Balika Vadhu 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kamli looking out to Gopal to come. Gopal slowly walks in. Kundan gets restless and recalls his friend’s words about married couple’s relation. Gopal enters the room. Akhiraj Singh hears the noise and wakes up. Harki worries about Kamli’s marriage. Akhiraj Singh says Kundli has matched and mahurat is also taken out. Gopal hears them and closes the door. Akhiraj Singh and Harki feel someone’s presence.

Mannu tries calling Pooja. Ganga comes and asks to whom you were calling. Mannu says nothing and makes an excuse. He leaves. Ganga thinks Mannu is lying again. Kamli waits for Gopal. Kundan comes out of his room and is walking towards Nimboli’s room. Kamli comes out of her room. Kundan feels someone is behind him and follows. Gopal comes to Kamli’s room, looking

in the map. He gets hurt and manages to go to Nimboli’s room. He calls her while she is fast asleep. Kamli hides seeing Kundan coming.

The hide and seek game continues. Kamli goes out of the house in lieu of Gopal. Kundan sees no one and goes inside. Gopal tries calling Nimboli. She enters the room and makes her wake up. Nimboli wakes up. Gopal asks her about Kamli. She asks him to come with her. They leave from there. Kundan comes to Nimboli’s room and sees her missing from bed. He wonders where did she go?

Ganga wakes up while the night still continues and sees Jagya missing from bed. She comes downstairs calling doctor saheb. He comes to Dadisaa’s room and sees her sleeping. She wonders where did he go in the night. He comes to kids’ room and sees them sleeping too. She thinks to check in Anandi’s room when she sees the door open. She peeps in, sees Anandi and Shivam sleeping. Nimboli takes Gopal to Kamli’s room, but she is not there. Nimboli calls her. She asks him to come with her. Kamli is looking for Gopal. Gopal keeps his hand on her mouth.

Gopal stares her emotionally and happily. Kamli gets emotional and cries. They hug each other and cry. A song plays………….Gopal tells Pushpa I hate tears to make her smile. Nimboli asks them to go upstairs as someone might come. They go to the terrace. Nimboli smiles. She sees the noise and hurries to the cow’s shed. She asks cow not to make sound and says she will make it eat. Kundan sees her feeding the cow and looks lustly.

Kundan sees Gopal running from the house and asks Kamli who was that man. Kamli gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Searching episode… Gopal searching for kamli, kundan searching for nimboli and ganga searching for jagya it was interesting….

  2. It’s disgusting day by day

  3. They should make anandi and nimboli meet and just finish the’s getting to much..

    1. Don’t sperate nimboli and kundan… Plzzzzz

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