Balika Vadhu 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mangla worrying for Nimboli and wonders where did she go? Dr. Anant asks Nimboli about her mum and says your mum must be looking like you. Nimboli shouts and says her mum is not like her as she has met her. Pampo tells Mangla that Nimboli went to temple. Mangla thinks it is very far and wonders if haveli people came to meet her? Dr. Anant asks when did you meet her? Nimboli tells her that she met her mum. She says she told Mangla to search for her real mum, and she made her meet her real mum, but…..a fb is shown, Nimboli meets a stranger woman and calls her maa. She breaks her heart and insults her. Dr. Anant thinks I have a doubt on her, but don’t know if she will stoop to low level. He thinks he shall talk to her right now, but then thinks Mangla might elope with

Nimboli again, and thinks to deal with her patiently. He gives the gifts to Nimboli. Mangla comes running to the temple. Nimboli thanks him. Dr. Anant says ok, I will leave now. Mangla comes there but doesn’t see Anant or Nimboli. He leaves in his car. Nimboli thinks I have to meet Pampodi. Mangla comes back home. Nimboli comes and calls her. Mangla asks where did you go? Nimboli says she went to temple to meet Dr. Anant, and shows the gifts which he brought for her. She shows the video games and asks her to look at it. Mangla slaps her hard and asks why did he come and what he said? She says he must have come to filled your ears? Nimboli recalls Mangla asking her not to tell anyone about her maa. She tells Mangla that he asked her casual question and came to meet her while he was going somewhere. Mangla threatens her and asks her not to meet him again. Nimboli goes.

Dr. Anant tells haveli people that Mangla made Nimboli met a fake woman and introduced her as her mum. Jagya says that’s why Nimboli reacted angrily whenever we talked about her mum. Dr. Anant asks Anandi why she is waiting for. We have to go and talk to Mangla. Someone comes and insists to talk to Dadisaa alone. Dadisaa says everyone is family here, but the man insists to talk her alone. Dadisaa says okay and asks him to come. He says I want to show you something. He shows her something. Dadisaa is shocked. Kamli sees Nimboli crying and asks what happened? Nimboli tells her that Mangla slapped her. Kamli asks why? what happened? Nimboli says I did a mistake and that’s why she got angry? Kamli asks what wrong did you do? Mangla feels bad for slapping Nimboli and thinks haveli people is trying to separate them. She thinks Anant is trying to separate her daughter from her. Kamli comes and asks Mangla if she slapped Nimboli? Mangla says it was my mistake and I wanted to apologize to her. She asks Nimboli to come to her and wipes her tears. She apologizes to Nimboli. Kamli tells her that she will go to market and will be back. Harki asks why she is showering love on Nimboli without reason. Mangla asks her to wash her face and go. Harki says even her true mum don’t love her as much as you. Mangla says I am her real mum. Harki says it is good that you have informed me, else I wouldn’t have be known. Mangla thinks to teach her a lesson once she knows about Akhiraj’s hideout. She does puja and is tensed.

Just then door bell rings. Nimboli opens the door and finds her fake mum standing on the door. Nimboli says my maa……Mangla is shocked. Nimboli asks why did you come here? Go from here and closes the door. The woman apologizes to her and says I did a big mistake. Mangla asks what you are saying? Nimboli is not your daughter? I paid you a price for helping me? The woman says I paid a price by staying away from my daughter. I came here to take my daughter with me. Kamli, Pushkar and Harki comes there. The woman says Nimboli is my daughter and I am her real mum. Kamli is shocked. The woman asks Nimboli to come with her, but she refuses. Kamli tells the woman that you are not her mum then why you are saying this? Mangla says that is what I am saying. Anandi comes there and asks Mangla to say who is Nimboli’s real mum. Mangla is shell shocked seeing her. Nimboli says chokhi chudail. Mangla says you are here, I told you that I will inform you, Nimboli is not yet ready. Anandi says not Nimboli, but you needed time to make Nimboli against me and provoke her. Mangla asks what you are saying? Jagya and Dadisaa come with the police. Mangla says why I will do this? Dadisaa says your truth is revealed infront of us and that too with proves. she says if you will refuse. Nimboli asks what Dadisaa is saying? Kamli asks her to tell truth and asks the woman to leave. Nimboli tells Kamli that the woman is her mum and Mangla made her meet her and told her that she is her real mum who gave her birth. Everyone is shocked.

Nimboli asks who is my mum and asks her to come? Anandi slaps her and asks Mangla to tell Nimboli who is her real mum. Dadisaa informs Nimboli that her chokhi chudail is her real mum who have given her birth. Nimboli is shocked. Anandi is teary eyed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank goddddd……. Waiting 4 tmrw….

  2. After 5-6 months truth will be revealed tomorrow episode ,happy with current story line. Finally nandini reaches her mother anandi!:-) 🙂 🙂
    But threat will be there with akhiraj…earlier anandi identifies sadu is akhiraj or not ? Any back end plan is customized by haveli family again ?
    Bad never sucessed but anandi will die??

  3. osm episode today. ..
    finally the wait is over.

