Balika Vadhu 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Premal’s mum compromising with the gas cylinder and stove in the kitchen. Sudha comes and asks if you want anything. Premal’s mum says she needs halwa for puja and asks her to cut dry fruits first. Sudha thinks why she is hurrying up when there is so much time for pooja. She cuts the dry fruits and keeps kadai on stove. She adds oil in it, and is about to light the stove with lighter, but just then she gets Nandini’s call. She goes to attend her call. Nandini asks are you fine? Sudha says she is fine and happy. Nandini asks her to tell if there is anything. Premal feels the gas smell and switches off gas. Premal’s mum is irked. Premal goes to talk to Sudha and says he is ignoring her mistakes since long. Nandini hears him. Sudha cuts the call. Nandini gets worried. Premal

asks Sudha if she will take everyone’s life. Sudha says I didn’t light the gas. Premal’s mum says I switched it on so that I could kill you. Sudha is shocked. Premal’s mum says you want to blame me and conspired to send us to jail. Sudha says I didn’t say it. Premal asks Sudha not to do anything and asks her not to do any mistake. Sudha says I didn’t. Premal’s mum thinks she will make sure that she will not be saved next time.

Karuna says she will give 21 tolas gold coins. Triveni asks Karuna to take money from Nandini’s family. Abhayram says Karuna don’t want to take money from them. Triveni scolds him. Karuna says she don’t want to ask money from them. Triveni asks her to call Nandini’s home. Mr. Shekhawat tells Yamuna how you will distribute the gifts. Yamuna says she will give more gifts to Nandini this time. Karuna calls Mr. Shekhawat and asks him to come home. Triveni asks her to give call to her. She tells Mr. Shekhawat that Krish’s life is in danger and Pandit ji told only a way out, and asked to give 21 gold coins of 1 tolas each. She asks when you are coming to give us. Nandini and Krish are shocked. Mr. Shekhawat is shocked too.

Nandini asks Triveni if she asked her dad to bring gold coins and says she can’t support her. She says her parents are already indebted with loan. She asks why you are burdening my family for the troubles in our house. Triveni says I won’t let my family pay for your mistakes. She says this is your second marriage. If anything happens to krish then you will marry someone else. She asks Nandini to change her perception and says I will not eat until this abshagun gets down from Krish’s head. She says your sasur Abhayram will also fast with me, as Karuna is unwell. Kundan gets tensed.

Yamuna tells Mr. Shekhawat that they shall go to Krish’s house, and asks from where we will get 21 gold coins. They get Krish’s call and he apologizes. He says I felt sad and asks them not to worry until he is here. He asks them to switch on video call and says he wants to see them smiling. He says no worry when Krish is here. Yamuna says we are happy that Nandini got you, but this matter is serious. Krish asks them not to worry.

Premal’s mum asks Premal to plan wisely to make Sudha leave the house. Sudha’s phone ring. Nandini is on the way. She asks how are you? Sudha asks her about Krish. Nandini says Krish loves and takes care of me very much. Sudha thinks I wish I could tell same thing for Premal. She asks how is Premal? Sudha says Premal takes care of me very much and says she misses them. Nandini says we will go to Maa saa Bapu saa home together. Sudha sees Premal and cuts the call. Premal asks her to go and sell the sarees. Sudha says she is unwell. Premal’s mum taunts her and asks her to think about husband’s betterment. Sudha looks on. Krish tells Nandini that they can’t keep Abhayram and Triveni hungry. Nandini says she can’t favor this blind faith. Krish says but what to do? He says I am totally fed up and goes. Nandini thinks Devimaa should show the way.

Nandini brings water and throws on Abhayram’s face. Abhayram shouts Nandini. Nandini warns him. Abhayram says he will make Karuna and Krish against her. Nandini challenges to make his life filled with darkness.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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