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Balika Vadhu 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rakhi talking to her friend on phone and praises Vivek for winning Shiv’s case. Vivek asks her to thank all her friends after having breakfast. Suman says, I got to know only through our neighbour. Vivek looks at Saachi and says I thought you won’t be happy that’s why I didn’t tell you. Suman says, We believed the media. Saurabh says, we are happy for Shiv Bhaiyya and Bhabhi is relieved now. Roshan says, I am proud of Vivek. Saurabh talks sweetly. Subhadra drinks tea and takes leave from Daddu and family. Daddu tells her that driver knows the way to Jaitsar. He asks her, shall Anoop or Alok accompany you. Subhadra says, no. let it be. I will bear my pain. I will get my pain treated somewhere. Daddu asks her to go. Subhadra agrees hesitantly. She

asks everyone to take care of themselves and home. Amol gives her something. Subhadra leaves. Daddu tells everyone that Subhadra left.

Dadisaa is getting the haveli clean and asks the servants to clean fast. Gehna calls her. Dadisaa goes inside. Once she goes inside, all the workers go to have water. Dadisaa comes back and gets angry at her servants. She sees a bucket of water and splashes it on Subhadra by mistake. Subhadra gets angry on her. Dadisaa asks, who are you? Can’t you see. Subhadra introduces herself as Anandi’s mom in law. Dadisaa gets shocked and apologizes to her. Subhadra says, I hope that this type of welcome don’t happen in Ayurvedic centre. Dadisaa takes her stuff and gets inside the house. Subhadra comes inside the house. Dadisaa signs her bahus and tells her that she is Anandi’s Dadi bua saas. She tells that I splashed water on her. Subhadra says, dirty water. Dadisaa asks her daughter in laws to touch her feet. Subhadra blesses them. Gehna takes her stuff and takes her to the room. She asks Ganga to prepare the breakfast.

Dadisaa is in the jeep with Subhadra. Subhadra asks, how can you live here? Dadisaa says, you accustomed to live in the city, that’s why doesn’t like village. Subhadra thinks, she is very talkative. Dadisaa tells her that you will go home healthy. Aa Dekhe Zara plays…………….

They come to the doctor. Doctor tells them that because of chemicals, she got itching. Subhadra says, I don’t use mehendi. Do you think I work in factory. Doctor says, you will be fine soon. Doctor tells her about simple food. Subhadra says, what you will give me. She tells that she like ghee dal, basmati rice, pakodas etc. Dadisaa says, you will get everything as you came for the wedding. Subhadra asks, are you joking? Dadisaa says, you came here for treatment. Subhadra asks, what do you mean? I will die with hunger. Nobody will die without Aloo ka parathas. Subhadra says, I will pay extra for food, but food should be good. They argue with each other. Doctor looks on and asks them to calm down.He says, let the treatment begin first.

Anandi is in the kitchen, she gets Shiv’s call. She thinks he is at home, then why he called me. She goes to her room and finds Thank you and I love you big and small cards. She gets happy. Music plays. Anandi smiles and looks all around the room. Shiv comes and closes her eyes. He gives her, you are my everything card. Anandi takes it and reads his message. She smiles. Shiv tells her that he really loves her. Anandi says, I know. They hug each other. He asks her to be with him always. Anandi promises him. Rajastani song plays…………..Anandi kisses his hand. Shiv looks lovingly at her. They hug again.

Dadisaa tells Subhadra that she won’t let her go without treatment and asks Doctor to start the treatment. Doctor gives her cow’s urine and asks her to drink. Subhadra throws it on Dadisaa. Someone comes to meet Anandi at her NGO.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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