Balika Vadhu 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 21st October 2013 Written Update

Court :

The lawyer asks jagya why did you used to come and meet Sanchi , don’t you dare deny it as we have proofs , if you had any problem with Sanchi , you could have told Shiv about it as he is a sensible man . Jagya yells it was nothing like that !! The lawyer says oh so the facts are mixing up , so before the engagement you knew Ganga and after the engagement you would have left talking to her , Jagya says no i still talked to her , the lawyer says can i ask the reason behind this , Jagya replies no special reason , the lawyer proceeds to another question Ganga used to live in your house , she was later kicked out by your family , a lonely women who was alone in a alien place and you even followed her there . Don’t say it is your personal matter , Jagya says no it was cause

for humanity , the lawyer says don’t you think it was too much for humanity ? Jagya says i married Ganga because i love her . The lawyer makes fun of him for his love , the rest of the people laughs , the judge orders him to follow the court dignity , everyone is quite , the lawyer asks was even Ganga ready to marry you in just 2 days , even city people don’t think that early , he tries to make it derogatory , Jagya yells at him , he says i just knew her from a few months.The lawyer says he knew Ganga , still he engaged with Sanchi and later broke it off , the accused is a doc , a highy educated person having affairs with 2 girls , what can we call such a person ? He calls it conspiracy , he says to the judge only because of such people women in India doesn’t get their rights and all etc… he says he even hurt a girl’s feeling , so he should be punished . His defendant lawyer says give the petitioner time too to defend himself , the lawyer continues Dr Jagdish is responsible for every Sanchi here , so that was all from me my honor . Now the lawyer comes and questions Jagya did you ever loved Sanchi ? Jagya says no i never loved her , the lawyer says then how did the relation proceeded to engagement ? Jagya says it was my family who decided this , the Shekars came for rishta , the lawyer asks so how was their first reaction after the rishta , did they considered your decision ? Jagya says no nothing was decided in my behalf . The lawyer says so you hail from a family where you have to do that what the elders want strictly . He says to the court against Jagya , his defendant lawyer defends again , Jagya continues the same thing about the rishta fixation .


Court :

The lawyer says as far as i know Ganga , she was an uneducated married lady to whom you provided great support and made her educated , so no doubts , such people will do anything what the supporter asks . So why this foolishness , after getting engaged to Sanchi , you could have maintained a relation with Ganga as well , you could have enjoyed life with both the girls.Jagya says I’m not the kind of the person who thinks so cheap about women , the lawyer says so you were really in love with Ganga , he says no not was , i love her still , Ganga watches this , the lawyer says then why dint you confessed it ? Jagya says i couldn’t have done that as my relation would have been broken , the lawyer says to the judge that because of this he spoiled Sanchi’s life . Then a major incident took place , he heard Sanchi talking ill about his family and village with her friends , so that’s when he realized that Sanchi is not fit for him . He says the same to the judge . The defendant lawyer says he filled Ganga’s maang and she dint protested ,so that means she accepted the relation . The lawyer says when did she had time to do that ? Already the whole family was in a mess and if it was her plot then this would not have happened .


Court room :

The lawyer says to judge that it wasn’t any plot but only an one-sided love affair from Sanchi , when she dint achieved him , she wanted to sue him by filing a case against him and i have even phone call proofs out of which Sanchi called him more than 99% and she used to go Jaitsar to meet him and he only went once to meet her as she suffered with a accident that too when urged by people . That’s all from me my honor , the opposition lawyer says now i will like to call my client miss Sanchi in witness box , the judge grant permission , Sanchi advances towards the witness box . Jagya stares her.


Voice over : Sometimes a person becomes too blind for revenge that the person looses control over feelings.

Precap : Both the lawyers defending their respective clients , the lawyer asks Ganga so you only wanted to steal away Jagya , she screams no !
and Anandi comes , she promises that she will speak the truth

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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