Balika Vadhu 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi distributing books etc to girls. Reporter asks Anandi, what is the need of free camp for girls. Anandi talks about responsibility towards girls and says we want to give education to girls. Reporter says all the girls of Shiv Niketan are victim of child marriage. Anandi tells that her girls will not be effected by the child marriage. Dadisaa tells that she has changed a lot and is celebrating daughter’s day today. She tells that even grils’ parents are celebrating this day, and have the new thinking. They praise Anandi’s thinking. Everyone applaud for Anandi. One person says Anandi is a liar and throws stone on her head. Anandi gets hurt. Dadisaa asks who has thrown this stone? Come infront of us. Dadisaa asks her to come with her.

Kundan stops Nimboli and

asks her to give lassi. Nimboli refuses saying it is for Kamli jiji. Kundan says he is feeling thirstly. Nimboli asks him to drink water and says Kamli jiji is waiting since long. Kundan takes the glass and pushes Nimboli. Kamli comes and reminds him that Nimboli is his wife and asks him to behave properly with her. Kundan throws the glass in anger and says he is the man of the house. He tells that he is Nimboli’s husband and will make her show the place.

Pooja stops Mannu. Mannu says he is not in a mood to eat anything. Pooja says I brought something to cheer you. She gives the books. Mannu scolds her for lying and says he don’t like the surprise. He checks and says wow, you completed my notes. Pooja says yes and says sorry. Mannu thinks what to do. She goes on her cycle. Mannu walks towards her. Her cycle tyre punctures and she stops. Mannu thanks her and asks her to take his cycle. He says he will get her cycle repair and bring to her house. Mannu’s cycle tyre also punctures. They laugh.

Ganga treats Anandi and asks her not to worry. Dadisaa tells that it is good that it didn’t hurt her eyes. She says I couldn’t find that guy else would have beaten him. Ganga is irked. Dadisaa says we need police security. I will talk to Jagya. Anandi asks her to calm down and not worry. Dadisaa says I can’t bear if anything happens to you.

Nimboli recalls Anandi feeding her laddoos and calling her blessings of God, very unique and lovely child. She gets her images in sleep. Kundan takes out magazine and looks at the girls in modern attire. He recalls his friend telling that he is Nimboli’s husband. He hears someone coming and pretends to sleep. Harki comes and checks if he is sleep. She then caresses his face and wipes his sweat with her pallu. She then looks at the cupboard and leaves. Kundan gets up and sees Disa sleeping in her room. He then locks her door from outside and tries to go to Nimboli’s room. He opens the window and tries to get in. Disa hears the noise and wakes up. Disa pushes the door and it opens. Kundan falls from the window and shouts. Disa comes and sees the table near the door. She knocks on Nimboli’s door. Nimboli opens the door and asks what happened? Disa asks didn’t you sleep. Nimboli says I was sleeping, but wake up hearing some noise. Disa hears Kundan voice and sees him running away.

Akhira Singh tells Harki that boy is coming to see Kamli. Nimboli hears it and informs Kamli. Kamli gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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