  4. Well, after a draought, they are giving us rains.

    Anandi came with an army. Otherwise Mangala would have hoodwinked her once again.

    She got two slaps for slapping Nimboli.

    Atlast, anant helped the mother and daughter unite.

  5. I thought may be it is a dream or dsdisa plan if it is true I will be nice

  6. I am preparing badam halwa to celebrate today’s episode and precap.

  7. Osm episode today. Feeling happy. I hope the show should not end soon.

  8. 2141 – 21 Mar
    Mangla gets angry on Nimboli after she tells her about her meeting with Anant. The family members reach Jhalra. Nimboli confesses that she has met Kanta before and that she is her mother.
    2142 – 22 Mar
    Nimboli finds out that Anandi is her mother when Kanta reveals that she has been told to act like her mother. Anandi confronts Mangla and asks her to tell the truth.
    2143 – 23 Mar
    Mangla is shattered when she sees Nimboli leave with Anandi and the family members to Jaitsar. Later, Anandi and her kids stand in front of Shiv’s photograph and pray.
    2144 – 24 Mar
    Anandi tells Nimboli that she will address her as Nandini. A traumatised Mangla speaks to a doll. Kamli calls up Anandi and informs her about Mangla’s mental condition.
    2145 – 25 Mar
    Akheraj plans to head to Jaitsar and informs Harkhi and Kundan about his plans. Anandi gets Mangla admitted in a hospital in Jaitsar and tries to convince Nimboli to meet her.

    1. Thank you Shiv????

    2. Thanks Shiv for update after long time today I read the updates

  9. Osm episode today. Feeling happy. I hope the show should not end soon. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  10. Waiting for upcoming episodes!
    Finally the wait is over
    Mother & Daughter r meeting❤
    Guys did u heards that bv is goin off air?
    Is that true or what??

  11. This is the week guys…finally Nimboli becomes Nandini and Mangla becomes mental. Enjoy…

  12. Mangla is worst than akhiraj i hate ever

  13. Hi shiv how do u know about upcoming episodes, am stunned

    1. The everyday episode’s summary is given on TOI site. Thats the source.

      1. ria, just type “balika vadhu based on used engagement” in google search bar. The 1st link that appears is the source.

    2. Jaanu..These are from times of india. I post here for the sake of convenience.

      1. How do u get them from toi

  14. OMG!!! Thank you Shiv???

    1. You are welcome, Keturah!!! 🙂

  15. sarayu (honey)

    is this real or am i seeing any dream? just kidding, well i am very much happy with today’s episode and by the way what is OSM? can anyone clarify?

    1. Awesome – meaning impressive

      Texting has changed the way we writing English. It was already a funny language, now it’s become more funnier. 😉

    2. And there auto-correction –
      Read “write” instead of “writing”.

      1. sarayu (honey)

        thanks for reply shiv

  16. Conflicting information about BV ending. Here he says producers are not ending this serial anytime soon…so people who want this to be continued…be happy.

  17. Im having a doubt.. mangala is not dreaming right… r else it is real….?

  18. Omg i was crazily waiting for Anandi to tell nimboli that she js her real, and finally its the time now thanks

  19. Ah finally the wait is over.awesome episode aftr a long time.Thanku BV writers for not dragging this episode. I thought the same precap will be shown for a week or two while Anandi , Ananth and jagya will be searching for her fake mum..again mangala plays some cheap tricks to separate anandi and nimboli and blah blah blah. Uffff wat a twist in the story.eagerly waiting for today’s episode. N pls BV writers pls don’t potray anandi as dumb character.give that character previous charm.

  20. Really fed up for a wonderful episode.Finally it has come. It will be better if they continue this excitement.pleade maintain charm in the character of anandi.

  21. will somebody please tell me where I could watch balikavadhu episode of yesterday.Nowadays I am just reading updates. I couldn’t get good link.some are very very slow,some are with faulty audio.

  22. I think they were reading viewers frustration and decided to give us this episode to make us happy during holi.
    Mangala was a mental case even in the beginning. Remember how she used to laugh eerily. And her body language. Nimboli brought some stability in her. But once she came to know anandi’s relationship with Nimboli, Mangala once again became a psycho case. Talking to a doll is no big deal if she does not neat that doll.
    I am glad that Nimboli accepted Anandi without any fuss.
    Dadisa, Jagya, anant prevented anandi from becoming weak in front of Mangala. Otherwise anandi would not have cared for what Nimboli was undergoing in Jhalra.
    The credit should go to anant, dadisa and Jagya. Not to anandi.

  23. The good thing they’ve done is , they did not show the twist scene in precap leaving the audience with no excitement for the very much awaited scene.

  24. please don’t do nandini to go with mangla for her mental condition

  25. is anyone can tell that how akhiraj came back … wo to marr chuka tha.. usse to giddhon ne noch kar kha lia tha.. jab ghar par uski dead body wapis aai thi tab ye kaha tha ki iska face dikhane layak nahi hai kyu ki giddhon ne noch dala hai.. bt aab ye clean shave hokar kaha se aur kaise wapis aa gaya

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