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Balika Vadhu 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with head nurse telling Shankar/Shivam that she got the discharge papers ready as he insisted to go home. She says you are unwell still and asks him to be careful. Shivam nods. Head nurse gives his wallet. Shivam thanks her and is leaving from the hospital. Nandini comes and is going inside, while Shivam is coming out. Abhayram comes in car and keeps eye on them. Locket falls from Shivam’s hands and he bends down to pick up. Nandini goes inside without seeing him. Shivam also misses seeing her. While he is walking on road. Abhayram drives the car speedy and is about to hit him. Shankar gets saved.

Abhayram gets down and apologizes to him. Shivam says it was my mistake. Abhayram says it seems he is having memory loss. He asks about his family. Shankar says he has just a sister.

Abhayram thinks he just remember his childhood incident. He says I will drop you home. Shivam says no, I will go. Abhayram says call me when needed. Shivam asks about his name. Kundan says Abhayram. Shivam thanks him and feels drowsy. He says he will go and thanks him. Abhayram thinks it is good that he lost his memory and search for his purse. Shankar takes out money from Abhayram’s wallet and says he has to steal as he lost her memory.

Inspector comes and gives legal notice to Nandini, and a suspension letter forbidding her from doing legal practice. He says you are accused to kill a baby and until you prove yourself innocent, you can’t practice anywhere. Nandini asks him to talk to management. Inspector says it is management decision only. Vandana says she is a management and asks Inspector to do the formalities. Vandana accuses Nandini. Nandini asks why you are doing this. Dr. Amit says I am taking back this. Vandana says they are having special relation and Dr. Amit will not follow even supreme court orders. She says they couldn’t marry but are still living the relation. She asks him not to consider Dr. Amit’s statement. Vandana tells Nandini that she got her stuff packed. Nandini is teary eyes. Dr. Amit feels helpless.

As Nandini is walking out, Dr. Amit promises to get her degree and respect back. Nandini cries and leaves. Abhayram is standing outside and asks if she had any fight with anyone. He laughs and says you are thrown out of job. He says coin went inside the boz. Nandini looks at him. Abhayram says I am your destiny planner and says do you know what is written in your destiny and shows the big spoon. He says your value is shown. Nandini asks him to go back, and says she don’t care. She says you don’t know about woman’s strength. Abhayram says I have broken your relation and spoiled your career. If Krish came to know that his wife is kicked out of job then what he will do. He can’t write his exam. He says I can take revenge now itself, as you called me Bapusaa. He sends the message to Krish. Nandini goes to Krish’s Exam Centre. Krish gets a message, and he looks on. Nandini is tensed on road.

Krish asks why didn’t you tell me. Nandini says I thought you couldn’t handle. Krish says although he is younger than her, but he is not immature. Triveni says it is good and asks her to start training to become bahu no. 1. Abhayram pulls Nandini and asks her to break his fast being his wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. krish is younger than nandini??? hey bhagwan y r they showing these things? i dont object to this marriage but once married y is everything changing? y cant krish understand that she s in some sort of problem? y cant he see anything beyond his mom. if he was so much of a mummas’ boy y did he marry?

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