Balika Vadhu 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhiraj coming to meet villagers and tells that he has so many village problems in his mind like drinking water problem etc. He says he has decided to keep the problems infront of the Panchayat and determines to get the solution. He asks everyone to tell their problems. Everyone keep their head low. Everyone sees a man scolding his child labor. Akhiraj gives him lecture on humanity and says he can’t see anyone torturing weak people. He did this to get his image better infront of villagers. The shop keeper apologizes to Akhiraj.

While Pooja is cooking in the kitchen, Mannu throws fake lizard on her to tease her. Pooja shouts and calls Mannu. Mannu comes and says it is fake. Pooja says you really scared me and goes after him to beat him. Mannu says he was just joking.

Pooja falls in Mannu’s arms and they smile looking at each other. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Mannu feels shy and leaves. Dadi asks Pooja to behave like a wife. Pooja smiles.

Nimboli is busy in house work. Akhiraj gets a phone call, the man on the call praises him for scolding the shop keeper for having child labor. Akhiraj tells that he can’t bear anything against children. They shall get education rather than working. Nimboli hears his words and thinks he don’t think about me like this. What wrong did I do? Akhiraj asks why she is staring? Don’t have mind to bring water. Harki says she is an animal. Nimboli says she will bring water. Akhiraj orders her to bring butter milk, pan etc. Harki asks him about his day out. Akhiraj says he had a good time and tells that he is feeling as if he will get into politics after meeting Jagya.

Urmila thinks where to keep her TV and decides to keep it near her bed. Nimboli brings tea for her. Urmila scolds her and asks her to keep it and leave. Nimboli leaves. Urmila puts hand in hot tea and shouts. Nimboli comes and laughs. Urmila gets angry and throws the tea cup on the ground. She cries and calls for Harki. She tells Harki that Nimboli kept the tea cup on the edge of the table, so that my hand gets burnt and tea falling down. Harki scolds Nimboli and asks her to clean the place. Urmila smirks and shows thumps down to Nimboli.

Jagya comes home. Abhi gets up and hugs him. He tells I was awake when you came to my room. I heard everything. Jagya says whatever I said was truth. I want to say one thing to you, that I love you and Shivam both and equally. Abhi says I understand and promises not to doubt him again. Dadisaa is thankful to Devimaa for clearing the misunderstanding and blesses them. Ganga smiles. Dadisaa hopes Mannu returns home.

Kundan wakes up and thinks of Akhiraj’s words that he has to be patient in making relation with his wife. He sleeps again. Nimboli comes to their room and ties Kundan’s feet with Urmila’s feet with a thread. She laughs silently and goes from the room.

Khetram talks to Kamli over phone and then informs Akhiraj that Kamli informed him about Kundan and Nimboli. Akhiraj is shocked. He calls Jagya and insists to meet him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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