Balika Vadhu 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 21st May 2013 Written Update

At Jaitser

Anandi follows Saanchi to pacify her. Saanchi says she does not want to listen to any further cooked up story from Anandi under the name of truth. She does not trust her. When A asks her to stay back and talk, Saanchi replies that she wouldn’t want to spend a minute in a place where people made game plans against her brother. Saanchi further asks A, how could have she let her DS say all this about Shiv? A was embarrassed. Saanchi was all ready to head off to KB, but A says she too will join.

DS and Singhs feel embarrassed about the whole situation. DS is very guilty and feels sorry for Anandi, who will now have to bear the burns of her grandmother’s mistakes. Bhairon pacifys DS, saying she did not do this with a wrong intent and Basant seconds this. DS still

continues to feel guilty. Sumi also supports the men saying that if DS hadn’t taken such a step, Anandi would have never got a chance to re-marry with a guy like Shiv.

DS says that Anandi will have to face a big embarrassment due to her mistake, but Anandi comes back to tell Ds that, it is fine. After all Ds did all this out of her love for Anandi, and hence she will always be proud of her Ds.

DS is still worried for A and suggests to go to KB with her, but A convinces that she will explain to her family and all will be fine. A insists that she will manage and goes to pick her luggage.

She stops by Jagya’s room. (Tana dhin music in the background). J feels sorry for Anandi and expresses the same. A says that this situation was bound to come one day. One has to bear the consequences of their doings. J says, no one knows it better than him.

J then defends Ds and says she did this all out of love and affection for A. However, he thinks Saanchi won’t let the matter slip off that easily. He suggests to speak to Saanchi and Shiv, but A insists that she will handle it with her family. She instead apologises to J, that because of her a good matrimonial proposal was lost. J puts her at ease. They both say bye.

Anandi tries to call Shiv to explain the situation but Shiv’s call is switched off.
Ganga also feels sorry for A and tells her the same. She hopes that her in-laws understand her. A tells her to look after everyone i.e. DS, Nandu, taiji and Jagya.
Ganga prays for A. A leaves.

In Car:

In the car there is tension between A and Saanchi. A tries to call Shiv, on which Saanchi taunts that when Shiv gets to know about her real face, he will hate her beyond her belief.

At haveli:

J is in his room playing with Mannu. G comes to see him and tells not to feel unhappy that he lost a good alliance. J says that he is worried for his Ds and family. Already he is not interested in getting married, but why doesn’t his family understand that he is happy being alone. What’s the point of inviting troubles all the times. G pacifies him to eat something.

At KB:

Saanchi enters in full anger and explains her version of the incident. Saanchi tells her mom that they have been betrayed badly. She says that she tried to warn the family many times, but the family paid no heed. She adds that when she enacted how Anandi trapped Shiv, she was scolded, however that fact is proven.

She declares that Anandi and her Ds together have trapped Shiv into marrying Anandi.

She then narrates the whole incident of Urmi devi’s daughter’s alliance for Shiv and how UD had a misconception that Shiv is a bad guy. She clears that the news was spread by DS. That this was a game plan by Ds to which Anandi supported consent fully. All eyes were on Anandi, waiting for an answer.

Voice over: Relationships cannot be built on lies and deceit.

Pre-cap: Urmi devi is in KB narrating the whole betrayal incident. Shiv who just enters his home watches the scene. Anandi is trying to tell Ira that they did not betray Shiv, but Ira shuts her saying that your family bad mouthed Shiv just to trap him. Shiv overhears.

Update Credit to: Missesha

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