Balika Vadhu 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 20th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa, while meditating, hears footsteps and opens her eyes and is shocked to see gauri and jagiya enter the haveli, and she is distraught thinking that what she had thought of in the worst case, has finally happened, and jagiya brought her back. But what she was having was a hallucination, and actually anandi had come who instantly comes near her. dadisa drifts her aside reprimanding her that she and ganga together got her devoid of her mental peace. Anandi says that she never meant to hurt her and she did only what was right. She finds ganga motioning her to come aside. She excuses herself, while dadisa hopes that jagiya would come alone.

ganga apologizes for her fault in making the whole family angry at anandi. She says that she

doesnt mind the anger, and that also has love hidden. Anandi says that she’s worried for dadisa who is very tensed for jagiya’s return. Ganga says that she understands well what jagiya went through after getting married for the second time. She says that the doctor she met is very different from the doctore that anandi married.

Ganga says that if he had to go to gauri, he owuld have gone when anandi got married, but he didnt which showed great maturity, and that now he only wants to rectify his mistakes and move on. Ananadi says that ganga cleared the tiny ounce of doub that she had in her mind about jagiya’s returning, and hugs her saying that she’s very good.

Scene 2:
Location: Somani hospital in mumbai
Jagiya enters gauri’s room, saying that he cant wait anymore, saying he has a flight to catch and he has waited long enough, while the nurse keeps trying to stop him. He enters her room and finding it empty, is told by the nurse that she didnt want to see him, and went just some time back.

Jagiya leaves a note saying that he ha come to ask for forgiveness, and she has every right to avoid, as he has doen wrongnot only to anandi but to her also, and he wishes that god had given him rightful thinking in time. He says that he wont force her to meet, but he wishes her well and that he hopes that she would one day be a brilliant surgeon and move on in her life, forgetting the past, as he’s trying to do. He signs it off as JAGDISH. He gives the note to the nurse and tells her to give it to gauri the next day.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa is waiting impatiently and pacing in the hallway, while bhairo doesnt get through jagiya’s phone. She gives an all knwoing glance, saying that its in vain to wait for him, as he wont come, and that they should have dinner. She tells anandi also to go home. But anandi says that she’s sure that he would come. while dadisa is busy scolding anandi, jagiya enters saying that she should have had the faith that he would return.

dadisa hugs him, while others watch happily and reprimands him lovingly saying that at her age she wont be able to bear such shocks anymore. He promises that this was the last time, and it wont happen again. She asks him what was the need to go when gauri had given him so much pain. Bhairo asks dadisa to let jagiya rest ann then continue her interrogation. She seats him beside herself, while jagiya apologizes for the tension he has caused, but says that he did it intentionally as otherwise they and especially dadisa wouldnt have allowed him to go. He says that he was suffocating till he didnt go to mumbai and ask for apology. He says that he had promsied that hew ould definitely return and that he has kept his promise. Dadisa asks what did gauri say. While all wait for an answer, jagiya finally says that he had gone on a mission which went successfully. He tells them what happened. dadisa says with venom, saying that she must have done this to take her revenge on him. He says that she was really very angry, but he doesnt resent that, as he has asked for apology and granting him that, its her choice. He says that he has done his part and closed the chapter. Anandi too agrees saying that it wasnt improtant whether she met him or not, whats improtant is that jagiya did what he had to do and asked for forgiveness. Sumitra asks him to freshen up after which they would have dinner together. After he leaves, dadisa says that what jagiya did was right but that gauri didnt change at all, as even now she insulted him the slightest chance that she got. Ganga blurts out that its good that gauri didnt meet him. All are surprised to hear her talk like that. Ganga apologizes for talking like this, but says that what happened was right when jagiya followed his heart, and had gauri met her truthfully and whole heartedly, then jagiya would have felt more guilty instead of feeling light, and that would have made it more difficult for him to return so easily. But by not meeting, gauri showed that she doesnt need jagiya in her life anymore, which made it easy for him to come back. Dadisa commends gauri for her thinking. Gauri and sumitra go to prepare for dinner. Ananadi asks dadisa to come with her, as she has something important to talk with her.

In her room, When dadisa asks whats the matter, Anandi gives dadisa the necklace, which brings back all of its memories in dadisa’s mind. Anandi says that when she received this, she didnt understand what faith dadisa had put in her, and she knows that this is a prizeless possession for dadisa, as its a reminder of her struggle in life alone, and facing the storm. She says that now the time has come that she should return it now, as the rightful owner of this, has returned to the haveli, and she has full faith on his responsible and mature behaviour after listening to his talks today. She says that dadisa should give it to jagiya whenever she feels is the right time, from her heart. The screen freezes on dadisa’s longing face.

Underlying message: A man never intentionally makes a mistake, but immaturity, ignorance and the illusion of a better option makes them commit mistakes. Whats done cant be undone, hence its best to forgive and forget, and move on in life.

Precap: Anandi cancels shiv’s call thinking happily that now she ont talk to him until she confesses whats in her heart for him. as she reaches the house, she finds shiv going away in his jeep, tensed. She calls out to him, but he doesnt listen and drives away. Anandi looks at the photo, thinking that if she had the slightest notion that shiv would go like this, she would definitely have picked up the phone. She apologizes for cancelling the phoen like that.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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