Balika Vadhu 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mangla coming home and making excuse that she went to temple infront of Dadisaa when she asks her. Pushkar is taking lassi for Kamli. Kundan drinks it and threatens to beat him. He says you will forget Kamli then…..Pushkar says I don’t want to forget her. Kundan thinks he will make Pushkar do his work and will make him his servant. Nimboli comes running to Mangla and gets her hand hurt. Mangla tells that she will change her bandage and applies ointment. Nimboli says you are hurting me. Mangla says I am your mum, why I will hurt you? Nimboli asks did you search my real mum. Mangla says yes. Nimboli asks how does she looks and asks her to take her there. She says I want to ask her why did she throw me in the garbage bin. Mangla asks her to think again and says your mum might

get angry or beat you. Nimboli says my mum will be very happy to see me and says I want to meet her. Mangla says if your mum is good then she will be very happy. She says I will inform Anandi. Mangla asks her not to tell anyone and asks if you want to stay with your mum if she beats you etc. Nimboli says no. She says Anandi and Jagya will send her to her mum’s house forcibly and asks her not to tell anyone. Nimboli says okay. Mangla says I will take you tomorrow to make you meet your mum. Nimboli sleeps. Mangla picks the fallen plate and thinks if am I doing right. She thinks I have to do this.

In the morning, Nimboli gets ready and hugs Dadisaa. She asks how am I looking? Nimboli says she is going out and that’s why have worn good clothes. Dadisaa asks where you are going? Mangla says we are going to temple. Dadisaa asks her to go and come soon. Nimboli says okay. Dadisaa thinks Mangla is very religious and have been going to temple daily. Nimboli asks about her mum. Mangla asks her to meet her and says she doesn’t know that you are coming to meet her. Nimboli says my mum will be happy knowing that I survived even in garbage bin. Mangla gets teary eyes and lies to her.

Kundan and his friends laugh. Harki thinks her son is very happy. She says I will bring water. Kundan says no need and says his new servant will bring water for him. Madhav says he is your jijusaa. Kundan says he is mere servant for me. Kundan shouts at him asking to give water. He asks him to give water else he will break glass on his head. Pushkar tries to give water, but Kundan makes it fall and asks him to clean it. Harki asks Pushkar to clean it. Pushkar cleans the floor with cloth. Kundan smirks and looks at Harki. Even Harki is happy. Kamli hears him and comes there. She sees Pushkar cleaning the floor. Kundan eyes Pushkar angrily. Pushkar gets scared. Kamli says you would have asked him. Kundan says he didn’t ask Pushkar to clean the floor and asks Pushkar to say. Kamli takes him from there. Harki smiles seeing her son walking on the lines to become criminal. Anandi wonders where is Mangla and Nimboli went? Nimboli and mangla reach the temple. Nimboli searches for her mum happily. Mangla asks how can you identify her as she threw you in the bin when you could barely open your eyes. She makes Nimboli sad and asks if she really wants to meet your mum. Nimboli says yes.

Dadisaa tells Anandi that Mangla took Nimboli to the temple. Anandi feels strange and says she didn’t tell me. Dadisaa says they should have returned by now. Anandi gets tensed. Mangla makes Nimboli sit and goes to that woman. She asks about her husband’s health. The woman says he is better now and says they are going to Mumbai. Mangla asks her to come out and says they can’t do wrong infront of Kanha ji. Mangla and that woman come out of the temple. Nimboli looks at her.

Nimboli runs to the woman and calls her Maa. Mangla says she is your daughter. The woman looks on angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Balika_vadhu sucks

    This is the limit, I am totally upset by this serial and I will not waste my important time on this loonnnnnngggg not making any sense stupid serial.

  2. 1week update:-
    Women looking angryly.suddenly starting beating madly.beating anandi with chappals,iron rods and scolds very valgour language.and kundan beating everyone with left leg cheppals.and nimboli,anandi,all people became sad.same women came to badi haveli and started beating jagya,anandi with tamarond tree branches.she put fire on every one except nimboly, our movies police came and rescued every one all are in jaithsar hospital.

    1. Wat is this update ? 😀 😀

      1. Until official update comes am giving you overview for 1 week.enjoy.

  3. why you are making it irritating, plz., don’t drag this more

  4. Disgusting balika vadhu

  5. precap; Kanta speaks rudely to Nimboli and tries to create hatred against her mother. Meanwhile, Anandi and Kalyani are tensed and wonder if Mangla and Nimboli have run away. Nimboli gets angry when Kalyani yells at her and tells Mangla that she is ready to leave the haveli. Anandi is shattered. Later, Mangla tells Anandi that she has convinced Nimboli to stay.

  6. totalllyyyyyyyyyy bakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  7. Ravi- wat is this update ????? 😀 😀

  8. Tv screen has some responsibility towards the society. Instead of taking the story towards Satyamev Jayate and let Anandi enjoy her daughter, the story writer is trying to prove that gundaism is the key to success. Shame on you.

  9. dragging the serial it is better if angala come to her senses and tell nimboli the truth

  10. Curse that wretched Mangala. All she knows is to lie and separate a child from her mother, and the tv serial directors cant let nimboli be innocent for the rest of her life, I mean she is gonna be 12! if this girl turns to be naive for the rest of her life believing all the sh*t Mangala says, then there is no point in watching this serial. Just give up dudes cuz that’s just about it. I HAVE LITERALLY HAD ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE SERIAL!!!!!

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