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Balika Vadhu 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harki coming home and angrily calling Kamli. Kundan asks are you fine? Harki tells him that Kamli is the one who is responsible for the insult. Kamli comes out. Harki says time has come to rectify my mistake and slaps her. She hurts her. Kundan brings a stick and hits on her head. He tries to beat her again, but Pushkar stops and holds the stick. He hits Kundan. Harki asks Pushkar to leave her son. Kamli cries being in pain. Harki curses Kamli and Pushkar for hitting on Kundan’s head. Kamli cries.

Nidhi, Shivam, Abhi and Mannu pray to God. Abhi cries and misses Jagya and thinks he would have treated Dadisaa well. Anant says God is with us and she won’t let anything wrong happen to her bhakt. Pushkar applies ointment on Kamli’s wounds. Kamli says she is fine.

Pushkar is worried about her and says we shall leave far from here. He says we will be saved from outsiders, but who will save us from this family. He asks her to come with him. Kundan tells Harki that Kamli and Pushkar have to die. Harki asks him to have patience and says Akhiraj will kill them after killing haveli people. Kamli says we can leave from here, but have you thought what will happen to Harki and Kundan. She says Harki and Kundan will ruin their life. She says it is our duty and our responsibility to make them walk on the right path. Harki says your dad will kill them with his hands and we both will be happy seeing them dying, and that day isn’t far. She asks him to have patience.

Doctor comes out and says they can see Dadisaa. Kids see Dadisaa from outside the ICU. Akhiraj calls Jagya and asks him to reach Jodhpur at 9 am. Jagya says we will reach there and asks about Ganga. Akhiraj says she is fine as of now, but if you try to be clever then you will lose your wife. Jagya asks him not to do anything to Ganga. Akhiraj disconnects the call. Anandi is seen driving the car. Jagya tells Anandi that we have to meet Akhiraj at 9 am. Anandi asks about Ganga. Jagya says she is fine till now. He says we will stay in the hotel nearby and will leave in the morning.

Akhiraj informs Ganga that Jagya is coming with Anandi, Mangla and Nimboli to rescue her. He laughs and says he loves you, that’s why coming to sacrifice 4 lives because of you. He laughs again. Ganga thinks Jagya shouldn’t come here, and says she can’t bear to see them die. Akhiraj and Badri are sitting near the bon fire. Akhiraj says he will kill his enemies. Badri asks if he will free Ganga? Akhiraj says no, and says he will kill Ganga also, else she will give statement against him. He says we will kill her also and laughs.

Anant asks them to go home and rest. Jagya calls on Dadisaa’s number. Anant picks the call and says he is staying in badi haveli as Dadisaa was alone. He asks if everything is fine? Jagya says we have reached here and tells everything. Anant asks him to take care and disconnects the call. Mannu asks Anant to tell what he said. Anant says Jagya went to rescue Ganga, and he is going to face Akhiraj in the morning at 9 am.

Mangla and Nimboli are seen sitting in the restaurant. Local people sing and they hear them. Nimboli says we are hearing song for last time. Mangla asks why did you say that we will go and rescue Ganga. Nimboli says it is all happening because of you and we should help them. Mangla looks on.

Anandi tells Mangla that she shall inform Nimboli that she is her mum and fears that Akhiraj will kill them. Mangla gets shocked.

AUpdate Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Plz don’t drag the episode.Hope Anandi will tell Nimboli that she is her daughter Nandini n unite Shivam & Nandini on their birthday.

  2. I bet she won’t tell anything Nimboli. If she had to tell, she wouldn’t consult Mangla…and I think that the indication.

  3. mangla at least realize right now, the total haveli people struggled & worried about nimboli.
    leave haveli and nimboli.
    we are expect something new in balika vadhu. not this dragging

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