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Balika Vadhu 1st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhiraj Singh being shocked seeing Nimboli coming with the villagers. Dhani Ram says Akhiraj has interest to become sarpanch, so he got the case of his bahu, he has to do justice now. Akhiraj asks whats the matter. Dhani Ram says Nimboli did something, and tells everything.(muted)….. Disa looks on. FB shows Nimboli hitting a Umesh with a stone. Dhani Ram says Umesh is deeply wounded, so justice and punish Nimboli now. Akhiraj asks Nimboli why did she beat Umesh. Nimboli says it was not her mistake. Harki says I told you not to get into boy’s matter. Nimboli says then why do boys come in girl’s matter, Umesh is bad, he has troubled us, so I did this.

Dhani Ram asks Akhiraj to see his values given to his bahu. He says we can see what you will do after becoming

a sarpanch. Akhiraj says don’t take it seriously, I know Nimboli did a mistake, I apologize for it, I will explain her, forgive her. Dhani Ram says if this happens again, I won’t come to you for justice, I will do justice myself. Dhani Ram leaves. Akhiraj Singh pulls Nimboli inside the house and brings a wooden stick to beat her. Disa comes in between and saves Nimboli. She asks her to explain Nimboli, like he explained the people. She takes Nimboli and goes. Akhiraj throws the stick and fumes.

Mannu asks Ganga to make the food for Pooja, as she likes the dish. Ganga thinks of Dadisaa’s words and agrees. Mannu thanks her and leaves. Ganga thinks a mum can never wish bad for a child, so she wishes the coming time separates Mannu and Pooja. Disa embraces Nimboli and says she has so much courage to teach others a lesson and is afraid that this courage has create trouble for her. She says if I had courage half of you, I would have called Anandi here, to erase all sins of the house. The police arrests the man who was conducting his daughter’s marriage in young age. Anandi scolds him and says she has saved many young girl’s lives after seeing the curse and impact on their lives, its her aim of life to save such Balika Vadhu. The man says you did not do this right, I won’t leave you.

Disa thinks Nimboli’s life can be saved by Anandi, but if Nimboli goes away, how will she stay without her, whom will she love? Anandi asks the girl not to be afraid, as its her responsibility to give her a good life. She hugs the girl and wishes her Nandini will be with her soon.

Its morning, Kundan stops Urmila and shows her the Gajra. She gets glad seeing the gift and says its very nice. She asks why does he bring gifts for her. Kundan says you are my wife, for whom will I bring then…. She says Nimboli. He gets angry and asks why does she bring Nimboli between them. She says tell me the truth, did you not get any gift for Nimboli till now? He asks her to keep it or throw it. She asks don’t I have right to ask? He says Nimboli is just maid in this house, I m not linked to her. She stops him and asks him to pin the gajras to her hair. His anger cools and he smilingly fixes the gajra in her hair pleats.

Akhiraj talks to some men and come to know that villagers have to be in favor of Akhiraj to give him votes, its impossible for him to win sarpanch post. Akhiraj asks why do they think so. The man says the villagers will vote whom they wish, they did not forget about Gopal, they are afraid of you, they don’t respect you, its my duty to tell the truth to you. The other man says there is still hope. Akhiraj asks what does he mean. The man says he has a suggestion, that Akhiraj fights for post in panchayat committee, instead of sarpanch. Akhiraj smiles and says it means being member of panchayat Samithi will make me higher than sarpanch of Jhalra, you both are my true friends to give right suggestion, which has much possibility to win. The man says its guarantee that you will win, as Jagya is ready to support you, and the one who can affect the result is someone you know well, just tell that person and you will win. Akhiraj asks who? The man says Shankar Ji, your daughter’s father in law, he will support you, its his benefit in your victory.

Akhiraj recalls Shankar and their fight. The man asks is everything fine between you and Shankar. Akhiraj says yes, I will meet him in a day or two. Pushkar talks to his dad Shankar and gets shocked seeing Akhiraj at the door. Kamli also gets stunned and teary eyed. Pushkar gets scared and goes to Kamli. Shankar asks them not to be scared. He asks Akhiraj how dare he come to his house. Akhiraj says no, I did not come to fight, I came to talk peacefully. Shankar asks does he know meaning of peace. Akhiraj says life has taught him everything, he knows his crime can’t be forgiven, still he hopes that he forgives him with a big heart and give one chance to him. He says he did mistake to come to kill his daughter, he did not think Kamli is Shankar’s bahu now. He bows down and apologizes. He says I m sorry that I forgot to invite Pushkar and you in Kundan’s marriage. Shankar asks him to apologize to Kamli. Akhiraj looks at Kamli. Kamli turns her face away.

Voice over: Person can sacrifice his self esteem to fulfill his greed, and make uneven compromises, because his aim is just materialistic.

Shankar says he has taken gold from him by troubling them, and when Akhiraj has taken a big step in making their relatin fine, so he is returning 100 tola gold back to him today. Akhiraj happily accepts. Kamli takes it from his hands and he gets shocked. Jagya talks to Akhiraj on phone and asks Akhiraj to come to meet him at his home instead of coming at office. Akhiraj says I will come in some time. Dadisaa asks Anandi to send the files at home. Anandi says I will get it myself, and meet you too. Akhiraj greets and asks Dadisaa can he come in. Dadisaa says she feels she has seen him before. He smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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