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Balika Vadhu 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jagya talking to Naval and tells him that he signed the papers and kept at the desk. Ganga calls the nurse and asks is everything fine. Nurse says yes. She asks her not to worry as Jagya will do the next surgery. Ganga gets shocked and thinks she has to inform Jagya about Ratan Singh else he won’t feel good. Gopal’s mum cries at Gopal’s death. Villagers consoles Chaganlal. Kishore says I was tied and locked by Akhiraj. I didn’t see, but my Bapu saw everything. I will convince Bapu to give testimony against Akhiraj. He says Gopal should get justice.

Jagya sees Ratan Singh’s mum in the hospital and thinks he had seen her before. He goes to the ward and sees Ratan Singh. He gets shocked and recalls Ratan Singh giving Mannu to him. He asks the nurse, who is treating

this patient. Nurse says Dr. Ganga. Ratan Singh’s mum comes out and thanks him for treating Ratan, forgetting all the past things. She folds her hand and asks him to make Ratan meet Mannu once. She says Ganga can’t refuse your decision and asks him to convince Ganga to let Mannu meet Ratan. She cries and goes to Ratan Singh. Jagya sees Ratan in pain. Ganga comes to the hospital and sees Jagya coming out of Ratan’s cabin. She tells him that she couldn’t tell him because he was busy. Jagya says I don’t have any complaint from you. He says he was shocked to see him. Ganga says they were requesting me to meet Mannu. Jagya says I am leaving this decision on you and hopes that your decision will be right.

Disa makes Nimboli drink the kada for her fever. Chagani comes and asks Disa to sleep. She says she will be with Nimboli. Disa goes. She comes to Kamli’s room and sees her tying the rope on the fan to hang herself. She gets shocked and brings her down forcibly. Kamli pleads her to let her die. Disa says one has to live irrespective of the circumstances. Kamli asks Bapusaa killed my Gopal. Disa says your Gopal will get mukti when he gets justice. She asks her to promise not to suicide. Kamli cries and hugs her.

Disa tells Surya Puja and tells she made Kamli understand today. She says there is nothing in her limits now and asks for justice for Gopal. Kundan comes calling Akhiraj. The Police team comes to Akhiraj’s house. Akhiraj says he is Akhiraj and greets them. The Police Inspector says that he is being charged with Gopal’s murder. Disa hears them and is happy.

Ganga treats Ratan Singh while he starts sinking and is in extreme pain. She asks Nurse to get the reports. Ratan Singh tells that he needs to say something. He asks her to bring Mannu tomorrow, as he wants to bless him on his birthday. Ganga agrees finally, but tells him not to let him know about his relation with him.

Akhiraj asks who told you this? I didn’t know anything. I am a girl’s father, my concentration was on my girl’s marriage. He says that boy committed suicide and my girl is in shock because of his death. He acts innocent and says he is in shock too. Inspector says you meant to say that Gopal committed suicide as your daughter’s alliance was fixed. Akhiraj says yes, my heart is saying that he had committed suicide. Nimboli hears it and recalls the murder. She asks Akhiraj, why you are lying. You killed Gopal with your sharp sword. Everyone looks on shockingly. Akhiraj is at loss of words.

Precap will be added soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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