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Balika Vadhu 20th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pushkar and Kamli coming to the market. Pushkar introduces Kamli to the vegetable seller. While Kamli is busy buying vegetable, Pushkar goes somewhere. Kamli gets tensed and looks for Pushkar everywhere. A person tells her that Pushkar might be at his favorite shop. She finds him at the toy shop and scolds him for going without informing her. She says you would have told me. Pushkar cries and makes innocent face. Kamli melts down and asks him to tell her whereever he wants. Pushkar asks her to buy a toy for him. Kamli buys it for Rs. 100. Harki is happy as Akhiraj tells that Pandit ji found another alliance for Pushkar. Harki rotates the hand fan infront of him. She says we shall tell about Kundan’s first marriage to girl’s parents. Akhiraj refuses and scolds her. He asks

her to make Disa and Chagani understand that Nimboli is not Kundan’s wife. Harki asks what we shall do to Nimboli. Akhiraj says we should do something to get her away from home.

Nimboli comes to Disa and shows the knife to her. She asks her to take it back, as Kundan is behaving nicely with her. She shows the pen and book and says Kundan will teach me now. Disa says Kundan can’t change so much, how to make her understand. She says it is good that you want to study. She says girls should be ready to protect themselves, if they are in danger. Nimboli asks shall I keep this knife. Disa says I will be relieved if you keep it, and asks her to use it on right time.

Pooja calls Mannu and says good morning. Ganga picks the call and scolds her bluntly asking her to be away from Mannu. Mannu and Abhi wake up and hear her. Ganga asks him not to waste time with Pooja. She asks them to freshen up and drink milk. Mannu looks on.

Akhiraj talks to Panditji and says she will tell Harki. He keeps the phone on the table. Nimboli takes the phone and asks Disa to call Kamli. She says I want to talk to Kamli. Disa says I don’t have. Nimboli says Kundan threw this phone number chit after saving her number in his phone. Disa says she doesn’t know how to call? Nimboli asks her to see to match the numbers and call. Disa says call must be connected, but it is not connected. Nimboli asks her to press green button. The phone rings at Kamli’s place. Kamli picks the call and asks who are you? Nimboli gets emotional and says I am your Nimboli. She cries.

Kamli asks her to say……….Nimboli says I miss you. How are you and your inlaws? She asks if they force you to work. She asks her to come home. Kamli refuses. Nimboli asks if you will not come for Kundan’s marriage. Kamli asks what you are saying? Nimboli says my work will get to half then if a new bride comes. Kamli asks her to give call to Disa. Disa talks to her and asks how are you? Kamli asks what is she saying? Akhiraj shouts where is my phone.

Disa cuts the call and asks Nimboli to keep it back on its place. Nimboli comes and keeps it back on the table, but Akhiraj holds her hand and looks angrily. He asks how did you get it? Harki asks her to reply. Nimboli looks on. Akhiraj says I am asking you from where did you pick it up. Nimboli says I didn’t take it, but got in the kitchen. Harki says he didn’t go to kitchen, then how come it is found there. Akhiraj says he went to kitchen and drank water. Nimboli says she brought it from there. Nimboli song plays…….Harki asks her to work with Chagani. Akhiraj says we shall lock her up in the room. Disa says shall I keep her in my room, until girl’s family leave. This is my promise. Akhiraj agrees and asks her to remember her promise else you knows better what I can do.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. pls telecast balika vadhu in the afternoon too
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