Balika Vadhu 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 20th March 2014 Written Update

Badi Haveli – Temple area – After Holika Dehan
Ratan Singh’s parents enter the temple area and talk to their grandson. Dadisa tells them to get out of the house. Ratan Singh’s mom scolds Dadisa and tells her to keep quiet. Ratan’s Dad tells her that it would be better for you to hear us out or you will lose any chance of saving Manu.

Ganga asks them whether Ratan Singh has agreed to giving his marrow. Ratan’s mom says that she does not know. Ratan Singh has asked for Ganga to come and meet him alone. He wants to talk to her.

They bring gift for Manu and ask him to choose between two pichkaaris. He selects one in shape of gun. The grandmom is pleased with his choice. They leave.

Jagya says that he too will accompany Ganga.


Baug – Living Room – After Holika Dehan
Family sitting in living room and eating ice cream and laughing. All of them laughing. Shiv too enjoying ice cream. Shiv informs Chote papa that last year Sanchi had arranged special thandai and they had so much fun. Chote Papa asks whether it was Bhaang. Sanchi is shy. Chote Papa tells her to arrange some this year too.
Phone from Anuj’s parents and they inform Alok that all in their family are agreeable for the marriage. Alok invites them for holi. They tell him that they cannot but Anuj can come. In any case they want that Anuj and Sanchi should meet again. Last meeting was too short.
Alok tells the father that he too wants to talk to him. Father says that he had already dispelled any doubts about dowry. Alok tells him that it is about something else. Father tells Alok that they would meet after Holi.

Kesar Baug – Kitchen
Anandi takes Sanchi to the kitchen on some pretext. Sanchi is upset that all in Anuj’s family have agreed but they still don’t know anything about her. Anandi tells her that it is not easy for Alok to speak about that incident involving his daughter. Sanchi contemplates and realises that it is true, she should not have involved Alok. She would speak to Anuj herself. She enquires whether Bhaili is closed on Holi. Anandi nods in the affirmative. Sanchi asks her whether she can invite Vivek Kabra home since she had asked him to come to Bhaili to discuss some matters. Anandi agrees. Sanchi calls him.

All playing Holi in Jaitser.
Badi Haveli – Jagya’s room

Jagya is dressing Manu. Nandu enters and wants to play holi with Manu. Jagya informs him that Manu is unwell and this year would not be able to play but would definitely play next year. Nandu tells Ganga and Jagya that he would play holi with Manu without colours. But would not explain how.

Dadisa enters and tells Nandu that she too has a surprise for him. He should collect everyone for “Dhoond rasam”. She refuses to explain what it is. She then tells Jagya to believe with all his heart what he told Nandu about Manu playing holi next year.

Kesar Baug – Outside Anandi’s bedroom

Anandi gets Amol ready for holi. Amol tells her that he would play holi only with colour and not water. Sanchi standing around tells him that there is no holi without water. Amol tells her that water would drench his clothes and he did not want to wet his clothes.

Anandi is pushing his wheelchair when Sanchi pulls a string and a bucket of coloured water falls on Amol. He tries to grab Sanchi but she shouts “Don’t mind it is holi” and runs away. He is upset that his clothes are all wet. Anandi tells him that such an occasion comes just once a year and he should not be upset. She takes him back inside to get him changed immediately.

Badi haveli – Main hall

Pooja being done of the new borns and Manu. All then put a little colour on each other’s cheeks. Bhairon is about to colour Manu, when he suddenly remembers about Manu’s illness and stops. Nandu asks Ganga to place Manu on the floor. He overturns a box full of flowers on Manu and plays holi with him. Manu shouts out “Happy Holi”. Jagya asks Ganga to take Manu up to their room for resting.
Kesar Baug – Main courtyard
Holi preparations. All in the main courtyard. Alok and Ira put gulal on each other as do Anoop and Choti ma. Shiv is running behind Anandi and I guess manages to catch hold of her. Amol tells his friends to colour Sanchi.
Vivek Kabra’s residence
His sister Rakhi rings the bell and he opens the door. He invites her in and is about to apply colour to her when she stops him and asks him to come home and play holi there. He asks her whether it is just her wish or the wish of their parents too. She is unable to answer. He understands. He tells her that he is ready to come home forever but only when the parents understand.
Meanwhile Sanchi calls up and he tells her that he is about to leave for her place. Rakhi asks him his excuse for meeting Sanchi today. He tells her that her marriage is being arranged and Sanchi wants him to meet her future husband. Rakhi is suitably chastened. She apologises and asks Vivek to come home after. He refuses on the pretext that it would spoil the festival for their parents. She runs away without allowing Vivek to apply any colour to her.
Kesar Baug – Main courtyard
Sanchi is talking to Payal and one of Amol’s friends comes to her and tells her that Amol is crying and even Anandi cannot be found. Sanchi goes to him and while she is talking to him she is completely drenched by his friends. She runs behind them and bumps into Vivek Kabra. Huge eye lock. Anandi runs and helps her get up. She apologises to Vivek too as kids had drenched him too.
Entire Shekhar family wishes Vivek happy holi by applying little gulal. Alok tells Sanchi to look after Vivek and give him something to eat and drink.
While Sanchi and Vivek are sitting, he enquires about Anuj as he wants to meet the person who agreed to marry her inspite of the incident that took place. Sanchi tells him that as yet they don’t know anything about it since Alok was unable to tell them. Vivek advises her to tell them at the earliest.
VO: Relationships are based on transparency and trust. Only such relationships survive the test of time.

Precap: Sanchi informs Anuj everything about what happened with her.

Update Credit to: Rtee

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