Balika Vadhu 1st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 1st March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 1st March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saachi thinking my family supported me but I can’t forget my past and move on. She recalls Jagya’s words. Saanchi calls Ganga. Jagya asks her not to pick the call. Ganga says, it might be some urgency. Saachi says sorry for her mistakes and apologizes to her. She says, it is very hard to you to forgive me but I have realizes my mistakes. Jagdish told me to change else I will be alone. That day have come. I am alone today. She says, I can’t talk to Jagdish. Please asks for forgiveness from me. Ganga says, if you are truly repenting then you don’t need to apologize. Jagya takes the call and asks her not to do any drama in her life. He says, we are very happy together. I requests you to let us live happily. Please be far from us. Saanchi couldn’t say a word.


checks Mannu and says I have taken his blood sample for the test. Ganga asks, is Mannu fine? Doctor says, we will get to know after reports come. Jagya says, I am hopeful that everything will be fine. Ganga asks, when the reports will come. Jagya says, it takes time. I will bring the home while coming home. They leaves.

One girl Rakhi comes running and hugs her mom, dad and Vivek. She is Vivek and Saurabh’s sister. Everyone is quiet as Vivek is leaving. She asks, what happened? She asks Vivek, are you going somewhere? Her Dad says, Saurabh is in jail because of Vivek and now he is leaving the house. Vivek says, do you trust me? Rakhi says yes. Vivek says, Saurabh did a big mistake which can’t be forgiven. I did what I was supposed to do. I got him punished so that he can change himself. Mom and Dad didn’t agree with me so I am leaving. He tells his mom to call him if they need anything. Vivek tells Rakhi to take care of mom and dad. Rakhi cries and hugs him. Vivek leaves from there. Rakhi and her mom cries.

Anandi gives juice to Daadu. Ira comes and tells them that Saachi is not at home and gets scared. She says, she left her phone at home. Daddu says, we will look for her. Saanchi comes to the temple and prays for God. She takes the prasad. Om Namashiva plays…….She sees the lady having difficulty in climbing the stairs and helps her. That lady blesses her. Rakhi talks to her friend Preeti about Saurabh and Vivek. Rakhi cries and says I am confused and hurt.

Vivek stops his car infront of the temple and asks for the guest house address. Someone tells him the address. He sees Saachi there. Vivek says hello. Saachi thanks him. Vivek says, I did my duty being a lawyer. She asks, you are here? Vivek says, I am going to the guest house. I am shifting there. Saachi says, because of me you had to leave your home. Vivek says, because of my values. I can’t support the wrong. Don’t blame yourself. My parents will be fine soon and then everything will be get back to normal. Saachi says sorry and says I want to ask you something. She asks, whether the video which you showed in the court is still there or have you destroyed it? Vivek says, important evidence cannot be destroyed. It is with the higher authorities. If Saurabh appeals in the high court then that proof will get you justice. He asks her to forget and move on.

Jagya comes to the pediatrician and asks about Mannu’s reports. He reads the reports and says WBC’s are high. What is the reason for this? Doctor says, Leukemia is the reason. Jagya is shocked and says blood cancer. He recalls his son Mannu. Doctor asks Jagya to get the second opinion from other doctor and get the bone marrow test done. Jagya gets tears in his eyes.

Ganga reads in the newspaper about Vivek getting his brother punished in rape case. Dadisaa says, he is the same lawyer who fought for Jagya. Jagya calls Vivek and appreciates him. He is shocked to know the victim is Saachi. He is shocked and tells Ganga.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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