Balika Vadhu 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya taking rounds around Dadisaa’s pyre holding water pot, and breaks it. Pandit ji asks him to give agni. Jagya holds the firewood to give fire, but then stops. He turns to Anandi and asks her to give agni to Dadisaa. He says you have more right on Dadisaa than me, even though she didn’t said that but I had read it in her eyes. He asks her to give agni to Dadisaa and give peace to her soul. Anandi gets teary eyes and takes the fire wood. She proceeds towards the pyre and recalls all the happy moments with her. She recalls shifting to Shiv Niketan and Dadisaa telling her that she can return at any time. Anandi gives fire to the pyre and looks sad. Akhiraj is keeping eye on Anandi and looks angrily. He recalls Anandi insulting him and exposing him infront of villagers.

He recalls her words. Kundan also takes out gun from his pocket. Inspector tells Jagya that they found Police stolen jeep in other village. Jagya says I will also come with you and end Ravan. He says I will not leave you. Dadisaa’s pyre is burnt. Akhiraj waits for Jagya to leave with Police. Jagya and Inspector are on the way to other village. Jagya asks where is the jeep found? Inspector says near only. Jagya asks driver to drive fast. Akhiraj targets Anandi and smirks seeing her through the rifle binoculars. He thinks until Jagya comes back, my work will be done.

Akhiraj is about to shoot at Anandi. Kundan smiles. Jagya comes the place where jeep is found. Harki comes there, and tells Jagya that Akhiraj have planned something big. She says he want to take revenge from Anandi. A fb is shown, Akhiraj tells that he will kill Anandi. Harki threatens to inform Police and Akhiraj tying her on to the chairs. Fb ends. Harki asks Jagya to come with her. Jagya refuses. Harki says I am helping you and me. Jagya refuses to believe her and says Akhiraj might be hidden here. He thinks Harki might be right too and asks Inspector to send his team to search Akhiraj in the village, and other team to Shamshan to search Akhiraj there. He asks Harki to come with him. Harki says okay. Akhiraj shoots at Anandi. Just then Anandi bends her head and the bullet misses her. Everyone is shocked. Anandi looks at Akhiraj. Akhiraj’s goons start killing people there. Akhiraj shoots again. Everyone panics and runs. Anandi gets shot at her back. Nandini and Shivam asks her to open eyes. Inspector gets info about the attack in crematorium ground. Jagya says Akhiraj have done conspiracy, come fast. Akhiraj smiles happily. He looks for Anandi and thinks where did she go? Akhiraj looks for Anandi and shouts Anandi’s name. Nandini, Shivam and Anandi are seen running on road. Akhiraj is angry.

Anandi, Nandini and Shivam stop seeing Police jeep, but Minister and his goons come shocking her. Akhiraj smiles victorious and is about to kill her, but Anandi holds the rifle and points at Akhiraj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Atlest ab to dadi SA ki bête ko..jagdish ki maa ko bta dete..ASA kha gye ki unki death par bhi NH aaye

  2. so sad episode love u anandi

  3. I dont understand why they are killing Anandi , they can kill Akhiraj and end the serial and no need for the leap of serial with new cast its senseless to kill all strong characters , writers are showing that evil mind always win they killed shiv, now dadisa then Anandi its wrong nimboli wil lost motherhood only dumb serial kabhi toh is serial ka end karo dont make 10000 episodes of this serial plz

    1. Yes, I too agree…

    2. It’s true..and I agree vth you.

  4. We are the fools to see & to raise their TRP. now this high time BV viewers shd stop watching. i am quiting from 25th. Will miss nice comments from shiv dolna:-)

    1. Smita ji… aap quit nahi kar payengi… ek baar jis cheez ki laath lag jati hain woh itni aasani se nahi chutthi…

  5. Shiv in writers ko kuch SPECIAL TRAINING MILI HAI YA TOH inhe itni mahaarat hasil hai ke yeh duniya ka saathva ajooba likh ke logo ko tv ke samne bitha ne ki kabliaat rakhte hain…. kyun thik kahi naa

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