Balika Vadhu 19th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 19th October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 19th October 2013 Written Update

Dadisa, Sumi, and Bhairo are outside court. They are waiting for their lawyer. Ganga comes there and is surprised to see Dadisa, Sumi, Bhairo. Bhairo goes to her and asks how come she’s here. Ganga says, they want to question me. Bhairo takes her with him. Sumi cannot believe this. They all 4 are waiting for their lawyer. Now Jagya comes there in police van. He goes to meet his family. He looks at Dadisa and Sumi.. and both turn their eyes. Bhairo tells Jagya not to worry as lawyer said everything will be fine. Ganga also says, when you didn’t do anything wrong with anyone.. the God won’t do anything wrong with you either. Sumi and Dadisa are quietly listening to their conversation. Jagya asks about Mannu. Ganga says he is fine.. he is waiting for his dad to return home. Sumi looks

surprised. Finally their lawyer comes and asks Jagya if he’s ready. Jagya says, if you’re ready, then I am ready too. The lawyer says, I will see you inside them.

Now Sanchi and her family arrive there. Dadisa keeps her head high and look at them. Anandi is not with Shekhars yet. Sanchi has tears in her eyes. Ira consoles her. Anandi arrives now. She is walking very slow. Dadisa, Bhairo, Sumi all greet to Shekhars, but Ira just walks away from there with Sanchi. Others follow them. Anandi cries as she looks at Jagya and his family. She doesn’t know what to say. Dadisa gestures her to say its ok. Anandi goes in now.

Nandu returns home in angry mood saying he won’t talk to anyone. Basant says, how come you’re back early? Nandu says, I won’t go to school again.. all my friends are saying that Jagdish bhaisa will go to jail.. but jail is for criminals.. Jagdish bhaisa didn’t do anything bad. He says I used to like Sanchi didi.. but if she sends Jagdish bhaisa in jail then I will never talk to her and get angry. Basant explains Nandu that Sanchi is upset with Jagya but he didn’t do anything wrong.. soon he will be proven innocent and police will leave him with respect. Nandu says once he returns.. I will take him to my school and show to my friends that he didn’t do anything wrong. He says he will also become like Jagya when he gets elder. Gehna tells him to go and change his clothes. Basant says we told him that Jagya didn’t do any mistake and he will return home soon.. but… we can just hope and pray to devi maa that everything goes fine in the court and Jagya returns home. Gehna says everything was going so nicely before this Sanchi came in Jagya’s life.. it’s good that he chose Ganga.. Sanchi didn’t deserve him. Just Anandi’s sasural needs to realise this. Basant says, it’s understandable.. all parents support their daughter. Gehna says, yes.. that is why they supporting Sanchi even when its her fault. Now only devi maa can do something.

Jagya’s family comes inside the court. Ganga was going to sit beside Dadisa and Sumi, but Sumi gets up and sits elsewhere. Ganga then sites behind. Sumi gets up and returns to her seat.

The case hearing starts….

Sanchi’s lawyer starts.
Says there is no multi crore fraud.. but when a girl’s heart breaks, you can’t measure that in any amount
there is no murder or anything in this case, but a family’s dreams shattered.. is it anything less than a murder? My client, Sanchi Shekhar, represents many other girls, with whom few animals, in ego of being a man, misuse the girls.. play with their emotions. A Chapter ends for those guys once their mood is over.. but girls’ lives get destroyed after that.. and same is the case with my client. Accused Jagdish Singh engages Sanchi and shows her dreams, and few days before marriage, he comes and finishes everything. Everyone finds their life priceless.. and it is indeed priceless. Any sensitive person can figure it out how Jagdish must have hurt Sanchi and her feelings so that she tried to commit suicide. He asks permission to question Jagya. Permission is granted.

Sanchi’s lawyer asks him suddenly what happened that he broke engagement? if any fight? Jagya says, no.. but I realised that.. The lawyer cuts him off and says, for now just answer what you are asked for.. we can discuss about your feelings realisations later..

The lawyer says so according to you there was no fight or argument between you two.. Jagya says no.
The lawyer asks if any argument between family members.. Jagya says no.
The lawyer asks if any bad habit of Sanchi that he didn’t like.. jagya no..
The lawyer.. sanchi’s affair with anyone else.. Jagya.. not at all…
The lawyer.. any illness or anything wrong that made you think she is not worth of becoming your wife.. Jagya glares at Sanchi.. and then says, no. He says, Sanchi has her own dreams.. her own point of views.. Sanchi could be right partner with someone just as her.
The lawyer says, amazing,, there is nothing wrong with Sanchi or her family.. and you still broke engagement before few days of marriage… can i know why?
Jagya says, I have no doubt that Sanchi is a very good girl.. but along with that.. there is another truth that Sanchi and I are not made for each other.. everything is very different in us two.. I thought we won’t be able to stay happy with each other.. nor both families. I know they are very hurt and sad today.. but I took this step after thinking about future. The lawyer says, you at least have some humanity left that you spoke these words from your mouth.. sorrow and pain.

The lawyer continues.. you engage a girl.. fulfill all your responsibilities for 6 months.. go out with her.. show her dreams.. give her hopes.. and then suddenly.. one day you break all those hopes… and then easily say it.. I am sorry.. you must have got hurt.. and end that matter there.

Jagya says, I thought that rishta wasn’t good for both of us.. today I am comfortable.. tomorrow it might be her.. The lawyer interrupts, EXCUSE ME, she is a human being.. come out of mentality that a woman is a shoe of your leg. You thought you were uncomfortable.. so you threw her out of your life. Jagya’s lawyer objects saying Sanchi’s lawyer is generalising Jagya. The judge tells Sanchi’s lawyer to present facts.

Sanchi’s lawyer says, I will present facts now.. by now everyone knows how he thinks. He asks Jagya if he was uncomfortable, then did he talk to anyone? Jagya is quiet. The lawyer laughs and says, no one would have forced you to engage Sanchi. I saw photos.. you were looking very handsome.. and I didn’t think you were in any influence or uncomfortable.. it’s possible you got uncomfortable after engagement… and if you were really uncomfortable, then why did you continue meeting her and talking to her? why did you come to udhaipur to meet her? Dont try to lie.. because we have all your phone records. You could talk to Sanchi, but you didn’t.. you could to talk to any of her or your own family members too.. but you didn’t. You kept playing this game.. and then one day you realised that you should break this rishta because it’s time to start this game with a new girl, Ganga. Jagya shouts, it was not like that. He calms down and says, this is wrong. I married Ganga because I love her. Screen freezes on Jagya’s face.

Voiceover: Accuses are usually based on a lie.. which can’t be part of any decision.

Precap: Now Jagya’s lawyer is questioning Sanchi if Jagya ever tried to touch her or tried to build a physical relationship. Sanchi answers No! Never!
Jagya’s lawyer says, this case actually is a story of a failure of self obsessed and depressed girl’s one sided love.. and her lack of tolerating her failure.. nothing more than that. Sanchi cries and falls on her knees in confession box saying no.. no..

Update Credit to: Shreya

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