get my daughter. Nimboli says there are no girls here and we will play together. Anandi gets emotional. Disa asks her to come and let Shivam study. Nimboli asks Disa, if she is having her photo.. Disa looks on and thinks she has to keep her away from her real mum.

Anandi asks Nimboli which dress she would like to wear and shows the dress. Nimboli likes a dress. Disa hurts Nimboli intentionally by pulling the zip of the dress and says ghagra choli is the best. Anandi asks how she is feeling by wearing these clothes. Nimboli looks on sadly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Disa is really behaving cruel… Intentionally hurting nimboli…. Not even feelings but her too…. Mother dont do that… No matter what she always looks for child’s happiness….

    Disa is like cruel step mother.

    1. You are right..

  2. It would be in the interest of the serial if it is not unnecessarily lingered on. Better to keep it interesting and short.

  3. This b*t*h disa should b thrown out of serial she is teaching nimboli to speak lies any gud mother wont do that unnecessarily she is comin in between anandi and nimboli.

  4. Yashoda maa also took care of shri krishan but didnt ask anything in return of that disa is becoming selfish
    at the end krishna also.went back to her real mother devki.

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