Balika Vadhu 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 20th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Vivek Kabra informing Shiv that Saurabh is his brother and he can’t take the fake case. He says, I have trust on my brother. Now I came to know that my brother is trapped after knowing Saachi’s involvement. He warns them to take the case back else they have to suffer with her. Alok says, shame on you. Shiv says, I am giving you warning. You have the right to reject the case but you can’t insult my sister. Vivek asks them to leave. Shiv says, we won’t give our case to you as we know who will win. I will see you in court.

Dadisaa talks to the Panchayat members and says we will form a committee for our village who will take care of Jaitsar’s problems. Dadisaa says, everything will be done according to Law. Sarpanch says, village people can tell hesitantly

about their problems and Kalyani ji will be leading the committee. Alok gets tensed as Vivek is fighting the case for Saurabh. Shiv says, truth is with us and always truth win. Daddu says, justice can be delayed but cannot be denied. Shiv says, it will be proved by DNA test that Saurabh is guilty. Anoop says, we have to have strength. Saachi is a victim and Saurabh is guilty. He should be punished. Daddu calls the lawyer. Saurabh takes phone from the constable on the pretext of calling his mom. He calls Saachi. Saanchi is shocked. He says, I told you not to make noise. You made our passionate moment public. He threatens her to leaked the video. Saachi says, you can’t do this else you will be in trouble. Saurabh says, I will get caught but I will enjoy seeing you ruined. Saachi says, you are lying. He says, today my brother will free me and tomorrow I will make the video go viral.

Saachi tells Anandi that Saurabh called and threatened her. Anandi says, he might say that to threatened you but he is actually a coward. He can’t ruined his life. Saachi says, but what if he leaked the video? Anandi says, you have to take the decision. Do you want to fight this case or not? Saachi says, I am ready. Sumeet Maheshwari comes to the police station and gives the papers. Inspector says, what I can do? Lawyer asks him to get Saurabh’s blood test done for DNA sampling. Inspector calls the doctor. Saurabh is taken out by the constable. Inspector says, civil doctor will come and take your blood for DNA sampling. Saurabh thinks he will be caught and says I won’t give my blood. Vivek comes. Saurabh says, please trust me….I didn’t do anything. Vivek says, calm down. Saurabh says, she will proved me guilty anyhow. Vivek says, it will be proved your innocence from DNA sampling. He asks him to give the blood sample. He submits the bail papers to the Inspector. Inspector gives his belongings and phone.

Doctor comes. Inspector asks him to get his blood sample for DNA testing. Saurabh reads the pathology lab information. Saachi calls Ankita and asks her to help. Ankita asks, what? Saachi says, you know about Saurabh taking advantage of me. My case will start tomorrow. You can give your testimony in the court. Ankita says, I can’t come. Saachi says, if you don’t want to come then you would have tell me. Ankita says, Saurabh is my friend and you was never my friend. She insults her and says you are responsible for that night. She disconnects the call. Saachi starts crying. Ira comes. Saachi hugs her and says I don’t have any friend. Nobody wants to help me. Everybody hates me. Ira says, you are not bad. Ira says we are with you. Tomorrow you will make friends with others, but your family will support you always. I supported our family as I know we can fight against the injustice together. These days will be go soon. Saachi cries miserably.

Saachi is interrogated in Court. Saachi tells them that Saurabh is the culprit and sent her MMS of the crime..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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